Currently, there are many people who misunderstand nutrition, and many things they think are right are quite the opposite.

Here are 10 foods "Diet" makes you really fat

1. Cereals

Types of cereals are called "healthy" The worst food you can eat for breakfast. They contain many sugar and refined carb - one of the ingredients that makes you weight gain fast.

If you eat breakfast with processed cereals, your insulin and blood sugar will skyrocket. When your blood sugar rises, your body will want another snack of refined carb.

Read the labels carefully, since most breakfast cereals are even "low fat" or "whole grains" on the packaging often contain lots of sugar.

If you're hungry in the morning, eat breakfast but choose unprocessed foods and protein and carb (eggs and vegetables).

If you are forced to eat cereal at breakfast, use unsweetened cereals or unrefined whole grains.

2. Organic Road

Organic diet sugar is advertised as a natural sweetener to replace refined sugar and high frutose corn syrups.

One of the main causes "unhealthy" sugar is to contain the amount of fructose that exceeds the permitted level. When refined sugar contain 50% fructose , then Organic sugar more contains about words 70-90%.

However, a small amount of fructose in fruits is quite good; But if you eat too much refined sugar in your diet, it can destroy your metabolism.

It can also increase triglyceride, blood sugar index, adverse effects on cholesterol, abdominal obesity and many other metabolic problems.

If you think, you are improving your body by Replace sugar with organic sugar Think again. Maybe you are really make things worse.

Instead of using organic sugar, you Should use natural sweetener low fructose content like Street Stevia sweet grass .

3. Bread Made From Whole Wheat

Whole Wheat is recommended as a healthy substitute for refined noodles. However, the problem is, most whole-grain foods are not really made entirely from whole grains. This is just an advertisement.

Almost without exception, pulverized grains are easy to digest and blood sugar spikes are also digested as quickly as refined grains.

In reality, Whole wheat bread has a high blood sugar index such as regular white rice bread (using a blood sugar meter).

Some cereals seem to be accepted as healthy for everyone, but wheat is certainly not.

There are many studies that have shown that wheat (even whole wheat "good for cardiovascular") may lead to some health problems, especially for people who are sensitive to gluten.

4. Low Fat Yogurt

Yogurt is often considered a healthy food, but the problem is that most of the yogurt found in stores is Low-fat processed yogurt is not guaranteed .

When food manufacturers remove fat from food, they smell very terrible. Therefore they often add sugar, corn syrup with high fructose content or a few artificial sweetener Other in yogurt to compensate for the lack of fat content.

But recent studies show that, Saturated fat is really harmless So, removing fat from yogurt removes some good fats and beneficial nutrients. And adding sugar and other sweeteners to yogurt makes it worse.

Currently, there is no evidence that fat in dairy products leads to obesity. In fact, a study has shown that most people who eat high-fat dairy products are not obese.

5. Ready Sauce

Vegetables are very healthy. They contain many nutrients, antioxidants, soluble fiber and other nutritious nutrients.

However, many people do not like the bland taste of vegetables, so they often come with sauces. Most of the commercially prepared sauces often have the flavor of high fructose corn and soybean oil.

It is best to make your own sauce including: olive oil , vinegar (fresh lemon) and some Healthy spice other.

6. Fruit Juice

Fruit juice It is healthy if it is made entirely from natural fruit.

However, the fact proved that fruit juice is not always made entirely from fresh fruit, but that most "fruit juices" contain high levels of fructose fruit and sugar syrup, Not good for your health. It even has only sugar and some chemicals taste like fruit.

Even if, IF you get fruit juice made entirely from fruit, you still should not regularly drink it. Because the Fruit juices often have low fiber content , make your body rapidly absorb large amounts of sugar from fruit juices.

Therefore, in order to be the most effective in the process of losing weight and best for your health, you should eat the whole fruit, and avoid using fruit juice.

7. Bottled Freshwater

To easily reduce sugar and calories in your weight loss diet, you just need Replace as many sugar drinks as soda or types bottled soft drinks Other by types healthy drinking water more like water such as.

Many studies show that artificial sweeteners in sugary drinks can stimulate your appetite and may make you want to eat a variety of other foods.

To receive The most optimal weight loss results , next to one a healthy and scientific diet suitable for the body , friend Just reduce or completely eliminate sugary drinks (bottled soft drinks) out of your daily diet.

8. "Organic" Processed Food

Organic foods are very healthy foods, but foods Organic processing no. of course.

When you look at the ingredient labels of "organic" processed foods, healthy meals yours replace with crackers, snacks, etc. And certainly then you may notice that they really are not much different from other processed foods.

Organic processed foods can contain organic cane sugar instead of regular refined sugar, but organic sugar is as bad as regular sugar. Your liver does not show any difference when you eat these two sugars.

So, you should eat natural organic foods (if any), avoid organic processed foods.

9. Dried Food

Dried food contains fruits, nuts, like peanuts, etc., can be wrapped in chocolate.

This type of food contains a lot of energy. Dried fruits have very high sugar content and dried nuts also contain dense fat content. Therefore, this is a great food to help you replenish energy quickly; however it is It is terrible if you want to lose weight, because All dried food mixes have very high carb and fat content.

And what I want to say here is, Dried food mixes are only good if you don't eat it too much at once and don't eat often .

10. "Gluten Free" Processed Foods

Today there are many realities Gluten-free refined products are widely sold in the market .

According to a 2013 survey, more than one-third of the global population is actively trying to reduce the amount of gluten in their diets. And food manufacturers have introduced many types of gluten substitutes in the market. However, These foods often contain refined carb, sugar, and other toxic chemicals .

Therefore, if you want to eliminate gluten, choose unrefined gluten-free organic foods.

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