Canned Food And Bottled Drinking Water Increase Toxic BPA

Canned Food And Bottled Drinking Water Increases The Fat Of The ...
Foods contained in plastic bottles contain many dangerous BPA toxins

You may have heard a lot of bad chemicals that can be hidden in canned foods and bottled water and some other drinks. One of them is Xenoestrogen compounds - substances that can cause long-term health problems as well as create estrogenic effects increase your abdominal fat.

Today, I want to share with you some important information about one of the most common chemicals you are exposed to, especially from canned foods and bottled beverages. The chemical is called Bisphenol A (BPA).

BPA is the most popular Xenoestrogen. It can be found in the composition of plastic bottles, and also in the inner lining of canned food. BPA is one of the causes of many different health problems such as cancer, metabolic disorders, heart disease, diabetes, and fertility problems and birth defects or miscarriage ... And of course, any xenoestrogens in large enough quantities can make your body automatically store belly fat (also called stubborn belly fat).

Most items are made of polycarbonate (some plastics have the symbol # 7 at the bottom, not all but mostly made from polycarbonate) and canned food, even the lining in pre-processed food containers contains BPA. A box of food left at a place at a higher temperature causes BPA to be absorbed into your food. The same can be said for food or beverage polycarbonate bottles.

Canned Food And Bottled Drinking Water Increases The Fat Of The ...
BPA poisoning can permanently damage a boy's genitalia

According to the Environmental Working Group (EWG), BPA is found in the body of 95% of Americans in a CDC study (this is a worldwide problem, not just limited to the US). This is a very scary and complicated issue.

According to its report, the Environmental Working Group said: "Our experimental analysis showed that one in every 5 boxes tested, and one third of all vegetables and noodles (pasta containing tomato sauce), if used for women with pregnancy can become one of five factors related to birth defects - permanent damage to the male genitalia".

If all that information is still not interested in you, do you know what it will be?

EWG also gave evidence about ... "Just a low amount of BPA can promote the formation and development of fat cells, which make us obese (Masumo et al. 2002). "

Don't be too surprised, as I mentioned at the beginning of this article, BPA is considered a xenoestrogen, and any xenoestrogen can contribute to the so-called "stubborn belly fat." like cancer and other health problems.

You should also note that: All canned tomato products (Spaghetti with canned filling, canned pasta, ground tomatoes, tomato sauce, etc.) are among the products contains the highest BPA content by tomatoes that contain a much soluble acid BPA.

Some Ways to Limit Your Contact with BPA

Canned Food And Bottled Drinking Water Increases The Fat Of The ...
Try to stay away from canned and bottled plastic food

1. Try to avoid using canned foods. Instead, use fresh foods. Self-serve and cook in the traditional way instead of buying canned food. In addition, there is a better alternative to canned products that are products contained in glass jars.

2. If you need products from processed tomatoes, always avoid canned foods, and instead choose the types tomato sauce contained in glass bottles, or on the box must clearly state that there is no BPA.

3. If you need to use plastic bags, plastic lock bags, plastic boxes, plastic bottles, ... to store food, please consider whether these items contain BPA. Some packaging brands will label them without BPA.

4. If you need to use a microwave for food processing (however, you should also know that microwave-made foods are not good for health), you must not put food in plastic containers in the microwave, as it may increase the permeability of chemicals including BPA.

5. If you drink bottled water or water from reusable plastic bottles, make sure it is not a Polycarbonate bottle, or make sure that the plastic bottle does not contain BPA. Plastic items labeled # 7 below will sometimes have BPA, but not all. If the item has the word "PC" on the bottom, it is made from polycarbonate, it will contain BPA. Sometimes the aluminum box also contains a membrane containing BPA, avoid those products.

6. Avoid using chocolate cans, As analyzed by EWG, 42% of soft drink cans contain BPA. Of course, if you are a health-conscious person as well as your body, I'm sure you won't use any soft drink - it is essential to your health. An unhealthy diet will include fresh water and other dangerous artificial sweeteners.

7. Never use a plastic cup to store hot liquids such as hot tea or coffee, because this increases the permeability speed of BPA and other toxins, depending on the type of plastic.

8. Please try to avoid BPA and other Xenoestrogens, but you still have the ability to be infected with Xenoestrogen with levels from different chemicals in food (pesticide / herbicide residues, packaging chemicals, etc.), chemicals from water, chemistry cosmetics, milk, etc.

Canned Food And Bottled Drinking Water Increases The Fat Of The ...
Eat foods rich in antioxidants to improve health

However, you can protect yourself and fight against Xenoestrogen chemicals in your body with healthy foods like onions, garlic, chrysanthemum teas, green tea and green vegetables.

If you apply these principles, you can help protect yourself and your family from the health risks of Bisphenol-A (BPA). And you can also protect yourself against the problems of  "Stubborn belly fat" which can be caused by the effects of xenoestrogen as well as BPA ...

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Wish you are always healthy!