9 Causes of Processed Food Harming Human Health
Processed foods are adversely affecting the quality of life of people

Prepared foods are very harmful.

They are the main reason for why the world population is becoming obese and sick.

How do we know that?

Whenever people adopt a "Western-style" diet, all processed foods are once in poor health.

It happened within the last few years. The weaker the health is not because of our genes, but the types food We eat has changed.

Real food and processed food

Phrase " ā€¯Often causes a few questions, so let me clarify this.

It is clear that most of the foods we eat are processed in some way. The apples are picked from the tree, the meat is ground by machine, and the butter is the cream that has been removed from the milk and has been beaten up.

However there is a difference between mechanical processing and handling chemistry.

If a food contains only one ingredient and no chemical additives are added, there is no problem if it is ground or poured into a jar. In essence, it is still "real."

However, food has undergone chemical treatment and is processed from refined ingredients and artificial substances, which are collectively referred to as "processed foods."

Here are 9 reasons why processed foods are harmful to health.

1. Processed foods often contain high sugar and high molecular corn syrup

9 Causes of Processed Food Harming Human Health
Roads that exist in any form are harmful

Processed foods often contain a lot Street or "its evil brother" - high molecular corn syrup.

People also know that sugar when consumed too much is extremely harmful.

As we all know, sugar contains calories "empty" - it has no essential nutrients, but contains lots of energy.

However, when we mention the harmful effects of sugar, the fact that it does not contain calories is just the surface of the iceberg.

Many studies show that sugar has effects devastated to metabolic processes far beyond its calorie content .

It can cause insulin resistance, elevated triglyceride levels, increase toxic cholesterol levels and increase the amount of fat accumulated in the liver and abdomen .

It is not surprising to know that eating too much sugar can lead to lethal diseases worldwide today including heart disease, diabetes, obesity and cancer .

Most people are adding a lot of access the coffee or their breakfast cereal bowl, or in other words they are consuming pine sugar from foods Processing and refreshing drinks containing sugar.

The bottom line: Processed foods and soft drinks are the most abundant sources of sugar (and HFCS) in the current diet. Sugar is extremely harmful to health and can cause serious side effects on metabolism when overeating

2. Processed foods are easy to cause "hyperactivity" for the brain and lead to overeating

We all want to eat well. It is human nature's instinct.

The evolution process has given us the taste to taste and help us navigate in the natural food environment.

Our taste is directed towards sweet foods, salty and fat, because our brains know these foods contain a lot of energy and nutrients needed to survive.

9 Causes of Processed Food Harming Human Health
People are more likely to eat delicious things even if they are unhealthy

Obviously, if producers want to succeed and make customers use their products, their food must be delicious.

Today, the war between producers is very good intense when there are many food companies competing with each other.

Therefore, a huge resource has been invested in making food as attractive as possible.

Many processed foods are designed to be able to "satisfy" new brains to defeat our natural instincts.

In the human body and brain there are extremely complex mechanisms that are thought to regulate (the amount we eat and the amount of body we burn). Until the recent evolutionary period, this energy balance has always been active to keep us at a reasonable weight.

There are many shows that the reward value of food can overcome the body's self-defense mechanism and make us eat more than necessary, so much so that this value begins to compromise our health .

This is also known as "attractive food hypothesis that causes obesity."

The truth is that stimulating processed foods strong to the brain, to the extent that they affect our thoughts and actions, make us eat more, until our health begins to deteriorate.

"Real" foods are very good for health, but foods are created to bring a feeling extremely satisfying , stimulating the body's natural braking mechanism against excessive consumption is NOT good.

The bottom line: Food producers who give up large resources to produce foods that "satisfy" as much as possible can reach the brain, leading to overeating.

3. Processed foods also contain many artificial ingredients

If you look at the table of ingredients on the labels of processed and packaged products, you probably won't know what some of the ingredients are.

That's because a lot of ingredients are not really food, they are artificial chemicals added for many different purposes.

An example of processed food is an Atkins Advantage bar, advertised as a low-carb, health-friendly food.

9 Causes of Processed Food Harming Human Health
Atkins Advantage product ingredients

I don't know what it is, but it's definitely not food.

Processed foods often contain:

  • Preservative: chemicals that prevent food from being broken
  • Colorings: chemicals used to color food
  • Flavoring agent: chemicals used to make food taste
  • Structure substance: chemicals used to create certain structures for food

Keep in mind that processed foods contain lots of chemical additives that are not listed in the nutritional ingredients on the label. For example, "artificial flavoring" is an exclusive blend. Manufacturers do not disclose exactly what this ingredient is and they are often a mixture of chemicals.

Therefore, when you see "artificial flavoring" on the label, it means that there are up to 10 or more types of chemicals Additives be mixed together to create a certain taste.

Of course, most of these chemicals are thought to have passed safety tests. However, when the inspection agencies still think is the road and vegetable oil is safe, the "safe food stamp" is a concept that is not completely reliable for many consumers.

The bottom line: Most processed foods contain artificial chemicals, including flavorings, textures, preservatives and colorings.

4. A lot of people may be addicted to eating processed food waste

9 Causes of Processed Food Harming Human Health
Processed foods are highly satisfying

The "high satisfaction" of processed foods can have serious consequences on some people.

Some real people addiction These dishes and complete loss of control with the amount of food loaded into their bodies.

Though Food addiction is a concept that is quite strange to many people, but in fact this is a serious problem in today's society.

This is why many people cannot stop eating these foods, no matter how hard they try.

Biochemical substances in their brains are attacked by intense dopamine production - a phenomenon that occurs when they eat these processed foods .

This phenomenon has been proved by many studies. Sugar and highly satisfying junk food activate the same areas of the brain as when we abuse drugs like cocaine .

The bottom line: For many people, fast food can attack biochemical substances in the brain, leading to severe levels of addiction and making them unable to control the amount of food they eat.

5. Processed foods often contain a lot of refined carbohydrates

9 Causes of Processed Food Harming Human Health
Carb refining makes blood sugar and blood insulin levels surge

Currently, there are many controversies regarding dietary carbohydrates.

Some people think that most of the energy we load is from carb, but others think that it is better to stay away from carb as much as possible.

But one thing everyone agrees about is that pure carbohydrates are much better than pure carbohydrates.

Processed foods often contain lots of carb, but are refined carb.

One of the main problems is the "simple" carbohydrate, which is easily broken down in the digestive system, causing blood sugar and blood insulin levels to spike.

This can lead to craving for carb right after a few hours when blood sugar drops. This phenomenon is called "blood sugar glider" - a condition familiar to people with a high carb diet.

It is not surprising that eating too much carbohydrate will easily lead to many health problems and many chronic diseases .

Never be fooled by phrases like "whole grains" that are pasted on packaging of processed foods, including breakfast cereals.

These are usually coarse, pure grains that have been crushed into superfine forms and also pose a health hazard to similar products that have been refined.

If you are eating carb, eat a kind of pure food, only one ingredient, not carb from fast foods.

The bottom line: Carbohydrates found in processed foods are usually single-carb, refined. This type of carb makes blood sugar and insulin levels rise, negatively affecting health.

6. Most processed foods are poor in nutrition

Compared to pure and unprocessed foods, processed foods contain very few important nutrients.

9 Causes of Processed Food Harming Human Health
Processing process removes almost all nutrition in food

In some cases, synthetic vitamins and minerals are added to food to make up for what is lost after processing and processing.

However, synthetic nutrition is not a perfect substitute for the nutrients available in whole foods

Also, don't forget that pure foods contain a lot more than just standard vitamins and minerals that are familiar to us.

Real foods like plants and animals, contain thousands of micronutrients that science has just begun to study.

Maybe one day we will make some kind of chemical compound that can replace all the above nutrients, but until the day it comes true, how only To load these substances in the diet is to eat pure and unprocessed foods.

The less you eat of processed foods, the less vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and micronutrient intake.

Key point: There are many nutrients found in pure foods but not in processed foods. The more food you eat, the less nutrient you consume.

7. Processed foods have very little fiber

9 Causes of Processed Food Harming Human Health
The fiber available in food is often lost or removed during processing

Special fiber is soluble fiber and fermentation has many health benefits.

One of the main benefits is that fiber functions as well - food source for beneficial bacteria in the intestine .

There is also evidence to suggest that fiber reduces carb absorption and helps us feel more satisfied despite eating less calories .

Soluble fiber also helps treat constipation - a fairly common problem today .

The fiber available in food is often lost or removed during processing. Therefore most processed foods are low in fiber.

The bottom line: Soluble fiber, fermentation has many important health benefits. However, most processed foods often contain very little fiber because it has been lost or removed during processing.

8. Digesting processed foods consumes less energy and time

Food manufacturers expect their processed products to be kept for a long time without being damaged.

At the same time, they also want batches of products to have uniform quality and their food will be more easily consumed in the market.

Because food has been processed, they are easier to chew and digest. Sometimes we feel like they melt right in the mouth.

Most fiber has been removed and ingredients are refined and isolated nutrients that are not the same as the nutrients in pure foods.

One consequence of this is that consuming processed foods costs less energy.

When compared to eating pure and unprocessed foods, we can eat more processed foods, spend less time (while also charging more calories) and burning less energy. more (waste less calories).

A study was conducted with 17 healthy men and women to compare the amount of energy consumed after eating a pure food meal with a processed food meal .

They eat sandwiches, bread containing a variety of cereals and cheddar cheese or white bread and processed cheese.

As a result, they burn twice as much calories when digesting pure food.

(TEF) is a measure of the energy consumption of different foods after eating. In normal people, this total efficiency is 10% of the total energy consumed (metabolic rate).

According to the study, people who eat processed foods reduce their TEF by half, and also significantly reduce the amount of calories their bodies burn during the day.

Key point: When digesting and exchanging processed foods, we only burn half of calories compared to eating pure foods.

9. Processed foods often contain a lot of trans fat or processed vegetable oils

9 Causes of Processed Food Harming Human Health
Food waste is processed with vegetable oil

Processed foods often contain high levels of harmful fats.

They often contain cheap fats, extracted from refined grains and oils (such as soybean oil) that are easily hydrogenated and turn into Trans fat.

Vegetable oil is extremely harmful to health and most people consume a large amount without knowing it.

These fats contain a large amount Omega-6 fatty acids , can cause oxidation and inflammation .

Some studies show that when people eat too much of this oil, they are at higher risk of heart disease - the most fatal disease in Western countries today .

If the fat is hydrogenated, the consequences are even more harmful. Hydrogenated (metabolized) fat is one of the most harmful and terrible substances you put into your body .

The best way to avoid nut and trans fat oils is to avoid processed foods. Instead, eat healthy fats like butter, coconut oil , olive oil .

Eat only "real" food

When we replace real foods, traditional foods like butter, meat and vegetables with processed garbage, we get fat and suffer from many diseases.

"Real" food is the key to good health, and processed food is not. End.