Do not waste money on capsules taking vitamins and minerals
Is it necessary to take a supplement?

Do You Take Supplements Of Vitamins And Minerals Really Good For You?

As a health professional, I often get questions around vitamins. Questions such as: What kind of vitamin should I take, how much, how much should I take a multivitamin or individual vitamins like vitamin C, E, and folic acid? Will these vitamins help me lose weight and make my body firm?

With so many ads hype about the benefits of vitamins and minerals, we must now be really alert to realize whether they are really that good? Along with that, many articles also suggest that our bodies are required to take more vitamin supplements.

But in fact the answer is the opposite, absolutely NOT so.

As long as you pay attention to the following points, you will not need to take additional vitamins:

Friend It is not necessary to take vitamins if you have added these vitamins to your diet. And I also know that most people do not have a proper diet. Let's get a little clearer. We need to add vitamins and minerals in tablet form when our body lacks substance, diets do not provide enough essential nutrients. However, if we are really serious about our health, why is our diet lacking in quality? To further clarify the problem, you need to know that, All kinds of vitamins and minerals are almost synthetic, our bodies are not easily absorbed, or even harmful to the body.

Some Harmful Effects Of Vitamins And Synthetic Minerals May Affect The Human Body

Do not waste money on capsules taking vitamins and minerals
Don't overdo the multivitamins

In fact, some studies have also shown that multivitamins often have negative effects on our health as follows:

First of all, I want you to think for a while ....

Our species has constantly evolved to get the body it is today, however in the historical process, We humans never have to use multivitamins . Along with that, in the process of developing tens of thousands of years and even hundreds of thousands of years of human existence, taking a vitamin supplement only appeared for a few decades, but it only made human health getting worse. But one thing is certain, human health is not worse than infectious diseases The alarming disease here is degenerative diseases.

I admit that today, we live longer than our ancestors, but the only reason is because the advances of medicine help us live longer despite being in poor condition. Do you realize that people today have a longer lifespan but are still overweight, joints still suffer from degeneration, frequent cardiovascular diseases, cancer and a host of other dangerous diseases.

I will explain it to you more carefully why These vitamins and minerals are sometimes dangerous to your health So that you don't really need to continue taking these vitamins.

First, a perfect meal must include a variety of nutrients, natural untreated foods derived from animal meats along with their daily milk (unmodified milk). The process of sterilizing or homogenizing milk into commercial products) will be very good for health. Whole eggs, germinated grains, nuts, beans provide a large amount of vitamins and minerals, and that's all we need to have a perfect life.

Do not waste money on capsules taking vitamins and minerals
Choose fresh food for the perfect meal

The problem here is that many people cannot prepare their own perfect, nutritious meals. They complain that life is too busy, making them unable to prepare themselves, and they find that those taking vitamin and mineral supplements are too convenient. I think, you should take care of your family's health and not necessarily think like these people.

Another problem with taking vitamin supplements is that our bodies will not be able to absorb and metabolize all the nutrients in those pills. While natural vitamins and minerals are easily absorbed and assimilated by the body.

Other way, Many vitamins and minerals in tablet form contain many vitamins (sometimes synthesized) are not compatible with each other. For example, zinc and copper cannot be combined. In addition, large amounts of vitamin E cannot work with beta carotene, soluble fats cannot be combined.

Another problem arises is, When you use too many pills to take vitamins, our bodies must produce a lot of soluble fats (vitamins A, D, E and K). You should also note that almost everyone suffers from vitamin D deficiency (due to less exposure to sunlight), so it is rare for vitamin D levels to be overdose when eaten. Dissolved fats that produce too much build up into fatty tissues in the body and thus lead to excessive excess of water solvents to dissolve vitamins (vitamin C, vitamins B). Excessive soluble fat can cause a wide range of diseases in the body. However, it is very difficult for our bodies to excess the amount of dissolved fat when tolerated by eating.

Do not waste money on capsules taking vitamins and minerals
Sunlight provides natural Vitamin D

For example, liver and other organs are a good source of vitamin A and D for the body, but very few people can eat these foods at once. In addition, it is difficult for us to have excess vitamins through eating, the simple reason is that your body will stop turning vitamin A when it is enough.

Many cases also discovered that When the vitamin dissolves too much in water, it can be toxic to the body . Taking too much vitamin B can cause nausea, diarrhea, even liver damage when taken in high doses.

However, in most cases, your body only needs to excrete excess vitamins through the urine. That's why your urine is sometimes darker than normal after taking vitamins like vitamins B and C in high doses. Therefore, when taking tablet vitamins, most water-soluble vitamins are excreted in the urine.

Another problem with vitamins is they often use multivitamins, but actually these vitamins are not good for health. For example, oral vitamin E may be D-alpha tocopherol (natural type) or l-alpha tocopherol (artificial type). Furthermore, the biology of multivitamins is much worse than natural vitamins. In addition, many studies have shown that multivitamins can cause many health risks.

Natural Diet Will Provide Enough Vitamins And Minerals

Do not waste money on capsules taking vitamins and minerals
Natural diets will provide enough vitamins and minerals for you

Once again, we return to the fact that what nature is always better than the things that people do.

Finally, you need to remember: when you provide adequate substances, vitamins and minerals derived from fruits and vegetables, germ cereals, grass-fed beef and milk we don't No need to add any human-made vitamins.

My advice:

If you think your diet is not reasonable and adequate, don't rely too much on vitamins and minerals that contain multivitamins. If you can't, try to buy completely natural extracts. My recommended brand is Prograde’s VGF-25 +, which is a tablet-based vitamin that is taken entirely from nature, extracted from green vegetables and fruits.

Finally, the exercise regime also plays a very important role, but proper nutrition is much more important. A bad diet will give you an unbalanced, sick body even if you exercise regularly.