Eating healthy and losing weight is an impossible task for some people.

Although they have tried very hard, these people still cannot stop eating poorly healthy foods even knowing they are harmful to health.

The truth is that certain foods can affect the brain causing severe addiction.

Food addiction is a very serious problem and is one of the main reasons why some people try to control certain foods no matter how hard they try.

Eating Addiction - A Serious Problem With A Simple Solution
Eating addiction is a very serious problem

What is eating addiction?

Addiction is simply a craving for snacks in the same way as drug addicts crave for drugs.

These two conditions are related to brain regions, neurotransmitters and many of the same symptoms .

Feeding addiction is a relatively new term (and controversial) as well as no accurate statistics about its popularity.

This situation is quite similar to insecure eating disorders and eating "unhealthy."

How does the disease develop?

Processed snacks have a great influence on the "reward" center in the brain, including brain neurotransmitters such as .

Foods that cause this problem appear to be "junk food" as well as foods that contain Street or wheat.

Eating addiction is not due to lack of will or anything like this, this condition occurs because dopamine signals "occupy" the biochemical processes of the brain .

There are very proved that eating is a health problem.

The symptoms of this condition are quite complex, but this video will explain to you briefly in terms of people:

8 symptoms of food addiction

We cannot consider blood addiction to diagnose food addiction. As with other addictions, this condition is diagnosed based on behavioral symptoms.

Here are 8 common symptoms of food addicts:

  • Regular cravings for a certain food even though you are full and have just finished a nutritious meal.
  • When you give up and start eating the foods you crave, you usually eat more than you originally intended.
  • When you eat the food you crave, sometimes you eat to the point of feeling "stuffed."
  • Feeling guilty after eating some foods, however, continue to eat them soon after.
  • Give yourself the excuse why you should eat food that feels craving.
  • You have tried many times not to eat or to set up rules (including cheat meals / days - meals and non-routine meals) for certain foods, but without success.
  • Hide others from eating unhealthy foods.
  • You feel you can't control eating unhealthy foods, even though you know they're harmful (including weight gain).

If you have 4 - 5 symptoms, this means you have a problem with eating. If you have 6 symptoms, you are more likely to have an addiction.

Eating addiction is a serious problem

Eating Addiction - A Serious Problem With A Simple Solution
Eating addiction is like drug addiction

Although the term "addiction" is often used often, but if you then it is a serious problem.

I have been addicted to alcohol, tobacco and drugs and have experienced many times of recovery and in and out of prison as well as hospitalization due to overdose of stimulants.

After years of getting rid of these conditions, I began to be addicted to eating unhealthy foods.

I had an addiction to food. No more, no less.

The reason I share with you this is to prove to you understand What is addiction?

I want to tell you that addiction is like drug addiction, they are same.

The external symptoms as well as thoughts are completely the same, just different from the addictive factor and the social consequences of eating addiction are not as serious as drug addiction.

Eating addiction can have a negative effect on health. It can lead to serious diseases like obesity, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer, Alzheimer's, arthritis and depression.

But there is one more important reason than the risk of getting diseases on it is that eating addiction is ruining your life right now .

It harms your self-esteem, makes you unhappy with your body and can make your life like hell (as it did for me).

The severity of becoming an addict is not exaggerated. This is literally a problem affecting your life as well as your life.

The rule of addiction - the reason you can never eat "normal" again

Eating Addiction - A Serious Problem With A Simple Solution
No addict can "modulate"

The most important lesson I have learned is called :

"Giving one drug to each addict will make them relapse."

Just one cigarette can make people quit relapse immediately

With just a sip of beer, people who used to be alcoholics returned to their old ways, resulting in terrible consequences.

There is no way to get rid of it. That is exactly how relapse is.

I personally think that addiction is similar to other addictions. Just eat a piece of cake, a sip of cola, just let go of yourself once - serious consequences will happen.

Of course we all need to eat if we don't want to die from hunger. But we also do not need to consume foods if they make us lose control of eating like sugar, refined flour or any other snack food.

Most people who are addicted to food will never be able to eat snacks like the "normal" one again. It was a harsh truth.

But if they try to stay away from "addictive foods," they will be able to eat healthy and lose weight without any problems.

The truth is. Don't eat all addictive foods the only way to combat addiction. You accept this as soon as your recovery will arrive sooner.

Although the message "do everything moderately" may work for some people, this advice is really a disaster for food addicts.

For addicts, they always fail to "regulate".

Stay away from drugs at any time - This is a simple (but not easy) method for addicts.

How to know if giving up is worth it?

Eating Addiction - A Serious Problem With A Simple Solution
The essential problem is that you must be determined

Staying away from junk food seems to be impossible.

These foods are everywhere and are an important part of our culture.

But believe me, once you are determined never Touch them once more, staying away from these foods will become easier.

When you're determined to stay away from them completely, you won't have to fight ideology and even cravings won't appear again.

Many people who do this (including me) even have no appetite anymore, not just after they offer determination which is permanent.

But if you're still not sure whether giving up that type of food is worth it, then write down a list of pros and cons.

  • Advantages may include: I will lose weight, I will live longer, I will have more energy and feel healthier every day, etc.
  • Disadvantages may include: I will not be able to eat ice cream with my family, do not eat biscuits and Christmas, I may have to explain the foods in my diet ... (Most common dilemmas can be solve easily).

Write everything out, whether it's weird or useless. Then, put these two books side by side and ask yourself: Is it worth it?

If the answer is "yes" - then you can rest assured that you are doing the right thing.

Get up and set the date

Eating Addiction - A Serious Problem With A Simple Solution
Do not follow the diet too soon

There are a few things you can do to get up and make the change process easier:

  • Addictive food: Write down a list of foods that make you crave food. These are "addictive foods" you need to avoid completely.
  • Fast food shops: Write down a list of places to serve healthy food. This is very important to help prevent relapse when you feel hungry and have no mood for cooking.
  • What to eat: Think about the healthy foods you like to eat and eat.
  • List of advantages and disadvantages: Print the list of "pros and cons" into multiple copies. Keep a copy in the kitchen, storage and bag / purse. Sometimes you will need a reminder of the reason for what you are doing.

It is important NOT to follow the "diet" regime. Postpone weight loss again for at least 1-3 months.

Overcoming the addiction is very difficult, making yourself fast and strict in the diet will only make the situation worse, and make you more likely to give up.

Please set a date in the near future (maybe this weekend or next week).

From today onwards, you will never touch addictive food again, even if it is a small piece.

When you still fail, seek help

Eating Addiction - A Serious Problem With A Simple Solution
There are many people like you

If you have tried to still relapse and lose control again, then you will not have to endure this alone.

Relapse is inevitable.

Most people will fail several times before they can overcome complete addiction.

That's what happened to me and most other cases of addiction.

But if you relapse often, every attempt to overcome addiction yourself is useless. If you have failed a hundred times, the chances of success at the 101st are almost absent.

Fortunately, you still have a lot of help around.

There are health professionals and support groups that can help you overcome this serious problem.

You can seek professional help, for example from a psychologist or psychiatrist. Find someone with a lot of experience in treating addiction.

You can also choose some free methods such as 12-step programs like (OA), (GSA), (FAA) and (FA).

You just need to go to their website, sign up for meetings (they also organize online meetings on Skype) and attend.

Or you can use google to find treatments near where you live. Find keywords like "treatment for addiction to eating [city name]" - chances are you'll find a way that suits you.

I have also listed some methods in this article about places where you can seek help.

Whatever it is, at least you have to do something!

Anorexia is a disease that cannot be cured. If you do not treat it very likely the situation will get worse.

If you are experiencing this problem, do something to overcome it right If you do not want this disease to ruin your life.