Many people view cayenne peppers as the king of herbs.

In fact, this kind of chili has been used thousands of years ago to cure many health problems.

Not only medicinal properties, cayenne peppers are also very good for cooking because they contain some beneficial nutrients.

What is cayenne pepper?

8 Healthy Health Benefits Of Cayenne Peppers
Cayenne peppers originate in Central and South America

Cayenne peppers belong and is closely related to bell peppers, jalapani peppers and paprika peppers.

They originated in Central and South America, but were taken to Europe by Christopher Columbus in the 15th century.

Cayenne peppers are a popular spice used in many different ways of cooking, they are also used medicinally thousands of years ago.

This type of chili stands out for its impressive nutritional ingredients, including many healthy antioxidants.

One tablespoon (5 grams) of cayenne pepper :

  • Calories: 17
  • Fat: 1 gram
  • Carb: 3 grams
  • Fiber: 4 grams
  • The protein: 6 grams
  • Vitamin A: 44% RDI
  • Vitamin E: 8% RDI
  • Vitamin C: 7% RDI
  • Vitamin B6: 6% RDI
  • Vitamin K: 5% RDI
  • Mangan: 5% RDI
  • Potassium: 3% RDI
  • Riboflavin: 3% RDI

is the active ingredient in cayenne peppers, making it a medicinal ingredient.

It also makes this peppers spicy. In fact, the chilliness of cayenne depends on the amount of capsaicin contained inside. The more capsaicin, the higher the spiciness.

Here are 8 scientific benefits of cayenne peppers.

1. Enhance metabolism

8 Healthy Health Benefits Of Cayenne Peppers
The ingredient making cayenne peppers has a metabolic enhancement effect is capsaicin

Capsaicin in cayenne peppers has properties that enhance metabolism.

It helps increase the amount of heat that the body produces, causing the body to burn more calories every day .

Capsaicin does this through a process called help boost metabolism.

In one study, people who ate breakfast included capsaicin and medium chain triglyceride oil , burned 51% more calories in meals than those who didn't eat breakfast .

Whatever help capsaicin enhance metabolism , but the overall effect is quite small.

In another study, people who ate 1 gram of cayenne peppers only burned 10 extra calories in four and a half hours compared to people who didn't eat .

It is important to know that people who regularly use food spices like cayenne do not get the same benefits over time, as the body will adapt to these effects .

Conclude: Capsaicin in cayenne peppers helps boost metabolism. However, the effect is quite small and the muscle may increase its tolerance.

2. Help reduce hunger

Interestingly, cayenne peppers can reduce hunger, help us eat less and feel fuller longer.

Many studies show that capsaicin in cayenne peppers helps reduce hunger .

Although it is completely unknown how capsaicin does this, a study has shown that it reduces ghrelin production of starving hormones .

One study found that capsaicin users ate less food in a day than non-users. Specifically, those who consumed capsaicin supplements ate 10% less, while those who consumed capsaicin drinks ate less than 16% .

People in the same study also reported that they felt fuller while eating less calories .

Conclude: Capsaicin in cayenne peppers reduces hunger and helps to eat less during the day.

3. Lower blood pressure

High blood pressure is a serious health problem worldwide. In fact, more than 40%

8 Healthy Health Benefits Of Cayenne Peppers
Capsaicin seems to help lower blood pressure in animal studies

adults over 25 years of age have high blood pressure .

Interestingly, animal studies show that capsaicin in cayenne peppers helps Reduce high blood pressure .

A study on mice with high blood pressure showed that long-term consumption of capsaicin-containing spices helps lower blood pressure .

Another study showed that capsaicin helps relax blood vessels in pigs, lowering blood pressure .

It is important to note that the above findings are based on animals, the effect of capsaicin may be different for humans. It's best not to trust these studies too.

Conclude: Capsaicin seems to help lower blood pressure in animal studies. Human studies are required before giving advice.

4. Support digestive health

Food spice and its active ingredients can bring many benefits to the stomach.

For example, cayenne peppers increase the ability to fight stomach disease, increase the production of digestive fluids and help put enzymes into the stomach for digestive purposes .

It does this by stimulating the nerves in the stomach to signal protection against injury .

While some people believe spicy foods can cause stomach ulcers, a review article shows that capsaicin in cayenne peppers may help reduce the risk of stomach ulcers .

Conclude: Cayenne peppers help improve digestive health and reduce the risk of stomach ulcers.

5. Help reduce pain

8 Healthy Health Benefits Of Cayenne Peppers
Capsaicin has strong analgesic properties when used as a topical cream.

This is because capsaicin reduces the amount a hormone made by the body to move to the brain to signal pain .

When P is produced less, the pain signal cannot reach the brain, and thus helps to reduce the pain sensation .

Capsaicin can be used as a skin cream and is often recommended for the following problems :

  • Joint and muscle pain
  • Reduce back pain
  • Pain after surgery
  • Pain from neurological diseases like shingles

Also, it is important to note that capsaicin cream should not be used on open wounds or skin sores.

Conclude: Capsaicin has strong analgesic properties. It reduces pain by reducing the amount of P that the body produces.

6. Improve psoriasis

Autoimmune diseases are conditions that the body is attacking itself.

As an example of autoimmune disease, it has symptoms of red, itchy, and scaly patches of skin.

Currently, there are no psoriasis cure medications. However, capsaicin cream can help relieve itching and improve the appearance of affected psoriasis areas .

One study showed that psoriasis patients treated with capsaicin cream significantly reduced scab and red patches compared to patients taking placebo cream .

It is believed that substance P also plays a role in psoriasis. As mentioned earlier, capsaicin helps reduce the amount of P produced by the body .

Conclude: Capsaicin cream improves psoriasis symptoms by reducing the amount of P that the body produces.

7. Reduce the risk of cancer

8 Healthy Health Benefits Of Cayenne Peppers
The effect of capsaicin on human cancer has not been studied

Cancer is a disease characterized by uncontrolled cell growth.

Capsaicin in cayenne peppers shows potential for reducing cancer risk. It does this by attacking many different paths that cancer cells grow .

In fact, studies have shown that capsaicin can slow the growth of cancer cells and even cause cell death of many different cancers, including prostate, pancreatic, and skin cancer. .

Although the effect of capsaicin on cancer cells is very promising, it is important to note that these findings are based on laboratory and animal studies.

The effect of capsaicin on human cancer has not been studied, so do not rely on these things.

Conclude: Capsaicin has shown potential in cancer research, but needs human studies before making conclusions.

8. Easy to put into diet

Cayenne peppers are easy to incorporate into the diet. It has many different variants, including whole foods, spices and functional foods.

Cayenne peppers can be added to a variety of favorite foods, such as eggs, homemade chips and meat marinade.

Also, can cut the cayenne pepper and add them to a salad.

If you haven't tried the cayenne peppers ever, try a little first to make sure you can withstand, because they're spicy.

Conclude: Easy cayenne pepper combined with diet. Try adding some to your favorite dishes.

Risks and precautions

8 Healthy Health Benefits Of Cayenne Peppers
Do not use cayenne peppers on open wounds or skin sores

Cayenne peppers are recognized as safe foods .

However, eating too many cayenne peppers at one time can cause stomach pain and feel tired .

Where people are taking antihypertensive drugs, such as Ask your doctor before taking capsaicin cream because it can cause cough .

Also, if you take blood-thinning medications like warfarin, ask your doctor before eating cayenne peppers because they can increase your risk of bleeding .

Finally, when using capsaicin cream on the skin, make sure not to use it on open wounds or skin sores.

Conclude: Cayenne peppers are generally a safe food. However, if you are taking blood thinners or antihypertensive drugs, ask your doctor before eating cayenne or capsaicin.

Main message

Cayenne peppers have many health benefits because their active ingredients are capsaicin.

It helps reduce appetite and helps lower blood pressure, along with a number of other benefits.

If you are worried that cayenne peppers may interact with the currently used medicine, it is best to consult a doctor.

For most people, cayenne peppers are a great food to add to your daily diet.