Assessing Science About 9 Diets That Lose Many People ...
It's important to choose the right diet when you want to lose weight

There are many diets weight loss.

Some focus on reducing appetite, while others focus on limiting calories, carb or fat.

Since all diets are claimed to be the "best" mode, it is difficult to know which method is worth trying.

The truth is that no diet is best for everyone, and how to be effective with you is not necessarily effective for others.

This article will introduce you to the 9 most popular weight loss diets and the scientific basis behind them.

1. Paleo diet

The paleo diet affirms that modern humans should eat the food that our ancestors during the pre-agricultural hunting gatherings had eaten.

In theory, most modern diseases can be related to Western diets, consuming cereals, dairy products and processed foods.

Although there is a lot of controversy about this diet, it offers some impressive health benefits.

Doing: The paleo diet emphasizes pure food, lean protein, vegetables, fruits, nuts, nuts, and avoids eating processed foods, sugar, dairy products and cereals.

Some more flexible versions of paleo diet also allow the use of dairy products such as cheese and butter, and tubers such as potatoes and sweet potatoes.

Weight loss: Some studies have shown that a paleo diet can make weight loss and waist size significant .

Studies have shown that people who eat paleo automatically eat less carbohydrates and protein and absorb 300 to 900 fewer calories per day .

Other benefits: This diet seems to be effective in reducing risk factors for cardiovascular disease such as cholesterol, blood sugar, triglycerides and blood pressure .

Defect: This diet does not use whole grains, beans and milk. Therefore, it has unnecessarily eliminated healthy and nutritious food groups.

Conclude: The paleo diet is based on eating fresh, unprocessed food while avoiding cereals and milk. This way brings some health benefits, including weight loss.

2. Fasting school

Assessing Science About 9 Diets That Lose Many People ...
The vegetarian diet does not have the effect of losing weight more than other diets

Vegetarian diet created by a group of vegetarians. These people also do not eat milk, eggs or other animal products.

The vegetarian lifestyle tries to eliminate all forms of exploitation and cruelty to animals for moral, environmental and health reasons.

Doing: Vegetarian school is the most strict form of vegetarianism.

In addition to meat, this regime also removes milk, eggs and animal products such as gelatin, honey, albumin, whey, casein and some forms of vitamin D3.

Weight loss: The vegetarian diet seems to be very effective in losing weight, often you won't have to control calories. This effect is due to the very low fat content and high fiber content, making you feel fuller longer.

School vegetarianism always gives people a lower weight and body mass index (BMI) than other diets .

One study showed that a pure vegetarian diet helped participants reduce 4.2 kg compared to the control diet for 18 weeks. The vegetarian group was allowed to eat until it was full, but the control group had to limit calories .

However, the vegetarian diet does not have the effect of losing weight more than other diets in reducing calories .

Other benefits: A whole plant diet is associated with a lower risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes and premature death .

Limiting eating processed meat may also reduce the risk of Alzheimer's disease and the risk of death from heart disease or cancer .

Defect: The pure vegetarian diet eliminates animal foods, so people may be deficient in some nutrients such as vitamin B12, vitamin D, iodine, iron, calcium, zinc and omega-3 .

Conclude: Fasting school eliminates all animal products and ingredients of animal origin. This method can help with weight loss due to low calorie intake and may also reduce the risk of certain diseases.

3. Low-carb diets (low in carbon hydrate)

Assessing Science About 9 Diets That Lose Many People ...
Low-carb diets tend to reduce appetite and make you not hungry

Low-carb diet has been followed by many people for decades, especially for weight loss.

This diet has a lot of versions, but all of them limit the amount of carb loaded into the body from 20-150 grams of carb per day.

The main purpose of this diet is to force the body to use more fat to create energy, instead of using carb as a main energy source.

Doing: Under low-carb, you can eat an unlimited amount of protein and fat, but limit the amount of carb.

When the amount of carb intake is low, fatty acids are introduced into the bloodstream and transported to the liver, some fatty acids are converted into ketones in the liver.

The body can then use fatty acids and ketones as the main energy source in the absence of carb.

Weight loss: Many studies show that low-carb diets are very effective for weight loss, especially in overweight and obese people .

This method seems to be very effective in reducing the amount of fat-bearing belly fat, because they can get around the organs in the body .

People who eat a very low-carb diet can often reach a state called ketosis. Many studies have found that ketogenic diet can lead to twice as much weight loss as a low-fat diet and calorie restriction .

Other benefits: Low-carb diets tend to reduce appetite and make you not hungry, which in turn leads to reduced calories automatically.

Moreover, this method may be beneficial for many serious risk factors such as triglycerides, cholesterol and blood sugar as well as insulin levels and blood pressure .

Defect: Low-carb mode is not suitable for everyone. Some people may find it very pleasant, while others will find it difficult.

Some people who follow this diet may experience an increase in LDL, a type of harmful cholesterol .

In extremely rare cases, low-carb diets can cause a serious condition called ketoacidosis.

This condition seems to occur in lactating women and can be fatal if left untreated .

However, this weight loss regime is still safe for most people.

Conclude: Low-carb methods limit carb absorption and force your body to use fat to generate energy. This is very effective in weight loss and can bring many other benefits to overall health.

4. Dukan diet

Assessing Science About 9 Diets That Lose Many People ...
Fast weight loss due to strict calorie restriction tends to reduce muscle significantly in addition to fat loss

Dukan is a diet rich in protein and low in carb.

This diet is low in calories and can be divided into four stages - two stages of weight loss and two stages of weight maintenance.

How long each period lasts depends on how much weight you want to reduce. Each stage has a different way of eating.

Doing: The weight loss stages are mainly based on unlimited eating High protein foods and oat bran.

Weight maintenance periods will prioritize the addition of non-starchy vegetables, then carb and fat. Finally, there will be a few days of using "pure protein" to maintain your new weight.

Weight loss: One study found that women on a dukan diet ate about 1,000 calories and 100 grams of protein a day and as a result they lost an average of 15 kg in 8-10 weeks .

In addition, many other studies have shown that high-protein, low-carb diets can have great benefits for weight loss .

The benefits are promote metabolism , reduce hunger hormone ghrelin and increase satiety hormone GLP-1, PYY and CCK .

Other benefits: There is no record of the benefits of the dukan diet in scientific texts.

Defect: There is very little research on this diet.

Dukan diet limits both fat and carb - a non-scientific method. On the other hand, consuming fat in a high-protein diet seems to increase metabolic rate compared to low-carb and low-fat diets .

In addition, rapid weight loss due to strict calorie restriction tends to reduce muscle significantly in addition to fat loss .

Strict muscle mass and calorie restriction may also cause your body to retain energy, so it's easy to gain weight again after it has decreased .

Conclude: Dukan diet has not been included in intensive research on humans. This method may help with weight loss, but it can also slow down metabolism and cause a decrease in muscle mass besides fat loss.

5. Super low-fat diet (Ultra Low-Fat)

Assessing Science About 9 Diets That Lose Many People ...
This diet has been shown to be very effective in losing weight among obese people

Low-fat ultra-low diet restricts fat consumption to less than 10% of total calories consumed.

In general, a low-fat diet provides about 30% of total calories.

Many studies have shown that low-fat diets are not effective for long-term weight loss.

Ultra low-fat advocates argue that a low-fat diet normally contains a lot of fat, and that this amount needs to be reduced to 10% of total calories to provide health benefits and weight loss.

Doing: Ultra low-fat diets provide only about 10% of calories or less. This regime relies heavily on plant foods and a very small amount of animal products .

Therefore, the additional carb content from this method is very high (80%) while the protein content is low (10%).

Weight loss: This diet has been shown to be very effective in losing weight among obese people. In one study, obese people lost an average of 63 kg when eating an ultra low-fat regime called rice mode .

An 8-week study with a diet containing 7-14% fat showed an average weight loss of 6.7 kg .

Other benefits: According to studies, diets with low-fat ultra-fat can improve some risk factors for heart disease such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol and inflammatory signs .

Surprisingly, this low-carb, low-fat diet can also provide significant improvements in patients with type 2 diabetes .

Moreover, this method can slow the progression of multiple sclerosis, an autoimmune disease affecting the brain, spinal cord and optic nerve of the eye .

Defect: Limiting fat can cause problems in the long term, because fat plays an important role in the body such as cell membranes and hormones as well as helping the body absorb fat-soluble vitamins.

Plus, the low-fat ultra-low diet restricts eating a variety of healthy foods, lacking in variety in foods and extremely difficult to make.

Conclude: The ultra low-fat diet only contains 10% of calories. This method can help you lose weight significantly and have impressive benefits for heart disease, type 2 diabetes and multiple sclerosis.

6. Atkins diet

Assessing Science About 9 Diets That Lose Many People ...
Effective carb diets with weight loss are because they reduce appetite

Atkins diet is one of the best known diets for weight loss.

Proponents claim that you can lose weight by eating as much protein and fat as possible, as long as you avoid eating carb.

The main reason for effective carb diets with weight loss is because they reduce appetite.

These low-carb methods make you automatically consume fewer calories .

Doing: Atkins diet is divided into four stages. Starting with the beginning stage, in this stage you will eat less than 20 grams of carb per day for two weeks.

The stages after carb intake will slowly be brought back to the diet when you have reached the desired weight.

Weight loss: The Atkins diet has been extensively studied to prove that it can lose weight faster than low-fat diets .

Other studies have shown that low-carb regimens are useful for weight loss. These regimens are especially effective in reducing belly fat, the most dangerous fat in the abdominal cavity .

Other benefits: Many studies show that low-carb diets such as Atkins can reduce many risk factors including triglyceride, blood cholesterol, blood sugar, insulin and blood pressure. .

Compared to other weight-loss diets, low-carb diets also show great improvement in blood sugar, HDL, triglyceride and other health indicators .

Defect: Like other low-carb regimens (see section 3), the Atkins regime is safe and healthy for most people but can cause problems in rare cases.

Conclude: Atkins is a low carb diet. This method is not only effective for weight loss but also improves many risk factors of some diseases.

7. HCG diet

Assessing Science About 9 Diets That Lose Many People ...
HCG can lose muscle, reduce the ability to burn calories

HCG is an extremely fast weight-loss diet, guaranteed to help you lose 0.45-1 kg per day.

Proponents argue that this way promotes metabolism and helps you reduce fat, never feeling hungry .

(Membrane hormone in humans) is a hormone with high levels in the early stages of pregnancy.

This hormone signals the body of a woman that she is pregnant and helps maintain the production of important hormones for fetal development. It has also been used to treat reproductive problems .

Doing: This diet is divided into three stages. The first phase lasts two days. Now you start taking HCG supplements.

The second stage is weight loss, during which time you follow a low-calorie, 500-calorie diet combined with liquid HCG supplements, capsules, injections or sprays. The weight loss phase is indicated for 3 to 6 weeks.

The third stage is when you stop taking HCG and slowly increase the amount of food.

Weight loss: Although the HCG diet helps with weight loss, many studies have concluded that the effect of weight loss is due to the extremely low calorie diet - not due to HCG hormones .

Moreover, there have not been any findings to prove that HCG helps reduce hunger.

Other benefits: In addition to weight loss, there are no written records of other benefits of the HCG diet.

Defect: Like most other extremely low-calorie diets, HCG can lose muscle, reduce calorie burning .

Strict calorie restrictions can reduce calories burned. That's because when you feel hungry your body will try to find ways to conserve energy .

In addition, most HCG products on the market are fake and do not contain HCG. Only injections can increase blood levels of hormones.

Moreover, this diet has many side effects such as headache, fatigue and depression. There was one case where women were found to have thrombosis, which could be caused by diet .

The US Food and Drug Administration did not recognize this diet and considered it a dangerous, illegal and fraudulent diet .

Conclude: HCG is a fast weight loss diet. It is not based on any scientific evidence and can reduce the rate of metabolism and cause muscle loss, headache, fatigue and depression.

8. Zone diet (Zone diet)

Assessing Science About 9 Diets That Lose Many People ...
Zoning diets support weight loss and reduce the risk of chronic diseases

Zoned diet is a regime that restricts blood sugar, absorbs only 35-45% of the same amount of carbohydrates and equal 30% of each type of total calories per day .

This method only eats different types of carb with low blood sugar density.

Density of blood sugar of food is an estimate of how much food will increase blood sugar after eating. This index will calculate the amount of carbs in the food and give the amount of food that will make the blood sugar level rise.

The initial zoned diet is used to reduce dietary inflammation. This method supports weight loss and reduces the risk of chronic diseases .

Doing: Zoned diets encourage balanced meals with one-third of protein, two-thirds of fruit, colorful vegetables and a bit of fat, namely monounsaturated oils like olive oil , avocado or almond oil.

This method also limits foods with high carb content like bananas, rice and potatoes.

Weight loss: Studies on the effects of blood sugar-restricted diets on weight loss are inconsistent.

Some studies show that this diet helps with weight loss and appetite reduction, while other studies show only insignificant weight loss results compared to other diets .

Other benefits: The biggest benefit of this diet is to reduce risk factors for heart disease such as cholesterol and triglycerides .

One study also found that a zoned diet may improve blood sugar control, waist size reduction and systemic inflammation in overweight or obese people with type 2 diabetes .

Defect: This diet does not cause many serious problems. The only downside is that it restricts consumption of some healthy carb sources, such as banana and potatoes.

Conclude: Zoned diet is a diet that restricts blood sugar. Studies of this method's weight loss benefits are inconsistent, but this regime improves many important health signs and reduces the risk of heart disease.

9. Intermittent fasting

Assessing Science About 9 Diets That Lose Many People ...
Intermittent fasting can help you reduce total calories

Fasting interruption is an alternating cycle of eating and fasting.

Instead of limiting eating, this method will tell you when to eat, when to stop.

So it's more like a diet than a diet.

The most common way to interrupt fast food is:

  • Method 16/8: Abstain from breakfast and limit eating time to 8 hours daily, and fast for the remaining 16 hours.
  • Eating and stopping method: Do not eat for 24 hours from one to two times a week day.
  • 5: 2 diet: On two days apart during the week, you only eat 500-600 calories a day. In the remaining five days, eat normally.
  • Warrior diet: Eat some fresh fruits and vegetables during the day and eat it in the evening. Simply put, fast in the day and eat comfortably in the evening within 4 hours.

Doing: The intermittent fasting method is used to lose weight because it helps to limit calorie intake relatively easily.

This can help you reduce your total calorie intake, as long as you don't eat too much during the feeding period to compensate for the times you have to endure.

Weight loss: This is very effective in losing weight. Interrupted fasting has been shown to help reduce 3-8% of weight in 3-24 weeks, which is quite impressive compared to most weight loss studies .

In addition to not losing much muscle compared to a calorie-restricted diet, this method can cause a 3.6-14% increase in the rate of chemical transfer for a short time .

Other benefits: Intermittent fasting can reduce signs of inflammation, cholesterol, triglyceride levels and blood sugar levels .

Furthermore, this diet is associated with increased levels of human growth hormone, improved insulin sensitivity, improved cell turnover and altered gene expression .

Animal studies also suggest that this diet can help brain cells grow, prolong life and fight Alzheimer's and cancer .

Defect: Although fasting interrupt safe for healthy people, but it is not suitable for everyone.

Some studies show that this regime is not conducive to women as for men .

In addition, some people should avoid fasting, such as those sensitive to hypoglycemia, pregnant and lactating women, adolescents, children and malnourished people, lack of weight or lack of substance.

Conclude: In fasting mode there are many different cycles. This is an effective way to lose weight and bring many health benefits.

Things to remember

No weight loss diet is "best."

Each person will fit into different diets, and you should choose a diet that suits your lifestyle, interests and tastes.

The best diet for you is a mode you can follow for a long time.

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