10 Ways to Replace Traditional Bread Benefit For Health ...
Bread is a popular food, but the ingredients that make them are cereals with many problems

For many people, bread is an essential food.

However, most of the bread products currently sold are made from wheat Refining has largely eliminated fiber and nutrients.

Bread can also cause a sudden increase in blood sugar and calories .

Many brands claim their products are made of "whole wheat," but the ingredients still contain the majority cereals mill.

There are also many people who cannot tolerate gluten, a protein in wheat, including those with celiac disease and gluten sensitivity .

Wheat also contains many short-chain carb named FODMAP , causing many digestive problems.

Although many people can still eat bread without any problems, some others should not eat.

Fortunately, convenient and healthy foods that can replace bread are becoming increasingly popular.

Here are 10 easy and delicious dishes to replace traditional bread:

1. Oopsie bread

Oopsie bread is one of the simplest and most popular types of bread.

This type of cake is only made from eggs, cream cheese and salt, some other recipes can add more ingredients.

Oopsie bread is widely used as an alternative to bread, and it is also eaten as a burger or served with cream and jam.

This type of cake is easy to make, you only need to use some ingredients, and also has a very good taste.

You can see pictures and oopsie bread recipe .

2. Ezekiel bread

10 Ways to Replace Traditional Bread Benefit For Health ...
Ezekiel bread made from cereals germinates so it is more nutritious and easier to digest

Ezekiel bread is one of the healthiest breads.

It is made of some grains that are germinated and beans like wheat, millet, barley, red beans, soy bean and lentils.

Cereals are germinated before processing, so this type of bread contains less harmful nutrients.

This makes ezekiel more nutritious and easy to digest.

Ezekiel bread also does not contain Street . However, if you are sensitive to gluten then this is not a suitable choice.

You can buy ezekiel bread at some bakeries or you can do it yourself.

Some tips on making ezekiel bread .

3. Corn tortilla

10 Ways to Replace Traditional Bread Benefit For Health ...
The tortilla cake originated from Mexico

Tortilla can be made with wheat or corn .

The corn tortilla is gluten-free but it does High in fiber , making them a great option for people who are sensitive to gluten.

You can use corn tortilla in sandwiches, rolls, hamburgers, pizza or simply eat with butter and cheese.

Making corn tortilla is very easy, because you only need two ingredients: water and Mexican flour called Masa Harina .

You can find the recipe .

4. Black bread

Black bread contains more fiber than regular bread

This is the kind of bread made from a cereal has them with wheat.

This cake is darker and denser, as well as contains much higher fiber than regular bread.

Black bread does not increase blood sugar like white bread. However, it has a stronger and unique flavor that must eat a lot of friends to be able to like .

Some types of black bread are made of a mixture of rye and wheat, so there will be a lighter texture and a softer flavor.

You should remember that black bread also contains a bit of gluten, so it is not a food for gluten-free diets.

You can find rye bread in most supermarkets and bakeries. You can also do it yourself easily

are some recipes you should try.

5. Lettuce and green leafy vegetables

10 Ways to Replace Traditional Bread Benefit For Health ...
Lettuce can be used instead of meat rolls

Large leafy vegetables such as regular lettuce or Cos island lettuce are excellent substitutes for bread or rice paper.

You can use vegetables or meat on the inside.

Vegetable leaves can also be used as food rolls.

Lettuce rice paper is very fragrant as well as less calories More rice paper made from flour.

Here are some interesting and creative ideas for making rolls of vegetable rolls.

6. Sweet potatoes and vegetables

10 Ways to Replace Traditional Bread Benefit For Health ...
Sweet potato Ripe slices are a great substitute food for bread, especially with meatballs.

They can also be used in a variety of non-cereal bread recipes and flat breads.

Other vegetables, such as eggplant, bell peppers, cucumbers and mushrooms can also replace bread.

These are extremely fresh substitutes. They are especially better when eaten with meat, whole cream cheese and vegetables.

7. Flat bread made from sweet potatoes or squash

There are many recipes for bread that do not use cereals online.

Including the recipe of bread made from pumpkin and sweet potato extremely delicious.

This flat bread is a great option for people who don't eat cereals, but still want to eat sandwiches or bread during meals.

You can find the recipe .

8. Bread or cauliflower pizza base

10 Ways to Replace Traditional Bread Benefit For Health ...
Bread or cauliflower cake has a delicious, nutritious flavor and low in carb

There are many people who make bread or pizza pies from a mixture of cauliflower and cheese.

To make these dishes, cauliflower must be ground and cooked.

Then cauliflower is mixed with eggs, cheese and spices before rolling flat and baking.

Bread or cauliflower cake has a delicious, nutritious flavor and low in carb. This is a delicious food that can substitute for regular bread.

Combine these dishes with discretionary coating, which will most likely become your favorite dish.

You can see the recipe

9. Eggs

Egg is one of the most nutritious food.

Eggs can be raw materials rich in protein substitute for bread, and is used in many different dishes. Fried eggs can replace bread in meatballs.

are some creative ideas on how to process eggs.

10. Sour dough bread

10 Ways to Replace Traditional Bread Benefit For Health ...
Sour dough bread made from fermented cereal.

Fermentation reduces the nutritional resistance in cereals, thereby increasing the nutritional content of bread .

This makes sour dough bread more digestible and nutritious than regular bread.

However, this type of cake tastes more sour than regular bread because it contains lactic acid.

You can easily make sour dough on your own, but you will need to create the bacteria to start making cakes.

You can see a recipe .

Keep in mind that sour dough bread is made of gluten containing gluten, which still contains gluten.

Things to remember

Although bread is an indispensable ingredient in many people's diets, it can easily be replaced by healthier and more nutritious foods.

With the right investment, these changes are not too difficult at first but can be quite time consuming.

You should start with the foods listed above. Finding food is a hobby as well as a fit for your lifestyle.