12 Reasons to Make You Increase Fat
In addition to cosmetic problems, abdominal obesity is also at high risk of health problems

Belly fat is not really good.

Abdominal fat is a risk of some diseases such as metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes, heart disease and cancer .

The medical term for fat in the abdomen is "visceral fat," meaning fat around the liver and other organs in our abdomen.

Even people with normal abdominal fat have a higher risk of having health problems .

Here are 12 things that make you belly fat.

first. Food and sugar drinks

Many people consume a lot Street every day more than they thought.

Foods that contain a lot of sugar include cakes and candies, along with options that are "healthier" like muffins and frozen yogurt. Soda, coffee-flavored drinks and lemon tea are the most popular sugary drinks.

Observation-based studies have shown an association between high sugar levels and abdominal fat. The cause may be largely due to the high content fructose in the road .

Both regular sugar and corn fructose contain a large amount of fructose. Normal sugar contains 50% fructose and 55% in fructose corn syrup.

A 10-week study showed that overweight and obese people consumed 25% of calories from sugary drinks based on a weight-maintaining diet that made insulin susceptible to insulin and increase belly fat .

The second study showed that the rate of excess fat and metabolism in people with similar high fructose diets decreased .

Although excessive sugar loading in any form can lead to weight gain, sugary drinks can be extremely difficult to resolve. Soda and other sugary soft drinks make you consume large amounts of sugar in just a short period of time.

Furthermore, studies have shown that liquid calories do not work on appetite similar to calories from solid foods. When you add calories by way of a drink, this doesn't make us feel full to eat less food .

Conclude: Consistent consumption of high sugar or corn syrups and foods containing fructose can cause abdominal obesity.

2. Acoholic drink

12 Reasons to Make You Increase Fat
Should be taken at a moderate level

Alcoholic beverages are both beneficial and harmful to health.

When consumed in moderate amounts, especially Red wine It can help reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke .

However, excessive use of alcohol can lead to inflammation, liver diseases and other health problems .

Some studies have shown that alcoholic beverages prevent the burning of fat and excess calories from alcohol that partially accumulate belly fat - hence the phrase "beer belly" .

Studies have shown that alcohol consumption causes weight gain in the middle region. One study found that men who drank more than three drinks a day were 80% more likely to have belly fat than those who drank less .

The amount of alcohol consumed in the 24-hour period also plays an important role.

In another study, people who regularly drank alcohol but drank less than one drink a day tended to be less likely to have belly fat. But people who drink less often but drink 4 or more drinks on the "drinking day" are most likely to have fat in their abdomen .

Conclude: Drinking too much alcohol increases the risk of certain diseases and related to abdominal fat (15).

4. Trans fat

12 Reasons to Make You Increase Fat
Trans fat is abundant in industrial processed foods

Trans fat is the most unhealthy type of fat on the planet.

They are created by adding hydrogen to unsaturated fats to make them more stable.

Trans fat is often used to extend the shelf life of packaged foods such as muffins, mixed flour for baking and crackers.

Trans fats have been shown to cause inflammation. This can lead to insulin resistance, heart attack and many other diseases .

There are also a number of animal studies showing that diets containing trans fat can cause excess abdominal fat .

At the end of the 6-year study, the monkeys fed the 8% diet were trans fat and gained 33% more belly fat than the monkeys eating the diet with 8% fat. saturation. Although both groups receive enough calories to maintain weight .

Conclude: Trans fat increases inflammation, which can cause insulin resistance and build up abdominal fat.

4. K hip movement

Lazy lifestyle is one of the biggest risks leading to poor health .

In the past few decades, people have generally been sedentary. This plays an important role in increasing obesity rates including abdominal obesity.

12 Reasons to Make You Increase Fat
Moderate movement reduces fat and prevents fat from returning

A large survey from 1988-2010 in the US shows that more and more people are gaining weight and obesity due to sedentary activity .

Another observational study compared women who watched TV more than three hours a day with people watching less than an hour a day.

The group that saw many TVs was almost twice as likely to be belly fat than the group watching less TV .

One study also found that less activity contributed to increased abdominal fat after losing weight.

In this study, researchers have reported that people who exercise strength or aerobic exercise for one year after losing weight can prevent recurrence of abdominal fat, while those who do not exercise have increased. 25-38% belly fat .

Conclude: Sedentary activity can promote an increase in abdominal fat. Strength training and aerobic exercise can prevent your body from recovering belly fat after losing weight.

5. Low protein diet

12 Reasons to Make You Increase Fat
Proteins help you to eat less quickly

Get the diet Provide adequate protein is one of the factors preventing weight gain.

Diet High in protein makes you feel full and satisfied, besides increasing your metabolic rate, leading to a reduction in calories in your body .

Conversely, low protein content causes abdominal obesity for long periods of time.

Several large-scale observational studies have shown that people who consume a lot of protein are less likely to suffer from abdominal obesity .

In addition, animal studies have found that a hormone is called (NPY) increases appetite and promotes increased abdominal fat. NPY increases when you consume less protein .

Conclude: Low protein intake can make you feel more hungry and increase belly fat. Not enough protein also increases hormones that starve neuropeptide Y.

6. Menopause

Increased belly fat in menopause is very common.

During puberty, estrogen hormones signal the body to begin to reserve fat on the hips and thighs to prepare for pregnancy. This subcutaneous fat does not harm even though it is extremely hard to lose in some cases .

Menopause officially occurs one year after women's last menstrual period.

Around this time, women's estrogen levels decreased significantly, causing fat to accumulate in the abdomen, not the hips and thighs .

Some women have more belly fat at this time than others. This is partly due to heredity, as well as the age at which menopause begins. One study found that postmenopausal women tend to have less abdominal obesity when they are younger. ).

Conclude: Changes related to menopausal hormones cause changes in the accumulation of fat in the hips and thighs to abdominal fat.

7. Gut bacteria are harmful

12 Reasons to Make You Increase Fat
Hundreds of bacteria live in our intestines but mostly in the colon. Some bacteria are healthy, while others can cause problems.

Bacteria in the intestine are also known as intestinal bacteria or intestinal bacteria. Bowel health is important in maintaining a healthy immune system and preventing disease.

The imbalance of intestinal bacteria increases the risk of type 2 diabetes, heart disease, cancer and other diseases .

There are also some studies that show that poor intestinal bacterial balance can cause weight gain, including increased abdominal fat.

Researchers have found that obese people tend to have more Firmicute bacteria than normal people. Studies show that this bacterium can increase the amount of calories absorbed from food .

An animal experiment found that mice that had no intestinal bacteria significantly increased fat when transplanted obesity-related bacteria compared to mice that received beneficial bacteria .

Studies on skinny-fat twins and their mothers have confirmed that people with the same family have a bacterial flora that can affect the same weight gain, including the location of stored fat .

Conclude: An imbalance in the intestinal bacteria can cause weight gain, including second round fat gain.

8. Fruit juice

12 Reasons to Make You Increase Fat
Juice contains many sugars that cause weight gain

Fruit juice is a disguised sugar drink.

Even 100% of unripe juice also contains lots of sugar.

In fact, every 8 oz (250 ml) of apple juice and cola contains 24 grams of sugar. The same amount of grape juice contains 32 g sugar .

Although fruit juice provides some vitamins and minerals, fructose contains it, which can promote insulin resistance and increase abdominal fat .

Moreover, fruit juice is a good source of liquid calories, making it easy to consume in large quantities. But it still can't satisfy our appetite like solid food .

Conclude: Juice is a soft drink with high sugar content, which can promote insulin resistance and increase belly fat if you drink too much.

9. Stress and Cortisol

Cortisol is an essential hormone for survival.

It is made up of the adrenal glands and is known as "stress-resistant hormones" because it helps our bodies respond to stress.

Unfortunately, it can lead to weight gain when produced too much, especially in the abdomen.

In many people, stress causes them to eat a lot. But instead of the excess calories stored as fat evenly distributed throughout the body, cortisol promotes storage of abdominal fat .

Interestingly, women with large waistlines in proportion to hips were found to have more cortisol secretion when under stress .

Comment: Cortisol hormone secreted in response to stress can lead to increased abdominal fat. This is especially true in women with larger waist / hip ratios.

ten. Diet Low fiber

12 Reasons to Make You Increase Fat
Fiber helps strengthen intestinal bacteria

Fiber is important for health and body weight control.

Some types of fiber can help us feel full, stabilize hungry hormones and reduce the amount of calories absorbed from food .

In the study observed over 1,114 men and women showed that the amount of soluble fiber was related to reducing belly fat. Every 10 grams of soluble fiber is reduced by 3.7% of abdominal fat accumulation .

High-carb and low-fiber diets seem to have the opposite effect on appetite and weight gain, including increased abdominal fat .

A large study showed pure grains High in fiber has been linked to lower abdominal fat, while refined grains have increased belly fat .

Conclude: Poor dietary fiber and many refined grains can lead to increased abdominal fat.

11. Genetic

Genes play a major role in obesity .

Similarly, fat accumulation in the abdomen is partially affected by genetic factors .

This includes receptor genes that regulate cortisol and receptor coding genes leptin . Genes also work to control calories consumed and weight .

In 2014, researchers identified three new genes related to increased waist-hip and abdominal fat rates. Only two types are found in women .

However, more research is needed on this topic.

Conclude: Genes play a key role in the ratio between waist and hip and the accumulation of excess calories in the form of belly fat.

twelfth. Not getting enough sleep

12 Reasons to Make You Increase Fat
Getting enough sleep is extremely important for health.

Many studies have shown a relationship between lack of sleep and weight gain, including abdominal fat gain .

A large study followed 68,000 women for 16 years.

Those who sleep 5 hours or less each night are more than 15 kg higher than those who sleep at least 7 hours at 32% .

Sleep disorders can also lead to weight gain. One of the most characteristic disorders is a state of breathing that stops constantly at night due to soft tissue in the throat blocking the airway.

In one study, researchers found that obese men with sleep apnea often had more belly fat than obese people without the disorder .

Conclude: Low sleep or poor sleep quality can lead to weight gain including abdominal fat accumulation.

Messages to remember

Many different factors can make you have excess fat in your abdomen.

There are a number of factors they cannot intervene in: genetic factors and hormonal changes during menopause. But there are also many factors that we can control.

Make healthy choices about those What you should eat and what should be avoided How much exercise and how to control stress can help you reduce it Belly Fat .