55 Best Food For Slimming And Firming The Body

Need to choose food carefully to lose weight

Smart Choice When Shopping for Food

In the newsletters I shared about the secret to having a toned body, most of the time I wanted to give you the recipes of light meals or main meal menus that are not only nutritious and delicious, but also It also gives you an ideal shape that many people dream of. And in this article, I want to provide you with food initiatives in a different way. This time I will show you some food storage tips lose weight The best you should reserve.

Always remember, if in your home Without junk food, you will eat less junk food . If you are surrounded by nutritious food, your task is to choose wisely. Basically, you should choose wisely when you go to the supermarket and control yourself from the "temptations of food". Here are some of my small share but it will probably help you more in life.

Some foods are said to be very good for health like fruits and vegetables. However, some foods in this article will surprise you.

Start with our familiar fridge. Every week, I try to prepare lots of vegetables and fruits in the refrigerator. During the growing seasons, I often Only buy products in the countryside However, in winter, I often have to choose products in vegetable stalls. Almost every time I buy vegetables, I try to buy a lot of vegetables like onions, squash, spinach, red peppers, broccoli .... to eat with breakfast. I also often use lean chicken or turkey sausage (note to buy non-nitrate and nitrite) or cow sausage used with goat eggs, cheese (if possible, I prefer to use dairy cheese) .

By the way, I also want to tell you, You should eat the whole egg, not just eat the egg white . The yolk is always the most nutritious part of the egg, so if you eat the white, you are giving up the most nutritious part of the egg. If you are concerned about the fat in the yolk, then you need to know that eating an egg will make you have good fat.

Coconut milk is also another staple food in the refrigerator. I like to use coconut milk to mix with smoothie, oatmeal, yogurt to create great ice cream flavor. Coconut milk not only makes the taste more delicious, but also a lot of healthy saturated fat. Saturated fats are good for health like MCTs, more specifically, a type of MCT called lauric acid is good for your immune system.

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55 Best Food For Slimming And Firming The Body
Fresh and clean food is the best choice

Foods You Should Buy

Walnuts, pecans, almonds provide very healthy fats, they are also useful for lose weight yours. Try to buy unroasted nuts because roasting nuts can cause oxidation of some types of saturated fats that lose beneficial nutrients. . In general, roasted seeds are still good for health, unroasted seeds are better.

  • Soft cheese, Ricotta cheese and yogurt (Made from grass-fed cow's milk). I like to mix soft cheeses and Ricotta cheese with a few nuts, grapes for a mid-morning and mid-afternoon snack.
  • Chia seeds or hemp seeds: these are seeds with a high nutrient content, can be added to yogurt, vitamins or salads to create a meal with great flavor, high in acidity. Omega-3 fats, vitamins and minerals. Do not use ground-based nuts because omega-3 polyunsaturated fats tend to be unstable, high free radicals if you use these nuts.
  • Should eat the whole egg because the yolk provides a lot of nutrients, increase the fat for the body, so do not worry too much.
  • Salsa fever, I often try different types of fever
  • Avocado: Avocado is a good source of healthy fats, fiber supply and lots of nutrients, trying to add them to rolls, salads or sandwiches.
  • Milk Butter: Milk butter creates a great taste and becomes an integral part of your menu. However, only a small amount should be used because butter is not very high in calories. Never use margarine if you don't want your body to suffer from heart disease. Most importantly, choose organic types of butter because other types of butter are very likely to accumulate chemicals in cow's milk.
  • Also choose butter produced from cow's milk fed with pasteurized grass if possible because it contains a large amount of beneficial fats like omega-3 and fat-reducing linoleic acid (CLA).
  • Types of nut butter like peanut butter are also good for you. I often mix almond butter with pecan butter, even cashew butter with macadamia butter is also very delicious. Using a variety of nut butter helps you give your body a large amount of vitamins and minerals.
  • Lettuce salad and spinach along with carrot diced is a great meal for dinner.
  • Using homemade sauces of fragrant vinegar, spices, olive oil and Udo oil will be better than the sauces you buy in supermarkets. Because these sauces often use refined rapeseed and soybean oil (not toots for health).
  • Use bread made from rice germs.

I myself believe, in our human history, We do not consume too many grains like today. If we use a small amount it will be very good, and our body will only adapt to the foods from the hunting process with a small amount of cereals. So I always try to eat bread made from cereals and other cereal foods for just a few days

  • Rice bran - if you regularly use cereal-based products, the most nutritious part is rice bran. Because in the rice bran contains the rice germ. Rice bran contains high levels of vitamins and minerals and reduced calories from starch. We can also put them in yogurt or smoothie, or add baked goods to help provide fiber and nutrients.

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Some foods should be in the freezer compartment:

  • 55 Best Food For Slimming And Firming The Body
    Berries are very good for health and weight loss

    Frozen berries: During the main season of these fruits, I often eat fresh fruits, but in the remaining months I often use frozen green grapes, black grapes, raspberries, strawberries, cherry varieties to supplement Filling with meals with fiber, oatmeal, soft cheese, yogurt are like vitamins. I also regularly eat frozen fruits and feel very interested in them.

  • Frozen fish: I try to eat a few different types of fish each week. There are many types of fish in the market for you to choose from, but keep in mind to choose natural fish or farmed fish, as the amount of omega 3 to omega 6 is more balanced in natural fish.
  • Frozen chicken breast: It is very convenient for you to prepare fast food like chicken sandwiches.
  • Beef steak. Grass-fed beef is said to be beef with higher levels of omega-3 than salmon (absolutely no mercury).

At the same time, grass-fed beef contains high levels of acidic substances lose weight and make the body firm compared to the grass-eating cows you normally see in the market.

Thit buffalo, ostrich meat, venison and other "exotic" lean meats. I can also list for you some of the healthiest meat around us. If you are serious about your health, these meats are completely better than industrial animal foods, beef, chicken raised by growth hormones, chickens and pork in the market.

  • Once again, Frozen vegetables.

In the harvest season, I regularly use fresh vegetables, but when the season is over, you can completely use frozen vegetable products because they often have higher nutrient content than nutrient content than Fresh vegetables transport thousands of miles, to the whole week before you cook.

55 Best Food For Slimming And Firming The Body
The best foods for weight loss

Good Food List For Weight Loss

High antioxidant drinks like green tea, white tea, oolong tea . These are the best teas. Recently I regularly use tea because they contain many antioxidants and nutrients. I also found many types of tea supplemented with ingredients such as chocolate, mint, raspberry ....

Oat bran also contains much higher fiber content than regular oats, which are usually available in the market. If I want to lose weight and have a slim body, I often eat breakfast with eggs and bison, but if I want to increase my muscle, I have to add lots of carbohydrates and eat oat bran and meals from oats.

In the process of food processing, especially during times of need lose weight , I often Use pure coconut oil or pure olive oil . Macadamia oil can also be used without it refined . However, other oils such as vegetable oils, are usually made from corn or soybean oil. Limit the use of rapeseed oils, you need to ignore the advertisements from manufacturers.

A can of coconut oil, containing MCT saturated fats, can be converted into food after opening the lid.

  • Types brown rice, and high-fiber types of rice , never eat white rice.
  • Please use sauce or ketchup, I am sure that you have heard millions of times that ketchup contains high levels of Lycopene. Ignore the industrial soy sauce produced mainly from corn syrup. Choose tomato sauces made with olive oil instead of healthy oils like soybean and canola oil. Should choose the type of sauce is packed in glass boxes instead of the sauce made of plastic bottles. Because these foods when packaged in plastic bottles can cause reactions, producing dangerous chemicals such as bisphenol A (BPA) by detecting acid flux from the can membrane.
  • Stevia: This is a non-calorie natural sweetener, a great product to replace other artificial sweeteners like Spartame, Sugar, and Sucralose.
  • Fresh honey: Fresh honey is much better than processed honey. Because in fresh honey contains many nutrients and enzymes. Honey is very beneficial for carbohydrate metabolism. I usually put a spoonful of honey into a cup of tea every book session. I also know that in honey containing pure sugar, however, in fresh honey, a spoonful of honey contains only 5 grams of carb. So this is a more perfect option than refined sugar.
  • Organic powder is not sweet. I like to mix cocoa powder into smoothies to add antioxidants and have a hot drink, nourish a little sugar by adding hot milk and 2 pieces of molten dark chocolate. It was delicious.
  • Black beans or red beans. I often put some of these nuts into my diet to supplement fiber and bring in high levels of nutrients. Besides, these beans are also a good source of antioxidants to help you extend your youth. Black beans and red beans are higher in antioxidant content than green beans

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How to Avoid Craving Sweet Food

55 Best Food For Slimming And Firming The Body
Black chocolate contains up to 75% of good cocoa for weight loss

Use black chocolate instead because they contain 70-75% of the cocoa. This is a way to satisfy my sweet craving needs, while also providing plenty of antioxidants

This chocolate also contains a lot of calories, so I only eat 1-2 pieces after a meal, so I no longer have the urge to go out to eat pastries or cakes.

Finally, I would like to suggest to you some other healthy fresh fruits such as bananas, apples, mangoes, oranges, pears, peaches ... Some other types like yellow champagne, mango, pomegranate, papaya , star fruit, pineapple and other ... Besides, strawberries, green strawberries, raspberries (high-fiber strawberries) have high levels of nutrients and antioxidants.

I hope that this article will give you some useful ways to be able to process the food to be able to lose weight succeed and bring the body toned. I understand that everyone's tastes are different but hopefully will help you a bit in choosing food. Wish you can choose for yourself fresh, clean, nutrient-rich foods.