Mistakes When Choosing Food

21 Principles for Selecting Food for Firm and Healthy Body ...
Avoid choosing the wrong food that affects your health

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To begin with, I want you to take a brief look before going into the details, the smaller parts.

An overview of food (most people have never thought about food this way).

Think about the problem I came up with right here and this is really an overview and very important. Imagine if you had to leave your current life and get lost in a desert, what was the most important thing in your life at that time?

Is FOODS . What will I eat to survive? At that time, you probably will not remember anything about the name, technology, games, television, nightlife, mobile phones or other aspects of modern life. I'm sure what you think is to eat at that time?

Indeed, in today's modern life, most of us don't think about what we eat. Most people don't even think about what they're giving to their mouths. They just know what to eat before and enjoy it without having to think about whether those foods are really good for people.

You can also call this diet "See what you eat".

21 Principles for Selecting Food for Firm and Healthy Body ...
Food is very important to human life

Is there any relationship? Everyone knows that food is a love in life, but how many people think of the consequences of consuming those foods and how they eat affects their health and quality of life. (and only when their health has a problem do they realize it).

Food is a very important thing that determines the quality of life . So why don't people see it as a priority issue and an indispensable lesson in the curriculum for children? It should have been prioritized but in fact it was not. Children go to school and spend all their time in subjects like Math, History, Natural Science, Language ... and only spend about 2 hours in 12 years sitting in school seats thinking about what is most important in their lives: What should they eat?

Think about it, you will feel uncomfortable. Schools do not teach them the most essential and important things. Their parents never taught them that because their parents didn't know them either. Perhaps this is a problem in the present life because of food redundancy that makes them forget to think what they should eat?

So think differently if you want your body to be really healthy and firm!

Don't be like most people just "see what to eat" without thinking.

Therefore, it is necessary to have some principles to help you succeed and eliminate the foods that affect your health and cause overweight.

This is also the motivating reason for me to create this website with the desire to provide readers with some principles of choosing food to help your body be healthy and firm.

21 Principles for Selecting Food for Firm and Healthy Body ...
Food selection is very important

What is Nutrition?

Let's get a little better together about nutrition? People seem to be still very confused in finding themselves a really effective eating method. People tend to shift from one diet method to another such as low-fat diet method, Atkin diet method, south beach weight loss method, grapefruit weight loss, body detox diet, vegetarianism or other ridiculous weight loss methods that are mostly based on a person's personal opinion or just a promotional tactic that is not scientific.

The only known diet method based on science is Paleolithic nutrition theory (called aka - paleo diet). And I am very allergic to the name "Paleo diet" because it is not the same as transient diet methods, it relies entirely on studies of our human ancestral diet before the time of the way. agricultural network. Science has shown that up to 99.5% of our ancestors (about 1.9 million years ago) only eat vegetables and wild animals. . People today consume mainly self-grown vegetables and domesticated pets.

It is this change that explains why we now consume so many nuts in our meals (including pet food grains) compared to our Stone Age ancestors.

There are also a number of other changes such as the presence of chemicals in food (such as pesticides, herbicides, ...) that do not appear in the food of the ancients. In addition, the spread of artificial breeding appears many new types of fruit with different shapes and flavors than nature. This has reduced the amount of micronutrients in the current food (compare between blueberry and blueberry grown immediately to see that, the blueberries often have antioxidants twice as high as blueberry grown through ORAC test)

21 Principles for Selecting Food for Firm and Healthy Body ...
Human ancestors spend their time in vegetables

Many people said that they did not really know what ancestors had eaten, but this was completely wrong.

Prehistoric nutrition researchers know well the food that our ancestors ate through a series of studies as well as evidence through examination of fossil fossils, isotopic ratios in the bones of ancient people around the world in each period to decide what percentage of wild animals and vegetables they eat. While current people often have mixed meals with high protein content, this does not happen to our ancestors during the Stone Age.

Nutrition researchers of this period also said: in this period, there is absolutely no concept of dieters. We are all omnivores, eating both vegetables and meat and this ratio is based on the continent you live in, the latitude you live in and the time of year.

So exactly what our Stone Age ancestors ate during this time, answered this question to build and find a perfect meal. Simply:

• Wild meat, wild fish, seafood (Animals that eat their right foods, are completely different from those on farm animals).

• Forest fruit

• Jungle vegetable

• Eggs (from many animals)

• Nuts

• Types of potatoes: like potatoes, sweet potatoes.

This period Most people only eat very small amounts of cereals because they simply don't have enough machines to process them into starch . So people in this period often process very small amounts of grains or combine two grains together to cook soup or stews. And you also easily realize what this is completely different from the modern life meal. Grain grains are present most in meals; in cereals, bread, pasta, muffin ......

And another thing I mentioned above, "wild beast meat", but maybe only theory because there will be no wild meat if we do not hunt. However, if you look down a little bit in 20 principles, you can see that, with natural herbivores, their meat also contains high nutrient content such as wild meat, avoiding walls. toxic part created by farm breeding process.

Principles for Choosing Basic Food

21 Principles for Selecting Food for Firm and Healthy Body ...
Only natural starch should be used

So you have an overview of nutrition. Now go into the details of each rule:

Principle # 1: Not all powders are harmful to health, but ...

You do not have to remove all of the carbohydrates from the menu because they will not actually affect your health if you take an appropriate amount. In other words, Your body will be firmer and healthier if you tolerate carbohydrates from vegetables, tubers and fruits instead of wheat or refined sugar.

The problem with these types of wheat (bread, cereals, pasta ...) is in addition to affecting the system of regulating blood sugar (pancreas and insulin concentration), the types of wheat contain High nutrient-destroying agents, which reduce the absorption of minerals, produce gluten as well as other toxic substances that cause chronic inflammatory bowel disease and sometimes destroy the gastrointestinal tract if it occurs severe intolerance to gluten.

Please note that with potatoes and sweet potatoes, these problems are partially overcome. In the diet of our ancestors, potatoes and sweet potatoes are the main source of starches and sugars instead of wheat like today. The body will tolerate the amount of powdered sugar in these two foods better for those who are more active and have no problems with consuming excess sugar.

So how did I personally do it?

I limit eating wheat to the extent possible, or just once a week. And almost all I eat is wheat when dining outside, we never buy bread or cereals for storage. Every day I regularly eat fruit (not using juice), vegetables, and I also eat potatoes or sweet potatoes 1-2 times a week.

Principle # 2: Only choose clean protein sources.

21 Principles for Selecting Food for Firm and Healthy Body ...
Notice how to choose organic proteins

Please try to buy foods that provide healthy protein wild meat, herbivorous meat or organic eggs. Try to limit the types of meat from farm animals, farmed fish with bran or livestock in industrial environments.

Principle # 3: Don't waste the source of Omegas food supplies

Most people need to have a correct view of their ratio of fatty acids, omega-6, omega-3 in their diets.

The study also showed that, in our ancestral stone diet, the ratio between omega-6 and omega-3 is usually 1: 1 or 2: 1. Meanwhile, in the diet of today's diet, the ratio ranges from 20: 1 to 30: 1 due to the consumption of a lot of wheat or soy products. It is also common to use soybean or corn oil in food processing (note that corn and soybeans are also the main food sources in livestock production instead of natural grass). This is also the cause of inflammation in many people and is the root cause of degenerative disease.

To overcome these problems, You should AVOID corn oil, soybean oil, flaxseed oil (or whatever products are made with these oils), minimize farmed fish or livestock meats on farms. . Instead, try to buy natural fish, grass meat, organic eggs or high-omega-3 nuts such as walnuts, hemp seeds, fish oil and or Krill oil provides a source of DHA, an essential EPA for the body.

I personally use fish oil or krill oil containing high levels of DHA and EPA (also high in omega-3). Meanwhile krill oil has an antioxidant astaxanthin and absorption capacity is higher than fish oil.

It should be noted that the supply of omega-3 from animals is often stronger than MUCH compared to nuts such as walnuts, chia seeds and flax seeds. This is explained as follows: with animal sources of omega-3, this fat will rapidly change to DHA or EPA while omega-3 in plants is completely impossible, and their bodies We are also unable to convert omega-3 into DHA and EPA.

Principle # 4: There are more than 80,000 species of plants, animals and mushrooms.

21 Principles for Selecting Food for Firm and Healthy Body ...
Limit eating too much Corn

In addition to the refined sugar, if you randomly pick out the three worst-known foods in the menu we need to avoid, they are: corn, soybeans, wheat flour and their preparations such as corn and oil soup corn, soybean oil, soy protein .... Do you want to know a horrifying statistic about what an ordinary person eats? Today, most adults tend to eat a popular diet in Europe like the US, Australia, Canada ... Most of the calories in their bodies come from 3 main foods: corn, soybeans and flour. noodles (and their products).

You need to know that, t Our human race has consumed more than 80,000 types of animals, plants and mushrooms throughout history. While people today mostly eat these three foods. The problem is here.

Principle # 5: Need to recognize hidden lines

Be careful about sugar levels as well as inflammatory substances in spices and sauces.

Most of us don't know how many calories are made and the digestive organs are being destroyed by the high amount of corn sugar syrup in spices like tomato sauce, salad dressing, cocktail juice ... Example , for each spoonful of chili sauce containing 5 grams of sugar (mainly due to HFCS sweetener), normally a normal person must use 2-4 tablespoons of chili sauce to eat Hamburger or fried dishes. It is a source of 10-20 grams of sugar, not to mention other sweet drinks that are often served with meals.

Try to read the ingredients on the product and keep away from HFCS . Although some corn sugar syrup producers think this sugar is natural and good. But the truth is exactly the opposite.

Principle # 6: Sugar is a poison in your body.

21 Principles for Selecting Food for Firm and Healthy Body ...
Get rid of refined sugar from your home menu

When talking about sugar, most people do not know they are addicted to sugar and also do not know how badly affect their bodies. Indeed, sugar not only makes you fat, but it is also a direct cause of diabetes and cardiovascular disease as well as causing cancer germs.

Limit sugar to a minimum except for daily intake of fruit.

Principle # 7: Do not eat the following oils or foods that contain these oils.

Minimize soybean oil, corn oil, cotton seed oil, and cheap "vegetable oils". These oils cause damage in your body, preventing the balance of omega-3 to omega 6 in the body, and causing changes in the genetic structure that scientists cannot understand. OK.

You may be surprised why the fat you think is not really good is as good as butter, coconut oil, lard.

Principle # 8: Rapeseed oil is not good for your health.

Limit canola oil to a minimum even if manufacturers advertise that rapeseed oil is healthy and not monounsaturated fats. Rapeseed oil is completely different from olive oil during biochemical processes as well as affecting our bodies. And there's another reason why we should remove canola oil in our menu because most canola oil is genetically modified foods.

Principle # 9: Why should you eat buttermilk and cream.

Milk butter or margarine? I can not understand why there are still people arguing about this issue. I often use milk butter daily without touching any margarine, although they are dubbed "GOOD" for health. Among these margarines, soybean oil or corn oil still contains. You should only use butter.

Besides dairy, there are still a lot of good fat foods for you like milk cream, ripe cheese, full-fat yogurt and other everyday fats to help prevent atherosclerosis.

Rule # 10: Don't ignore the egg yolk, eat an egg.

21 Principles for Selecting Food for Firm and Healthy Body ...
Whole eggs are most nutritious

Eat whole egg whites or whole eggs? Again, I don't understand why people still have to argue about this issue. Most people are unaware that the egg yolk is a very important part, containing all the healthy nutrients of the egg. More than 90% of micronutrients, antioxidants and 100% fat-soluble vitamins are good for health. That is why we should not just eat egg whites but eat whole fruits. Moreover, the amount of cholesterol in eggs does not affect the heart, it actually increases the amount of beneficial HDL cholesterol. I personally eat up to 3-4 eggs a day and still keep the one-digit fat index.

Principle # 11: Be careful of chemicals in your food.

You should be careful with carcinogens or BPA chemicals commonly found in bottled or canned drinks. BPA is the culprit that increases the risk of abdominal obesity, cancer birth defects and many other diseases. You should also be more cautious with canned tomato juices because this is one of the canned foods that is very susceptible to BPA because of the acid leak effect in tomatoes.

Principle # 12: The reason for myself not using the microwave for 10 years.

In my opinion it is a good way to stay away from the food cooked by the waves. Many scientists think that Using a microwave for food processing will change biochemical changes in food, causing negative effects on the body compared to traditional cooking methods. Think logically for a bit ... The human digestive apparatus has been constantly perfected throughout 1.9 million years from our ancestors, and our ancestors also eat only fresh or raw foods. Use fire and hot water to cook food.

The microwave cooks food in a completely new way compared to traditional cooking methods, thereby decomposing some elements in the food that these elements have never been found in nature before, so the body will not be able to digest. In logic, you can fully understand the implications of your health.

Principle # 13: Add spices and herbs to dishes (will be very helpful for your body)

21 Principles for Selecting Food for Firm and Healthy Body ...
Herbal spices for more delicious flavor

Spices and herbs are the best for your health that you should add to your diet. In fact, herbs and spices contain more antioxidants than fruits and vegetables. Some spices are very beneficial for your health. Turmeric has been shown to work against cancer. Cinnamon has a very good effect in controlling blood sugar. Spices enhance your immune system.

So don't forget to add spices and herbs to your recipes!

Rule # 14: Saturated fat is misunderstood.

Although the media or government has given false information about nutrition, saturated fat has not been properly recognized. In fact, this type of fat is very beneficial for your health. . In fact, in recent years, many scientists have shown that saturated fat is good for your health and helps you balance hormones, cell membranes and essential functions in your body.

Rule # 15: Artificial sweeteners make you fatter (Destroy your intestinal tract)

You should also avoid artificial sweeteners! Not that they do not create calories do not affect your health. The fact shows that artificial sweeteners are used as weight gain. Some studies also show that, Artificial sweeteners also "trick" your body to release insulin because the taste will recognize the taste and assume it is sugar. You also need to know that high levels of insulin cause unnecessary fat. In addition, the fooling of this taste also causes the feeling of eating many instant rolls after eating artificial sweetener products.

Principle # 16: Vitamin D controls your immune system, balances hormones and makes you younger.

Pay attention to the amount of vitamin D in your body.

Vitamin D is one of the most important substances for your body. This is one of the most important substances in controlling your hormones and your immune system. If you often get sick or unbalanced hormones, you're probably missing vitamin D.

However, an estimated 90% of the US population lacks vitamin D. If blood levels of vitamin D are checked, the concentration should range from 50-70 ng / ml, then the hormone will be balanced and dark. Multi-functional immune for the body. However, people only expose for 20-30 minutes or less, so it is not possible to produce the necessary amount of vitamin D for your body.

The sunlight from 8-9 am is considered ideal for producing vitamins due to our skin oil reaction with UVB rays from the sun. Fish, egg yolks and organic meats are a good source of vitamin D, but your body will not get the necessary vitamins if you only provide them from meals. So sunbathe every day to provide the vitamin needed for your body.

Principle # 17: Pay attention to the microorganisms in your intestinal system.

21 Principles for Selecting Food for Firm and Healthy Body ...
High-fiber vegetables are good for beneficial bacteria

Microbial system is in your intestinal tract. Most people have equal amounts of bacteria and bacteria. And This is worse if the foods you consume break this microbial system . All types of drinking water are chlorinated, artificial sweeteners, pesticides are killers kill bacteria.

A variety of bacteria can be completely lost causing intestinal diseases or other diseases. Antimicrobial agents will help your body heal wounds quickly, avoiding infections when injured, but these substances are being abused causing your health effects.

In addition to Vitamin D content, The beneficial bacteria are also a major factor affecting your health. Bacteria also affect your immune system like vitamin D. Bacteria are responsible for protecting your body as a barrier to prevent harmful bacteria from entering your body, thus limiting diseases and helping your body. always healthy. Help your digestive system stay healthy.

Your intestinal system produces tens of thousands of microorganisms and hundreds of beneficial bacteria. And this is very important in our bodies that some people don't know. Losing the balance between the types of bacteria and bacteria in your intestinal tract can cause more than 170 different illnesses.

Principle # 18: Prevent or minimize carcinogens.

It is important to understand the foods made from brown starch. This is also the reason why you should minimize the types of wheat such as bread or cereals.

Principle # 19: Why should we avoid GMO products?

When you don't know the health consequences of genetically modified products, it's best to avoid these products. Going back to the habits our ancestors ate about 2 million years ago, there were no genetically modified products present.

Principle # 20: Be careful with the "Healthy food from wheat".

According to the latest information from Wheat Belly's best-selling book, Professor William Davis, a cardiologist, presents the effects of wheat-based products like cereals, bread, pasta. , baked goods, and these are products that are considered good for your health. However this is completely wrong.

Principle # 21: Eat slowly, chew carefully, enjoy the great taste of food.

Finally enjoy the great taste of food.

Research shows that we will eat more calories and will get fat when we eat and watch the radio. So focus on meals and chew well. Feel the great taste of each piece, this helps you eat less.

Share these principles with your relatives and friends for a better life!