20 basic reasons why you don't lose weight
Losing weight depends on many factors

When you lose weight, your body will react.

You can lose a lot of weight at an early stage without much effort.

However, the process weight loss may slow down or stop after a while.

This article lists 20 basic reasons why you don't lose weight.

It also contains tips you can follow on ways to overcome weight loss obstacles and put things under control.

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If you think your weight loss doesn't bring about changes you may not need to panic.

The fact that the scale sometimes doesn't budge for a few days (or weeks) is too normal. This does not mean that you do not lose any fat.

Body weight tends to fluctuate in a few pounds (1 pound approximately 0.45 kg). Depending on the amount of food you take, hormones may have certain effects amount of water in your body (especially women).

In addition, it is possible to both reduce excess fat and increase muscle. This is especially common if you have just started practicing sports.

This is a good sign, because you want to reduce it fat excess but not just body weight.

You should use different levels of measurement than your weight to assess your progress. For example, you can measure your waistline or measure the percentage of belly fat reduction every month.

In addition, the medium, wide or tightness of clothes or you look at yourself in the mirror also speaks about your body weight.

Unless your weight stays the same at least 1-2 weeks , otherwise you may not need to worry about anything.

2. Do not pay attention to what you eat.

Being aware of what you eat is extremely important if you are trying to lose weight. Many people actually have no idea how much they have eaten.

Studies show that knowing what you are eating can help with weight loss. People who eat a lot of butter, milk or have a broad view of their daily diet can lose more weight than those who are unaware of what they are eating .

3. Because you are not providing enough protein for your body

Protein is the most important nutrient in weight loss.

25-30% protein intake in total daily calories can enhance metabolism up to 80-100 calories every day and make you automatically eat less than a few hundred calories a day. It can also significantly crave cravings .

This is partly due to the effect of the protein on the hormone that regulates appetite such as ghrelin and other hormones .

You should eat breakfast because breakfast is the most important meal to help provide protein. Studies show that people who eat breakfast contain more protein will be less hungry and reduce cravings throughout the day .

Absorbing more protein also helps prevent metabolic slowdown, a common side effect of weight loss. It also helps prevent weight gain again .

4. Because you are overloading your body with too many calories

Most people have problems with weight loss simply because they load too much calories.

You may think this is not true for you, but keep in mind that studies show that people often think they eat less than the calories they load into the body a significant amount compared to reality .

If you do not intend to lose weight, you should also try to measure your food intake and monitor your calorie intake in a short time.

Here are the possible ways:

  • Count calories - Use this tool to measure the calories you take into your body.
  • (Calorie counter) - This is a list of 5 websites and free apps that can help you track calories and nutrient intake.

If you're trying to achieve a certain nutritional goal, like getting 30% of your calories is protein, it's important to keep track of your calorie intake. Without proper monitoring, we cannot provide the desired amount of protein for the body.

General We don't need to count calories or measure everything we eat. I myself sometimes only count calories for a few months, a few days to get a sense of calling, knowing how much I should eat.

5. Do not consume pure food

Food quality is also important no less the amount that you eat.

Eat those Healthy food Can improve health and help regulate your appetite. These foods tend to make you feel fuller than other processed industrial foods.

Remember that many other processed industrial foods are labeled "healthy" Not really good as labels. So keep the food pure and do not alter every ingredient in them.

6. Do not practice weight training

One of the most important things you can do when you want to lose weight is to practice some strength training exercises like weight lifting.

This can help you maintain your muscular tonality, often burning muscles with excess fat when you're not exercising .

Lifting weights can also help prevent slow metabolic processes and help make your abdominal fat layer firm .

Because you don't want to lose a large amount of weight, it looks skinny but has fat-fat.

7. Because you are eating insatiable (including healthy food)

Eating insoluble is a common side effect of dieting. It makes you eat a large amount of food, usually more than your body needs.

This is a pretty big problem for people on diet. Some people eat undesirable foods that are not healthy, while others eat only foods that are good for the body, including nuts, peanut butter, black chocolate , cheese, etc.

Although these are nutritious foods, we still need to count the calories in these foods. Depending on the amount of food you eat, just eating an insoluble meal will make your diet a bit useless.

8. Because you do not practice any exercise that increases your heart rate (Cardio)

For some rather strange reasons, cardiac exercise (such as running, walking, swimming, etc.) has been accused of groundlessness in recent years.

However, it is one of the most effective ways to improve your health. It also helps to burn Belly Fat and harmful visceral fat, an extra fat in the internal organs, causing dangerous diseases .

9. Do you still drink sugary drinks

Sugar sweetened drinks are the most fat-laden things in your body. Our brains cannot regulate calories by making us eat less of other foods .

Not only sugary drinks like coca or Pepsi, but "soft drinks" like vitamin supplements ( vitaminwater ) also contains a lot Street .

Including fruit juice There are also problems and should not drink much. A glass of these drinks can contain a quantity of horizontal sugar with several pieces of fruit.

10. Because you don't sleep well

20 basic reasons why you don't lose weight
Not getting enough sleep can cause your weight loss to stall

Good sleep quality is one of the factors that determine mental and physical health, just like your weight.

Studies show that sleeplessness is a major cause of obesity. Adults who don't sleep well are more likely to be obese than normal people 55% , while the number of young children is more obese than other normal children 89% ( 23 ).

11. Because you don't limit your intake of carbohydrates (carb) to your body

If you have too much weight and / or if you have metabolic problems like type 2 diabetes or prediabetes you can think about Low carbohydrate diet (low-carb).

In a short-term study, this type of diet reduced 2-3 times the weight of a low-fat diet that is often recommended by people .

Low-carb diets can also significantly improve metabolic processes such as triglyceride fat, HDL cholesterol and blood sugar, etc. .

12. Do you eat too often

People still whisper that each person should eat a lot of small meals during the day to increase metabolism in the body and to lose weight.

Other studies actually show that eating small meals often has little or no effect on burning fat or losing weight .

It is also very troublesome to process and eat all day. That makes the nutrients that are beneficial for health now difficult to digest.

There is even a very effective way to lose weight called an intermittent fasting diet, which is an intermittent fasting method, including long-term fasting (15-24 hours or more). You can read more information about this method here.

13. Do not drink water

Drinking water can help with weight loss.

In a 12-week weight loss study, those who drank half a liter (17 oz) of water 30 minutes before a meal reduced 44% of their body weight .

Drinking water also helps burn calories to 24-30% within 1.5 hours .

14. Do you drink too much alcohol?

If you like alcoholic drinks but want to lose weight, drink strong liquors (like vodka) mixed with calorie-free soft drinks. Beer, wine or soft drinks containing sugar and alcohol are very high in calories.

Also, keep in mind that alcoholic drinks also contain many calories, about 7 calories per gram.

Studies have also shown that drinking alcoholic beverages may help with weight loss, but taking just a sufficient amount will help, while drinking too much will weight gain .

15. Because you don't eat and drink in mindfulness

One way to call mindful eating can be the most effective way to lose weight.

It is a slow, chewy method of eating, not distracted, sipping and enjoying each piece, while listening to the natural signals that the brain emits when it is full.

Many studies show that mindfulness eating can help significantly lose weight and reduce the number of insecure meals .

Here are tips for you to eat in mindfulness:

  1. Eat and drink without distraction, sit at the table, just focus on yourself and food.
  2. Eat slowly, chew well. Try to pay attention to the color, taste and composition of the meal.
  3. When you feel the signs are full, drink some water and stop eating.

16. Because you have illness in your body, making weight loss even more difficult

There are many diseases that cause weight gain and make weight loss difficult.

These include hypothyroidism, polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and .

Certain types of diseases can also make it difficult to lose weight, or even gain weight.

If you see one of these things is right for you, you should go to the doctor and ask your doctor for advice.

17. Because you are addicted to unhealthy foods

According to a study in 2014, about 19.9% ​​of people met the criteria for food addiction .

These people use unhealthy foods like the injecting drug users .

If you are addicted to eating unhealthy foods, simply eating less or changing your daily diet is impossible. So ask for help.

18. Because you have been starving for too long

"Dieting" for too long is not good.

If you are losing weight for several months and want to reduce it more then you should probably stop and let yourself eat enough.

Increase the amount of calories you absorb daily to a few hundred calories, sleep more and gain a few pounds with a healthier and more muscular goal.

Maintain body fat for about 1-2 months before starting a new diet.

19. Do your wishes are not realistic

Losing weight often happens slower than most people want.

Although you may initially lose weight quickly, a few people may continue to drop to more than 1-2 pounds a week.

Another key issue is because many people have wishes illusory about a reasonable diet and exercise.

The truth is, not everyone is like a model or a muscular person. images of people you see in magazines or unusual places that are photoshop - because it should be no one can look so perfect.

If you've already lost a few pounds and you feel good, but the scale doesn't want to budge at all, then perhaps you should start accepting your body of the present.

In some ways, your body weight will meet the standard you feel satisfied. So try to overcome what is not worth affecting your efforts, and maybe even turn your efforts into impossible.

20. Because you are so focused on "dieting"

"Diet" is almost ineffective for a long time. If so, studies have actually shown that "dieters" gain more weight after a while .

Instead of using this dieting method, change your goals, identify yourself to be a happier, healthier and more fit person.

Focus only on providing essential nutrients to the body instead of depriving them of these nutrients, and letting weight loss come naturally from proper eating.