Are You Ready To Lose Weight After Birth?
When you give birth to your first child between 25 and 26 years of age, you will easily regain your posture after birth. However, after five years, the second baby born at the age of thirty, you will find that it is very difficult for me to regain the same shape.

I learned a lot about maternal weight loss processes after birth, and I finally came up with one thing, Most women who fail to lose weight after birth have three basic mistakes . These mistakes often make them enemies of their own postpartum weight loss process.

Here are three questions my female clients often ask when they want to lose weight after birth. But what is special is that they are the mistakes they often make that make them unable to reduce their weight a little. If you are also trying to lose weight after your baby is born, you need to Read my answers carefully to reflect on myself, I'm ready to lose weight yet!

1. Should I Consult a Doctor Before Losing Weight?

If you ask me if you need to ask your doctor to lose weight? I would recommend that you ask your doctor when you can start losing weight. This means, You can only lose weight when your health conditions allow and the method for you to lose weight must be safe for your health. as well as not affecting your baby's development.

New mothers are often very worried about things How to lose weight quickly after birth So they often start a diet and practice unreasonable exercises, as well as take harmful weight-loss pills. This method is not only unsafe but not sustainable at all.

According to research, childbirth is one of the most painful physical experiences a woman has to go through. Therefore, After giving birth, women need time to restore their health. So, consult your doctor to know when you can start a healthy and scientific weight loss program. This is a very necessary job.

Are You Ready To Lose Weight After Birth?
2. Can I Lose Weight When Breastfeeding?

Diet and exercise to lose weight may not affect the nutritional properties of breast milk, but they may affect the amount of milk that can be produced by the mother. In addition, the natural flavor of milk sources may change, which is why many babies refuse to breastfeed after mothers begin to lose weight.

Many experts agree that You should not think of a diet for at least 6 weeks after birth and 8 weeks if you are planning to breastfeed.

3. Do I Have to Suffer and Suffer?

Pain or discomfort can be a sign of your body being damaged but not fully recovered. This means, When your body is well restored after birth, losing weight will absolutely not cause pain or discomfort to your body, and of course you need to do it properly. So allowing yourself to have enough time to recover from having a baby is also an important part of losing weight.

Postpartum weight loss is the goal of most mothers after childbirth who want to regain their slim physique. However, losing weight also requires a clear sequence, and make sure you only do it after you've recovered well the physical injuries that your pregnancy and childbirth cause. You should never be too anxious to lose weight but rush to implement quick and temporary weight loss measures that are both harmful to health and sometimes even cost you money, but still do not achieve the results as I mean.

Choose for yourself a safe weight-loss method, ensure your body's nutrition to feed your children well, and can bring long-term weight loss effects, forever.

Wish you and your baby always healthy.