What Is The Real Causes Of Disease?

7 Small Tips For Not Being Sick
Learn the secrets to staying healthy

Learn the real causes of illness and strengthen your immune system with these unique tips.

Note: The tips in this article can be done at any time to help you stay healthy, strengthen your immune system, and prevent you from getting sick ... not just in the winter months!

First of all, let us unravel a very misconception about why many people get sick in the winter rather than in the summer. First, let's talk about temperature. You should know that, It's not like you have a "cold" just because it's cold . I can't believe how many people still have the misconception that cold can make people sick ...

This is completely wrong ... Cold temperatures don't make you sick!

Did you know that in fact many studies have shown that regular exposure to cold weather can increase your immunity? It's true! A study I recently read even showed that "cold therapy" like cold showers or any other cold water exposure (such as cold water swimming) will stimulate system improvement. Your immune system.

About the so-called "germs"?

So is it really bacteria, cold viruses and flu viruses that appear more than winter? No, of course not! In fact, some medical articles I have read point out Cold viruses and flu appear more around us in the summer because they can proliferate more favorably.

7 Small Tips For Not Being Sick
Why do more people get sick in the winter?

So why do so many people get sick in the winter? Yes, I can send you an explanation as follows ... It is not due to the temperature, but the power of the sun's rays, and how this affects your health ... The answer is, in the Northern Hemisphere's winter in the southern hemisphere's summer, and while in winter, when illnesses are skyrocketing in the Northern Hemisphere, they are at the lowest level in the South .

In contrast, around July August in the southern hemisphere, illness increased sharply, while in the Northern hemisphere, when it entered the summer months, the disease was very rare.

So is it the warm temperature that reduces disease? No ... all that is okay Because of the strength of UVB rays in the sun, how much vitamin D is known in your body's cells that have been produced through that UVB radiation on your skin!

There are two theories that many people use to explain why colds, flu, and illnesses appear so much in the winter depending on where you live in the world.

Theory 1:

People who are more likely to stay indoors in the winter will be exposed to more germs because they are not exposed to the sun. That's a great explanation, but in general everyone works in the office during the week whether it's summer or winter. So you will see that, The second theory is the real culprit!

Theory 2:

The reason people get sick more in winter is mainly due to a significant reduction in vitamin D in body cells, which directly affects their immune system.

Sunlight is often too weak in winter (this depends on where you live), and therefore, When the amount of vitamin D in the body is significantly reduced, it will reduce immunity. Most people don't realize how important sunlight is and how much vitamin D actually plays a very important role in their bodies, including the immune system and the production of the same weight. in hormones ..

Even for those who are often outside in the winter, but if you live in places where there is not much or the sun rays (UVB) are not strong enough in the autumn and winter months (around October to the beginning) March) because the sun's projection angle is narrow, it is impossible to stimulate any production of Vitamin D inside your body.

Inadequate vitamin D reduces immunity during the winter months is the real reason why disease appears more in winter.

How to Enhance Immunity and Repel Disease?

7 Small Tips For Not Being Sick
How to back up the disease?

And this is a little trick I've been using for years and it's really effective because I don't have any colds, flu, or illnesses.

Honestly, I can't remember the last time I was sick. I think it must have been about 8 or 9 years already. How many times have you been sick in the last 9 years?

Every time I feel cold or some flu phenomenon, I often do this to strengthen my immune system, and my body can always resist colds or any other illness. Before I was really sick.

Here are my 7 best tips to boost your immune system:

1. Focus on vitamin D

But Do not increase the use of foods that contain vitamin D And this is probably the most important advice.

If you go to test your vitamin D levels, it's usually between 40-80 ng / ml. Once it is above 50 ng / ml, it is very good for your immune system.

You may be surprised to know that most people have low vitamin D levels (especially in the winter), and many people are surprised to learn that They may be in danger . Some people I know always thought they had a healthy and reasonable amount of vitamin D below 20 ng / ml (another friend of mine was told at 11 ng / ml), but in fact it is very serious, because it can limit your immune system and hormonal balance (and this explains their frequent colds and endocrine problems. what they are entangled with).

Personally, I found that my vitamin D intake last winter was lower than I thought (about 35 ng / ml last winter even though I used a small amount of cod cod oil every day). ) and then, over the summer months, because I work a lot outdoors, it increased to 52 ng / ml at the end of July, which is much better. I got this without taking any vitamin D supplements.

When it comes to vitamin D, you need to be careful about artificial vitamin D in many vitamins. Artificial vitamins are almost ineffective or may even be detrimental to the human body. Vitamin D2 is often supplemented with artificial pharmaceuticals, although D2 naturally exists in some foods. Natural vitamin D or cod liver oil is the best choice in my opinion during the times when you don't get much sunlight during the year.

7 Small Tips For Not Being Sick
Natural Vitamin D sources are the best

Keep in mind that vitamin D3 is the best supplement to get natural vitamin D from the sun. The sun is the best source of vitamin D, and it can help strengthen the immune system for your body. When UVB rays (not UVA rays) from the sun shine on your skin, it will react with the oils in your skin to produce vitamin D. You should also note that, Sunscreen can prevent your body's ability to make vitamin D, and most sunscreens contain cancer-causing chemicals and can enter your bloodstream.

I know not everyone can make a trip to the tropics every winter, but if you can, it's best to try to do it (when your vitamin D level has decreased). to the lowest level) ... even if only a few days can improve the amount of vitamin D in your body.

Remember, this does not mean letting the sunlight burn your body ... You just need to get a moderate amount of sun, spread out most of your body (not just your face) for about 15-40 minutes a day without using sunscreen (Sunscreen prevents UV rays directly stimulate the production of vitamin D in the body). Also, I need to warn you that sunscreen can cause cancer and increase your body fat.

Everyone has different skin color ... very pale skin color can only be exposed to the sun for 10-15 minutes or a little longer to get full vitamin D before the skin is damaged, but with darker skin, it takes a longer time (sometimes 40-60 minutes) in the sun to produce full vitamin D. It is the most secure time for you to be able to Having enough vitamin D for the body without hurting the skin when not using sunscreen.

In general, UVB rays are only strong between 10 and 13 hours daily (depending on time of year, altitude and location). For example, In Hanoi, the time for your body to produce vitamin D in the skin is from 7-8am in the summer ...

If you can't make a tropical tour in winter, what can you do to keep your vitamin D levels stable?

Yes, the best natural sources of vitamin D are egg yolks, and fatty fish such as salmon, mackerel, viscera, and some mushrooms (mushrooms…. Mushrooms are the source Vitamin D is quite abundant, although the vitamin D in mushrooms may not be the best.) However, remember, it is only a temporary solution when your body is unable to provide enough vitamin D.

Fish liver and cod fish oils also contribute to increasing your vitamin D intake. You can use liver oil fish 3 days a week to avoid excessive vitamin A in the body, the remaining 4 days you can take vitamin D3 instead. And remember, these measures should only be used regularly in the winter.

2. Eat Garlic to strengthen your immune system!

7 Small Tips For Not Being Sick
These helpful foods increase your resistance

Garlic is one of the strongest superfoods! Garlic is not only a highly curable food for thousands of years, but in recent studies, scientists have shown yet another miraculous effect of garlic - helping to improve immunity. your translation.

Garlic can be processed in many ways during meals and can help prevent colds, or some other disease before it arises.

If you really feel like you are about to get a cold or some illness, use a little garlic in your meal. It certainly brings no small effects!

3. Yogurt, fermented foods (and other sources of probiotics) may enhance your immune system

Remember that 70% of your immune system is in your digestive system and the quality of useful bacteria can protect you, helping you fight off pathogens.

Yogurt is a fermented milk that has been used for thousands of years in many parts of the world. Very good effect of boosting your immune system.

Some other fermented foods like sauerkraut, pickles, kimchi ... and some probiotic supplements can all be good for your immune system if you use them properly.

4. Green tea, chrysanthemum tea, and other teas

There is evidence that green tea and chamomile tea can help assist in strengthening the immune system. However, you should not use them with high antioxidant-chemical properties.

So I always drink a few cups of green tea with a little bit of pure honey in the early morning of the day, and then at night, I use some chrysanthemum tea cups. This is good for you to be able to prevent some of the diseases that occur due to lack of vitamin D.

5. Antioxidants

We already know the importance of antioxidants for general health as well as supporting the immune system in particular.

So I'm sure it's good to eat antioxidant-rich fruits, fruits, tea, sugar-free cocoa, and vegetables to help prevent disease.

6. Light exercise.

7 Small Tips For Not Being Sick
Proper exercise combined with proper eating enhances your immunity

When your body is unwell, intense exercise is not a good idea, because then your body is forced to endure a lot, at such times, gentle exercise helps your body.

When your body is not healthy, gentle exercise combined with air conditioning makes blood flow smoothly, also contributing to the fight against disease.

7. Avoid all processed foods and sugary drinks

If you really love yourself and have a sense of protection for your health, this is Unbreakable principle.

If your body is already infected, you eat processed foods such as omega-6 vegetable oils (Soybean oil, corn oil, etc.) and fried foods, syrup. , refined sugar and chemical additives ... .. it is like you are destroying your own body.

These substances may cause you infection and heart disease . And likewise, foods made from cereals such as bread, cereals, muffins, pasta and bagels are the biggest culprits in causing infection and destroying officials. intestinal function. Therefore avoid as much as possible.

Instead, (especially when you are sick), you need to provide your body with unprocessed healthy foods and can stimulate digestion in the most effective way such as fruits and flowers. fruits, vegetables, eggs, nuts, meats, etc.

These 7 tips can help you have a healthy body and fight against unnecessary diseases. Remember, these tips are a result of the practical experience of someone who has not been infected for nearly 10 years, so it can be very helpful for you. Wish you always keep yourself the most optimal health.

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