Can Fast Weight Loss With Oolong Tea?
Can Oolong Tea really help you lose weight fast?

Oolong Tea Really Help You Lose Weight Fast?

You may have read ads like:

"Drinking Oolong tea you can reduce your jeans after 7 days!"

"Reduce 10kg of fat in just 30 days with O Long tea!"

Even a few years ago you have heard that switching from coffee to tea is possible Lose Weight Fast than. You may also have read or watched countless news saying how green tea is healthy.

You watch those news and when you care about your health, or you want to lose weight, you might try drinking tea or adding it to the menu, or at least think about it.

But what if I told you that most of the claims that green tea can lose weight quickly are all due to misunderstandings or intentionally misleading studies?

Unfortunately, that's true. If you buy green tea based on claims that it can help you lose a lot of weight, I'm sorry to tell you, you've been cheated.

And this is the truth:

Can Fast Weight Loss With Oolong Tea?
T O Long scavenger only has the effect of stimulating slimming

Green Tea Stimulates Your Metabolic Activity

However, this is a very unclear study of what this affects your metabolism.

In the most often cited study (Dulloo 1999), a Swiss research group showed that with 270mg of green tea a day can increase your metabolic rate with an average of about 79 calories and both Your fat oxidation.

If you calculate a mathematical formula, it seems that 79kcal a day will reduce 1kg of fat every 44 days. Although not much, but you still reduce it, isn't it? Hypothetically, you will lose 8kg more each year.

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What you read on those commercials won't tell you this, it just tells you that green tea works. weight loss and even make you misunderstand that it will help you lose weight much faster.

Another study even used a bold marketing approach to claim that O Long tea could burn 2.5 times more fat than green tea after only 24 hours of energy consumption. This is indeed a completely untrue statement.

Many studies have examined the short-term increase in metabolic activity when drinking green tea, and there are also concerns that whether green tea has a weight-loss effect in a long period of time.

Can Fast Weight Loss With Oolong Tea?
Green tea is good for health

This research seems very appealing but has yet to reach a conclusion. So do not be naive when believing in scams that green tea can help you lose weight quickly. If you just believe it and only drink green tea in the hope that it will quickly help you regain the slim shape, I'm sorry to tell you, you're just wasting time.

If it comes to health benefits, I don't deny green tea has a great effect. Not only through studies that have demonstrated the effect of green tea, but actually proved that green tea is really good for health. So I highly recommend when you add green tea to your nutritional ingredients as part of your daily life.

But when it comes to reducing a large amount of body weight, you need to reconsider, and be careful when listening to those beautiful advertisements because the science itself has also proven, the weight-loss effect of tea. Green is very small.

Choose for yourself an appropriate diet combined with reasonable exercises and a strong will to succeed.

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Wish you always have the best health!