You can ask randomly any person walking on the road is "fruit healthy?". I bet you ask 10 people, up to 9 people say yes.

Most people know that "fruit" is a healthy food, similar to vegetables.

However, in some aspects, many people think that fruits are not healthy.

There are even extreme people who say that fruits are very toxic. These people are usually low-carb eaters, they don't eat fruit for a number of specific reasons.

On my blog, fruit and low-carb are always discussed at all times and there are conflicting opinions, so I decided to write an article on this to clarify whether we have Can I eat fruit when applying low-carb?

Fruits And Low-carb Mode

The main goal of low-carb diets is limited carb.

This involves limiting high-carb foods including sweet confectionery, sugary drinks, vegetables such as potatoes, cereal products like bread, pasta. ... etc.

Fruits are also carb-rich foods, they contain mainly sugars like simple glucose and fructose.

Here is the total amount of carb calculated for some fruits:

Total carb - fiber content for some fruits

Grapes (151g) 26 grams
Banana (1 medium fruit) 24 grams
Pear Fruit (1 medium fruit) 22 grams
Apple (1 medium fruit) 21 grams
Pineapple (165g) 20 grams
Blueberry (148g) 17 grams
Orange (1 medium fruit) 12 grams
Kiwi (1 medium fruit) 9 grams
Strawberry (144g) 8 grams
Lemon fruit (1 fruit) 6 grams

Although fruit has a higher carb content than low carb vegetables, it is still much lower in carb content in foods such as bread or pasta.

Therefore, fruit is also the ideal food for you to choose

How to Consume the Best Wise Carb

Keep in mind that not all low-carb diets are the same. There is no precise definition of what is in a low-carb diet.

Therefore, whether a person can put fruit into their low-carb diet depends on many things such as current goals, level of activity, transformational health and personal preferences.

A person who eats 100-150 grams of carb a day can easily eat a few pieces of fruit without fear of exceeding the limit.

However, those who are applying the ketosis diet, the amount of carb consumed per day is less than 50 grams, so there is a high risk of exceeding the limit.

Therefore, instead of consuming carb by eating a few pieces of fruit, it is best to switch to eating low-carb vegetables but nutritious and high in calories.

What is Fructose?

There is a lot of controversy about the harmful effects of sugar because sugar contains lots of fructose.

Currently, there is evidence that excessive consumption of fructose can lead to many problems such as obesity, type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome.

However, fructose is only harmful in certain cases. For those who are inactive and have a high carb diet, excessive consumption of fructose can be harmful.

But healthy people, many lean muscles and regular activity, can eat a little fructose without any health hazard. Because instead of turning into fat, fructose in this case will metabolize the amount of glycogen in the liver.

If you have a diet based on healthy foods rich in protein and fat, a small amount of fructose from fruit will not affect you.

Fruits also contain lots of fiber, plenty of water, lots of vitamins, and resistance. Therefore, eating fruit cannot make you load too much fructose.

The effects of fructose only apply to fructose added sugar, not natural foods like fruits.

However, fruit juice is another case. In fruit juices there is no fiber, and resistance. It contains a relatively large amount of sugar like cola. Therefore, fruit is good, but fruit juice does not.

Fruit Usually Healthy Food

The best way for you to apply ketosis whole nutrition, and get the most optimal metabolic benefits from low-carb carb diets to less than 50 grams / day. This includes fruit.

There are many reasons why many people adopt such a diet. Some people adopt this diet because of health problems like obesity, diabetes and epilepsy. Others are because they feel good to eat that way.

There is no reason to prevent these people from avoiding fruits. There are no nutrients in fruits that you cannot find in vegetables.

Although some people follow a low-carb regime that minimizes fruit, that does not apply to more than 90% of the other population.

For others, fruit is healthy, an unprocessed food with lots of fiber, vitamins and minerals.

Fruit is definitely a healthier choice than most other processed foods on the market today.

Fruit is also a bad choice for your low-carb diet.