Detox diet (Detox weight loss) is really effective as
Is weight loss detox really effective?

Currently, toxic diet (detox diet or detox weight loss) has become more popular than ever. It is confirmed that they can purify the blood, lose weight and remove the blood Harmful from the body.

However, how they work, what they will remove and whether or not they really work is not completely clear.

In this article we will detail the toxic diet and their health impacts.

What is detox diet?

Detox diet is a short-term diet that is not constantly outlined to remove toxins from the body.

A typical toxic diet consists of a fasting period, followed by a strict diet of fruits and vegetables, fruit juice and water. Sometimes it also includes herbs, tea, supplements and colon cleansing.

This mode is claimed to be capable:

  • Rest the rest of the body with fasting.
  • Stimulating hepatotoxicity.
  • Promote detoxification through feces, urine and sweat.
  • Improve blood circulation.
  • Provides nutrients for the body.

Detoxification therapies are most often recommended due to exposure to hazardous chemicals in the environment or in diets including contaminants, synthetic chemicals, heavy metals and harmful compounds. other.

This diet is also considered to help solve health problems, including obesity, digestive problems, immune diseases, inflammation, allergies, flatulence and chronic fatigue .

However, there have not been many studies on toxic waste diets and some published studies have significant limitations .

Crux: Toxic diet is a short-term intervention outlined to remove toxins from the body. They are claimed to help solve many health problems.

The most common detox (detox) ways

Detox diet (Detox weight loss) is really effective as
Water detox lose weight

There are many guests to implement toxic diet, from fasting and drinking fruit juice (water detox) to eat simple foods.

Most toxic diets (detox) include at least 1 of the following factors :

  • Fasting for 1-3 days:
  • Drink fresh fruit and vegetable juices, smoothies, water and tea.
  • Only drink certain liquids like water salt or lemon juice.
  • Foods capable of eliminating heavy metals, contaminants and allergens.
  • Drink supplements or herbs.
  • Avoid all allergenic foods and then eat slowly.
  • Use laxatives, clean the colon.
  • Exercise regularly.
  • Put away beer, wine, coffee, cigarettes and refined sugar.

Different toxic diets differ in intensity and time.

Key thing: There are many different toxic diets. Some of them include fasting, eating specific foods, avoiding harmful ingredients and taking supplements.

Which toxins need to be removed?

Detox diet (Detox weight loss) is really effective as
Detox pomegranate juice

Toxic diet rarely identifies specific toxins that want to be removed or exactly how to remove them. In fact, there is almost no evidence that the toxic diet actually carries "toxins" out of the body.

More importantly, there is really no scientific evidence to support the assertion that our bodies are full of toxins and need to be cleaned.

The human body is actually very good at cleaning itself through the liver, feces, urine and sweat. The liver makes the poison harmless and then ensures that it is released from the body ( ).

Despite this, there are still some chemicals that may not be easily eliminated by these processes, including (BPA) and heavy metals .

They tend to accumulate in fatty tissue or blood and may take a long time, even years before the body can clear them .

However, in general, these compounds are now banned or restricted to use in commercial products .

Say so, but there is very little evidence that the toxic waste diet actually eliminates any of the above compounds.

Key thing: The toxic diet rarely identifies specific toxins that it will eliminate, and there is little evidence that they have eliminated any toxins. The human body can self-clean most toxins through the liver, feces, urine and sweat.

Does Detox diet work?

Detox diet (Detox weight loss) is really effective as
Detox with lemon

Some people claim that they feel more concentrated and energized during and after performing a detox diet.

However, this improved health is simply due to the elimination of ready-to-eat foods, alcohol and other substances that are not beneficial to the health of the diet. It may also be because you take vitamins and minerals that were not used before.

On the other hand, many people also reported that they felt extremely tired while dieting detoxification.

There is some evidence from animal studies a type of algae called Chlorella and many kinds of acid and colloids in fruits can help eliminate toxic metals and organic pollutants .

Detox lose weight

Currently there are very few scientific studies that thoroughly examine the effect of toxic diet on weight loss .

While some people may Lose weight much in short time this seems to be due to dehydration and volume carbohydrates reserve rather than reduce fat. So this weight is usually quickly regained once you start eating normally again.

The weight-loss effect of a toxic waste diet (called "lemon toxic diet") has recently been studied on overweight Korean women. They only drank a mixture of organic maple syrup or palm syrup and lemon juice for 7 days.

This diet significantly reduces body weight, BMI, fat percentage, waist-to-hip ratio and waist circumference besides reducing the signs of infection in the body .

The results also showed beneficial effects on hormones by reducing insulin resistance and circulating leptin levels.

If toxic diet is related to restriction ca Strictly, it will certainly reduce weight and improve metabolism.

However, this "fast" diet certainly will not bring long-term results unless you simultaneously change your lifestyle.

Crux: There are no studies of toxic dietary association with weight loss. Some studies show that toxic diet can help with short-term weight loss.

Toxic waste diet, short-term fasting and stress

Many different types of toxic diets can have the same effect as short-term fasting or intermittent fasting .

Short-term fasting may improve the signs of various illnesses in some people, including improving sensitivity to leptin and insulin .

However, these effects are not applicable to everyone. Studies on women show that both fasting for 48 hours and 3 weeks for reducing calories can all increase stress hormone levels .

In addition, the fast diet can be stressful by the person who must resist the temptation to eat well and always have a feeling of hunger .

Crux: Some toxic diets may resemble a continuous vegetarian diet that may improve some health signs.

The beneficial aspects of toxic waste diets

Detox diet (Detox weight loss) is really effective as
Detox water

There are some aspects of toxic diet that can be beneficial to health include:

  • Avoid heavy metals and long-term organic contaminants.
  • Remove "toxins" from body fat by reducing excess fat.
  • Exercise and sweat regularly.
  • Eat whole foods, nutritious foods and good for health .
  • Avoid eating processed foods.
  • Drink water and green tea .
  • Avoid stress and deep sleep.

Following these advice will often help you improve your health regardless of whether they are related to toxic waste or not.

Crux: Many aspects of a toxic diet are often linked to improved health. They include avoiding toxins in the environment, exercising, eating nutritious food, drinking water, avoiding stress and relaxation.

Safety and side effects

Before implementing any "toxic waste" mode, it is important to consider possible side effects.

Detox diet (Detox weight loss) is really effective as
Detox with lemon

Limit strict calorie intake

Many toxic diets recommend fasting or seriously limiting the loading of calories. Short-term fasting and limited intake of calories can cause fatigue, irritability and bad breath.

Long-term fasting can cause energy, vitamin and mineral deficiencies as well as imbalance and even die .

In addition, colon douching methods that are sometimes recommended in the process of toxic waste can cause dehydration, cramps, swelling, nausea and vomiting .

Drug abuse

Some toxic diets can pose a risk of abuse of functional foods, laxatives, and even the country.

The toxic waste industry is lacking in rules and monitoring, and more foods and supplements help detoxify without any scientific basis.

In the worst case scenario, the ingredients in the waste product may not be the same as on the label. This can lead to drug abuse causing serious and even fatal effects .

Who should avoid dieting poisoning? ”

Some groups should not take any poisoning or limiting diet, at least consult their doctor first. This includes children, adolescents, the elderly, malnourished, pregnant or nursing women and people with blood sugar or health problems such as diabetes or eating disorders.

Crux: toxic diet can limit the amount of energy and nutrients loaded into the body. Some also include additional methods and products that may be harmful. Some groups should never be on a diet of toxic waste.

Don't put junk things in your body

People can never avoid poisoning. Most of the time your body works extremely effectively in eliminating them without any other help.

However, if you make a toxic diet that starts eating and feels better then that is great. But this certainly has nothing to do with removing toxins other than merely putting less valuable things into your body.

There is a much wiser method to avoid putting harmful things (fast food, cigarettes, etc.) in the first place.

If you have not poisoned yourself, there is no need to waste it!