3 Simple Tips To Eat Many Carbs That Can Still Lose Weight
Eating properly Carbs can still reduce weight

Eat More Carbs Does Weight Gain?

You are often told not to eat too many carbs even if you love it because it is not beneficial to your health, you will not weight loss Can they make you fat?

Did you know that the use "low-carb" mode will make hormones that can help burn your body fat automatically decrease and will slow down your metabolism. Your body will stop burning fat for less than a week and, of course, work weight loss Your will become hopeless?

And you know, just 3 simple steps that you can comfortably eat carbs without worrying about being fat. And in today's post, I will guide you step by step so that you can do it.

In fact, as long as you follow these three steps, you can use carb to speed up the calorie burning process, boost your metabolic activity faster, and keep your hormones going. fat burning promoters are ongoing. This is not an exaggeration or an advertisement, because they are inexpensive and still bring about quick weight loss results. In particular, this is suitable for everyone, all ages, genders and all health conditions.

But I have to warn you. What you read below will probably be the opposite of what you hear in the newspaper or effective newsletters about weight loss. That's because the weight loss industry has made everyone believe that carbs are enemies of weight loss and they make you fat if you don't stop eating them.

Low-carb, a fad diet can have initial effects, but for 95% of people using it, it only gives a temporary result, and you will gain weight very quickly after weight loss If you stop using it.

3 Steps Super Effect For Weight Loss

Step 1: Stop eating under Low-carbs.

3 Simple Tips To Eat Many Carbs That Can Still Lose Weight
Eating low-carbs is easy to gain weight again

Low-carbs mode has been widely applied in recent years. Unfortunately, it doesn't work much. In fact, more than 90% of people who start low-carb diets or a temporary diet, they all gain weight again after losing weight. . More seriously, there are even more people who have increased their previous weight loss and are at risk of obesity.

The reason you should not stay away from carbs is because your body needs them. Carbs keep your muscles strong, speed up recovery, provide energy to your brain and body, boost your metabolic rate, and stimulate important fat-burning hormones. works in your body. Yes, believe it or not, things like insulin are not always bad! Your body needs carbs to keep your metabolism healthy, your body at ease, and burn energy to reduce fat faster.

People who take a chronic low-carb diet will cause hormones to completely change and harm the metabolism, so their bodies will not be able to burn fat. In fact, just at least a week of not eating carb is that you can start losing muscle, your metabolism slows down and your fat-burning hormones are destroyed. The effect is really big, isn't it?

Choose the right kind of Carbs to lose weight

Step 2: Stop using different types of carb to make you fat.

There are three simple stages of carbohydrate storage. If you understand how they work, you can eat your favorite types of carb and never have to worry about them being stored in the body as fat.

However, if you don't know, carb types can make you fat and continue to accumulate belly fat even more and they will turn into fat bags containing many ugly toxins. The mechanism of this is as follows:

State 1: Immediately respond to energy: As soon as you eat Carbs, the digestion process will begin to work to meet your energy needs immediately and retain a portion for the next visit.

Phase 2: Store in your muscles and liver: your body will then store carbohydrates in the form of glycogen in your muscles and liver as an energy source for daily activity and movement. The storage continues until the muscle or liver is full.

Phase 3 : Carbogenic fat and stored fat: After only a few short days, when a source of energy is abundant and little or no energy is consumed, the storage area is muscle and the liver is full of muscle Your body starts to store excess carbs in the form of fat.

In other words, if you do not appropriately take advantage of your starch, your muscles and liver will be "filled" by glycogen. When this happens, every time you consume starch, they start "spreading" and are automatically stored as fat.

However, there is a super simple nutrition protocol you can use to stop the carb stages that make you fat and still eat all the carbs you want. I shared this in our Perfect Meals program.

Step 3: Stop eating carbs at the wrong time

3 Simple Tips To Eat Many Carbs That Can Still Lose Weight
Need to eat Carbs at the right times

The wrong time about carb eating is one of the main reasons that makes 95% of the population gain weight again after losing weight.

But when you consume many types of carb you love in time (and you can even eat more food at special times), you'll never have to worry about them making your body look thicker. and fatter.

Here are 3 simple ways that can help you calculate the time to eat carb to limit the stage 3 fat spread and keep your body burning fat from there. weight loss better.

Good: The reasonable time of day to eat carbohydrates is in the morning when the body's metabolic rate is high and insulin sensitivity peaks "naturally" . This means there will be plenty of space in the energy store so that the carb types are stored in it without the accumulation of fat.

Better: A better time to digest that carbs is 3-4 hours before you exercise.

This ensures that the types of starches you eat will be burned during and after exercise, avoiding overgrowth and preventing muscle loss. It will also give you a greater amount of energy during your workout. You will get better performance by burning more fat and more calories during and after exercise.

The best: The best time for you to consume carbs is exercise. When you do the right exercise, your muscles will act like a sponge squeezed, so your body will "absorb" all kinds of carb.

Calculating the amount of carbs loaded into your body is one of the ways you can enjoy all the benefits from fat being burned and the fat within the stored limits.

This is how you can get all the fat burning benefits from the carbs listed above and stop storing fat because of the amount of carb you load.

Simply put, if you eat different types of carb at the wrong times, you will store fat, but If you eat carbs and foods at the right time, at the right time you will burn fat.

Unfortunately for those who do not have access to this information, they will continue to consume the wrong way, it will devastate metabolic activity, prevent hormones from burning fat, and prevent belly fat. Stubbornness becomes their main energy source.

So, share this information for those who need it weight loss to help them get a better body.

Wish you are always happy and healthy!