15 ways to reduce blood sugar naturally and easily
There are many ways to lower blood sugar levels

High blood sugar levels when your body cannot effectively metabolize blood sugar into cells

When not controlled at the right time, it can cause diabetes.

A 2012 study showed that about 12 to 14% of adults in the United States have type 2 diabetes, while between 37-38% are thought to be at risk for diabetes .

That means about 50% of adults in the United States have diabetes or are diagnosed with prediabetes

Here are 15 ways to reduce blood sugar naturally and easily:

1. Exercise regularly

Regular exercise can help you weight loss and increased insulin sensitivity.

An increase in insulin sensitivity in the body means that your cells are able to metabolize Street in the body better

Exercise also helps increase muscle mass, consuming blood sugar into energy.

If you have problems controlling blood sugar, it's best to check periodically. This will help you learn how to react in unexpected situations and keep your blood sugar from being too high or too low .

The forms of exercise are quite effective and very good for the body, including: lifting weights, brisk walking, cycling, dancing, climbing, swimming and the like.

Summary: Exercise enhances the body's sensitivity to the processing of insulin in the blood, enhancing the health of muscles using sugar from the blood. This can help reduce blood sugar.

2. Control your carb intake

15 ways to reduce blood sugar naturally and easily
Eat less carbohydrates

Your body will break down the carb loaded into the body into sugar (mostly glucose), and then insulin will transfer these sugars into cells.

When you eat too many carb or there is a problem with the function of insulin, the process will not succeed and blood sugar will increase.

However, you can still do something to prevent this.

The American Diabetes Association (ADA) recommends controlling carb intake by counting calories or using a food exchange system .

Some studies have found that these methods also help you plan your meals appropriately, which can improve blood sugar control .

Other studies have also shown that a low-carb diet will help lower blood sugar levels and prevent high blood sugar levels .

Moreover, some Low-carb diet Can help control blood sugar in the long run later .

You can read more in this article about low-carb diets that are good for diabetes.

Summary: Carb is broken and converted into glucose, increasing blood sugar. Reducing the amount of carbohydrate in your body will help your body better control blood sugar.

3. Increase fiber intake for the body

15 ways to reduce blood sugar naturally and easily
Fiber is abundant in fruits and vegetables

Fiber slows carb digestion and sugar absorption. For these reasons, it promotes a gradual increase in blood sugar.

Moreover, the type of fiber you eat also plays a role

Fiber is classified into 2 types: insoluble and soluble. Although both of these fibers are important, soluble dietary fiber specifically shows a reduction in blood sugar levels .

In addition, a diet high in fiber can help control type 1 diabetes by improving and reducing low blood sugar

High-fiber foods include vegetables, fruits, beans and whole grains

A reasonable amount of fiber for daily intake is about 25 grams for women and 38 grams for men. About 14 grams of fiber per 1000 calories loaded in

Summary: Eating a lot of fiber can help control sugar levels in the roof, and dieting with soluble fiber is most effective.

4. Drink plenty of water, and avoid dehydration

15 ways to reduce blood sugar naturally and easily
Drinking enough water can help you control blood sugar at a healthy level.

In addition to preventing dehydration, drinking plenty of water also helps your kidneys purify blood sugar through the urine.

An observational study shows that people who drink more water are less likely to have high blood sugar levels .

Drink water regularly helps to regenerate blood, reduce blood sugar, reduce the risk of diabetes .

Remember that water and non-calorie drinks are best for health. Sugary drinks increase blood sugar, gain weight, and the risk of diabetes is higher .

Summary: Drinking lots of water and keeping your body free of water can reduce blood sugar and help prevent diabetes. Water is the best drink for health.

5. Perform diet control

Control your daily diet to reduce calories and can reduce weight .

Therefore, weight control can help keep blood sugar levels consistent and has been shown to reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes .

Diet management reduces calorie intake and also blood sugar levels .

Here are some helpful tips to control your diet:

  • Weigh every day
  • Use smaller plates than usual to eat
  • Avoid all restaurants that can eat everything
  • Read food labels and check serving sizes
  • Note what diary you eat today
  • Eat slowly

Summary: The more you care about the number of servings, the better you will control your blood sugar.

6. Choosing food does not increase blood sugar

15 ways to reduce blood sugar naturally and easily
Sweet potatoes have a low glycemic index

is an indicator of the rate of hyperglycemia after eating carbohydrate-rich foods .

The amount and type of carb all show how eating and drinking affect blood sugar .

Eating foods with a low glycemic index has been shown to reduce blood sugar in patients with type 1 and type 2 diabetes

Although the glycemic index of food is quite important, the amount of carbs consumed is equally important ( )

Foods with a low glycemic index include: seafood, meat, eggs, oats, barley, beans, lentils, sweet potatoes, corn, tubers, most fruits and vegetables.

Summary: It is important to choose food with a low glycemic index and control the amount of carbs loaded.

7. Control stress levels

15 ways to reduce blood sugar naturally and easily
Avoid excessive stress

Stress can directly and clearly affect blood sugar .

The hormones like glucagon and cortisol are released when you feel stressed. These hormones increase blood sugar levels .

One study found that exercise, rest, and meditation methods significantly reduce stress, while reducing blood sugar .

Exercises and relaxation methods like yoga, may also help improve insulin secretion with patients with chronic diabetes .

Summary: Controlling stress through exercise or relaxation therapies like yoga will help you improve your blood sugar.

8. Monitor blood sugar

15 ways to reduce blood sugar naturally and easily
"There is a new control measure."

Measuring and monitoring blood sugar levels can also help you control them better.

For example, this tracking helps you identify more you need to adjust your meal or medication problem .

It will also help you figure out how your body responds to certain foods .

Try measuring your blood sugar every day, and save these numbers in your notebook.

Daily blood glucose monitoring and recording will help you adjust the amount of food and medicine to reduce sugar.

9. Get enough sleep

Getting enough sleep helps you feel refreshed, relaxed and an important condition for good health .

Bad sleep habits and lack of rest also affect blood sugar and insulin sensitivity. It can increase feelings appetite and lead to weight gain .

Getting enough sleep reduces the release of hormones and increases cortisol levels. Both of these factors play an important role in controlling blood sugar

Moreover, a good sleep must ensure both time and quality of sleep. Ideally, you should get the minimum amount of time required for each night .

Summary: Good sleep helps maintain a healthy blood sugar level and you will have a healthy, healthy weight. Insomnia and sleep deprivation may disrupt the metabolism of hormones needed for the body.

10. Eat foods rich in chromium and magnesium

15 ways to reduce blood sugar naturally and easily
Chromium-rich egg yolk

Blood sugar and diabetes can also be linked to a deficiency of micronutrients .

For example, the shortage of chromium and magnesium minerals.

Chromium is involved in carb and fat exchange. It helps control blood sugar, lack of chromium can lead to your body's intolerance to carb .

However, the mechanisms behind it are not entirely known. Studies have reported different findings.

Two studies of diabetics show that chromium is beneficial for blood sugar control over the long term. However, another study has shown that it has no effect .

Chromium-rich foods include egg yolks, cereal products, fiber-rich foods, coffee, nuts, green beans, broccoli and meat.

Magnesium is also thought to have an effect on blood sugar levels, and a deficiency of magnesium can increase the risk of diabetes .

In another study, those with the highest magnesium levels in the body had a 47% lower risk of diabetes .

However, if you only eat magnesium-rich foods, you may not be able to benefit from other functional foods .

Foods rich in magnesium include green vegetables, whole grains, fish, black chocolate , banana,butter and beans.

Summary: Eating foods rich in chromium and magnesium can help prevent deficiencies and reduce blood sugar problems.

11. Try apple cider vinegar.

15 ways to reduce blood sugar naturally and easily
Apple cider vinegar has many health benefits

Apple cider vinegar It is known to have many health benefits.

It helps reduce blood sugar, possibly by reducing the production by the liver or increasing the use of cells .

Furthermore, studies show that vinegar has a significant effect on the body's response to sugar and improves insulin sensitivity .

To combine apple cider vinegar into your diet, you can add it to your salad or add about 2 teaspoons to 8 ounces of water to drink.

However, it is important to check with your doctor before using apple cider vinegar if you are taking blood sugar medication.

Summary: Adding apple cider vinegar to your diet can improve your health in many ways, in which reducing blood sugar is a significant benefit.

12. Try using cinnamon extract

15 ways to reduce blood sugar naturally and easily

Cinnamon is known to have many health benefits.

Several studies have shown that cinnamon improves insulin sensitivity by reducing insulin resistance at the cellular level .

Other studies show that cinnamon may lower blood sugar by up to 29% .

It slows down the breakdown of carbs in the digestive process, reducing the amount of sugar in the body after each meal .

Cinnamon has the same mechanism of action as insulin, although at a much slower rate .

Most effective when you use about 1-6 grams of cinnamon per day, or from 0.5 - 2 teaspoons .

However, surely you should not use too much cinnamon or it may be counterproductive.

Summary: Cinnamon has been shown to reduce blood sugar and improve insulin sensitivity.

13. Try using Berberine

15 ways to reduce blood sugar naturally and easily
Berberine is a functional food

Berberine is part of a Chinese herb used to treat diabetes for thousands of years.

Berberine is believed to help lower blood sugar levels and enhance carbohydrate degradation .

Moreover, berberine may be as effective as some hypoglycemic drugs. This makes it one of the most effective functional foods for people with diabetes or prediabetes .

However, many of its mechanisms of action and influence are still not fully known .

In addition, it can cause some side effects such as diarrhea, constipation, flatulence, abdominal pain. These side effects have been shown to be possible .

A typical dose is about 1500mg daily, taken before meals, about 3 doses per 500mg dose.

You can learn more about this impressive functional food at:

Summary: Berberine works effectively in reducing blood sugar and can control diabetes. However, it may cause some side effects in digestion.

14. Eat fenugreek seeds (fenugreek)

Fenugreek is a great source of soluble fiber that can help control blood sugar.

Many studies show that fenugreek can reduce blood sugar effectively in diabetics. It also improves glucose tolerance .

Although it is not so common, fenugreek can easily be added when baking to help treat diabetes. You can also make curry grass powder or mix it with tea .

Fenugreek is also considered to be one of the safest herbs for diabetics .

The recommended dose of fenugreek is about 2-5 grams per day.

Summary: Fenugreek should also be considered for trial use. They are easily added to the diet and can help regulate blood sugar.

15. Lose weight

15 ways to reduce blood sugar naturally and easily
Weight loss is always healthy

It is too obvious that maintaining a healthy weight will help improve health and prevent disease in the future.

Weight control also enhances blood sugar health and reduces the risk of diabetes .

Even when you lose about 7% of your body weight, you can reduce your risk of diabetes by up to 58%, and it seems to be better than taking medicine .

Moreover, this can be maintained over the years .

You should also be aware of waist measurement Its because, maybe it is the most important factor to estimate your diabetes risk.

Numbers measuring between 35 inches (88.9 cm) or more for women and 40 inches (101.6 cm) or higher for men are at increased risk of insulin resistance, high blood sugar and diabetes mellitus 2 .

Having a healthy waistline may be even more important than your body weight .

Summary: Maintaining a healthy weight and waist will help you maintain your blood sugar at normal levels and reduce your risk of diabetes.

General message

Make sure you check regularly with your doctor before changing your lifestyle or try new health supplements.

This is especially important if you have problems controlling blood sugar or you are taking medication to lower blood sugar.

It can be said that if you have diabetes or have problems controlling blood sugar, then it is best to start doing something as soon as possible.