35 Ways to Eat Interesting Chia Seeds
The seeds are extremely nutritious

Particles are small but contain Very high nutrient content .

In 2 tablespoons (1 oz) seeds contain up to 11 grams of fiber, 4 grams of protein and 137 calories .

This is a source of omega-3 fatty acids and some essential minerals for bones like calcium, phosphorus and magnesium.

Since there is no taste, we can easily add seeds to many foods and recipes.

This article will show you 35 interesting and creative ways to combine chia seeds into the diet.

1. Split water

One of the simplest ways to put chia seeds in the diet is to drink with water.

To make split water, soak 40 grams of split seeds and 1 liter of water for 20-30 minutes.

To flavor the drink, you can add chopped or squeezed fruit with a little lemon or orange.

2. Split seeds soaked in juice

Water is not the only liquid that you can soak this type of seed.

Soak 40 grams of split seeds in 1 liter of juice in half an hour to create a fruit rich in fiber and minerals.

3. Pudding chia seeds

You can make chia seeds pudding similar to chia seeds. If you want a thicker pudding, add more seeds and soak the mixture longer.

You can make pudding with juice or milk, and then add flavorings like vanilla and cocoa as in

Split nut pudding is a delicious dish that can be used for breakfast or for dessert.

If you don't like chia seeds in pudding, try grinding the seeds to make the cake more textured.

4. Add seeds divided into smoothies

If you want to make a smoothie more nutritious, add some seeds.

You can add split seeds to most of the smoothie recipes by soaking the seeds until the colloidal solution is ready and then adding to your favorite smoothie.

5. Sprinkle on the dishes

35 Ways to Eat Interesting Chia Seeds
Although many people like to soak seeds before eating, chia seeds can also be eaten immediately.

Try crushing and sprinkling them on smoothies or oatmeal .

6. Grain grains

To exchange for breakfast, you can replace regular cereal cake with split grain cereal.

To make split grain cereals, soak seeds overnight in milk (or almond milk) and sprinkle on nuts, fruits or spices like cinnamon.

Use crushed bananas, milk and vanilla extract to make a delicious breakfast.

7. Chia seed cake

If you don't have a lot of time, you can use split seeds to make a convenient snack.

To make a quick and easy snack yourself, try making split cakes like in .

These recipes often do not use an oven, so making it very fast and easy.

8. Add to stir fry

You can also easily add a tablespoon of split seeds to your favorite stir-fries.

9. Add to salad

35 Ways to Eat Interesting Chia Seeds
Salad of split seeds, blueberries and salmon

You can add split seeds to salads to increase flavor and nutrition.

These nuts can be incorporated into any salad. Very simply, you just need to mix them with your favorite vegetables.

10. Combine salad dressing with vinegar

Another way to add split seeds to salad is to add vinegar.

Commercially available salad dressing products often contain lots of sugar. Making vinegar is a healthy way to make your salad more delicious.

Try following the recipe .

11. Making ingredients for toast

You can add split seeds to lots of recipes, including bread.

Use seeds with buckwheat to make bread that is both delicious and healthy.

12. Use as a crunchy coating for meat or fish

Another interesting way is to use split seeds as a coating for meat and fish.

They can be ground into a fine powder and mixed with regular breadcrumbs or can be used only to split seeds, depending on your preference.

13. Add to scones

Cookies are often high in fat and sugar. However, adding split seeds can help improve the nutritional composition of this cake.

Putting seeds into a cake flour mixture will enhance fiber, protein and omega-3 .

14. Combine with other grains

If you don't like the soft and sticky texture of chia seeds, you can eat them with different types cereals other.

With this dish you don't need any recipe, just mix one tablespoon of split seeds with one cup of rice or quinoa seeds.

15. Bars of chia seeds cake breakfast

35 Ways to Eat Interesting Chia Seeds
Homemade split nut cakes at home to control sugar

Breakfast cakes can contain lots of sugar. In fact, some cereal bars contain horizontal sugar with a candy bar.

However, cutting sugar and making breakfast cakes is quite easy. Split seeds can also add nutrients to your cake recipe.

See the recipe as well and to make breakfast cakes from chia seeds.

16. Add to pancakes

If you like pancakes, you can try to divide the seeds into a mixture of cake flour.

There are some ideas for pancake recipes at and .

17. Add jam

Split seeds can absorb ten times their dry weight. So split seeds can replace pectin in jam.

Pectin has a rather bitter taste, so replacing pectin with chia seeds means that jam will not need much sugar to create sweetness.

Furthermore, split nut jam is much easier to make than regular jam. This is the recipe Do not use refined sugar.

18. Add to cookies

If you love biscuits, you can use split nuts in recipes for biscuits to increase nutrition.

is an oatmeal biscuit recipe with split seeds and simple.

19. Stick protein from chia seeds

Like breakfast cakes, many commercially available protein bars may contain higher amounts of refined sugar and candy-like foods than healthy snacks.

Homemade protein bars from home-made chia seeds will be a healthier dish than products sold outside the store.

You can even make your own low-carb protein bars like

20. Add soup or stew

Split seeds can be used in place of flour to match stews and gravies.

You can only soak the seeds until they are sticky and then put them into the dish to create the consistency.

21. Use instead of eggs

35 Ways to Eat Interesting Chia Seeds
If you have to abstain or don't like to eat eggs, chia seeds will be a great substitute food.

Soak 1 tablespoon of split seeds and 3 tablespoons of water. This serving can replace an egg.

22. Add to the dipping sauce

Split seeds are ingredients used in many recipes, and you can also add them to sauces.

is a sauce recipe with split seeds, or you can combine split seeds into a ready-to-eat sauce.

23. Ingredients for muffin

Depending on the ingredients, muffin is eaten at breakfast or dessert.

You can add split seeds to both sweet or savory muffins.

24. Use with oatmeal porridge

Adding seeds to oatmeal is one of the easiest ways to eat.

You just need to prepare oatmeal and add a tablespoon of whole or split seeds.

25. Eat with yogurt

35 Ways to Eat Interesting Chia Seeds
You can sprinkle split seeds on yogurt to increase flavor.

You can also sprinkle seeds on the entire surface if you like the crisp feeling. If you don't like the crunchy feel, combine it with crushed seeds.

26. Making raw materials for crackers

Adding seeds to crackers is not a new idea. In fact, lots of crackers have ingredients that are nuts to create texture and crispness.

Adding split seeds to biscuits is a way to add chia seeds to the diet.

27. Use to thicken sandwiches and meatballs

If you often use eggs or meatballs to make meatballs and sandwiches, you can also consider replacing them with split seeds.

Try using 2 tablespoons of seeds with every 0.5 kg of meat in the meatball recipe.

28. Used as a homemade energy gel

Athletes may consider using this type of seed to replace the commercially available cassava gel in the market.

You can buy gel energy from split seeds or make by yourself .

29. Add to tea

Giving seeds into drinks is an easy way to add this grain to the diet.

Add a teaspoon of split seeds to tea and soak for a short time. Initially the seeds may float, but some time later they will sink.

30. Used for making tortilla

Soft tortillas can be eaten with a variety of different types. This is also a dish that can be combined with chia seeds.

You can do it yourself or some stores also sell ready-made types.

31. Add cold ice cream

35 Ways to Eat Interesting Chia Seeds
Cream of split seeds, red raspberries and coconut

Split seeds can also be added to your favorite ice cream.

You can mix and freeze chia seed pudding to create a soft cream like in or make ice cream sticks according to the formula without milk .

32. Make pizza covers

Split seeds are used to create a crispy crust and rich in fiber. You only need to knead the dough with split seeds and add the foods you like on the crust.

33. As a raw material for Falafel dishes

Falafel made from chia seeds can be an interesting cooking method, especially for vegetarians and pure vegetarians.

You can combine these nuts with a variety of vegetables to increase the flavor. please try .

34. Add to granola

How to make granola is very simple. You can use any nuts, nuts, or oats that I like. this is a easy to make with split grain material.

If you don't have time to make your own granola, you can buy granola from ready-to-eat split seeds.

35. Add lemonade

Another drink you can combine with split seeds is lemon juice.

Soak 20 grams of seeds in 480 ml of cold water for half an hour. Then, squeeze into a lemon and add sweetener as you like.

You can also try adding flavors like cucumber and watermelon.

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