Does Face Slimming Help You "Old" Go?

Face Slimming
Chubby face without losing weight

Face Slimming: Usually it's a very good thing. But what if it makes your face look "old" or too haggard?

Ask - Answers about fat reduction with Pharmacist Dung


Hi Dung, I'm female and I'm 26 years old now. So far I have been following your program for 7 weeks and have really achieved a great result. My acquaintances all said that I was the best proof for persistent weight loss results. I also share many useful tips and philosophies that you have advised me with my friends. I feel much healthier, happier and more confident. I also feel proud of what I have achieved.

However, now I have a problem. I have a face that is much younger than my real age, but now, even though my weight has decreased and I have had a healthier body, I realize one thing is My face is very thin, and it looks like it's getting older! It seems that reducing fat on my face makes me more emaciated and it is also getting older. Not only that, some of my friends and colleagues told me: "Looks like you look old." "You look so haggard!", "You look too skinny", "Don't lose weight . ”Etc. But I still want to lose weight because I still have some belly fat (I want to have some abdominal muscle). Can you give me advice?


Congratulations on your successful weight loss! Believe it or not, your question is an extremely popular question. Fat is often stored on the face more than elsewhere (such as belly) compared to people's thoughts (People only realize that when looking at their own pictures "before" and "after" when slimming). It may sound strange but I even know there is a human body rehabilitation expert who has done a Skinfold test by measuring the amount of fat on the face or cheeks. In fact, work You reduce the amount of fat on the face is a very good sign and it makes the facial contours become clearer. Sometimes it can cause unexpected visual effects (because most people are familiar with your old face), but gradually it will definitely bring you new joys !

Above is the success story of one of my clients - Ms. Mai, who needs to lose up to 35kg, can achieve a standard weight. She had a long hard time with her big weight, and now she has regained her form, confidence and joy in life.

Face Slimming Is A Good Signal When Weight Loss

Face Slimming
Reducing face fat is a good signal of weight loss

In fact, there are many cases of similar problems like Mai, whose face becomes slimmer after losing weight, and sometimes it can be so compact that someone may not recognize it. It's the same person when looking at pictures before and after their weight loss. After successful slimming, your face starts to "round", the lines of your face and cheekbones become clearer. Most people, This is a good sign and you don't need to worry much about it. Ms. Mai also had such a problem but in fact she became a symbol of success in fat reduction for those who had known her before.

At any time, a slim face will only make you more slender and your chin become more square (instead of rounding the same axis as before). In fact, unless you "starve yourself" or "self-destruct" to speed up fat loss, otherwise I always think A slim face will look much younger .

Thus, for those with "chubby" faces and want to reduce the amount of fat for it, this could become a minor problem. You cannot expect the fat on your face to pass through other parts of your body. If you want to reduce them, you only have to take similar measures to reduce fat in other parts of your body - By implementing a proper diet combined with appropriate exercises to reduce the amount of excess fat.

The good news for those who want to lose face fat is: Facial fat is not as "stubborn" as some belly fat - most people find that the face is the first fat loss when losing weight. - and it can be reasonably reduced if there is an effective weight loss plan, such as safe weight loss Perfect Meals .

Face Slimming Can Be "Visual Effects" After Weight Loss

Face Slimming
Reducing face fat will make your face slimmer

Sometimes, during my weight loss process, Because of the visual effect, some people may not like how much you look skinny than before. They will say that you have lost too much weight and you look more and more emaciated, including your face, of course. This may be just a jealousy of your new body or just a visual error. However, it is undeniable that if your body fat is too low (especially for teenagers), some people will actually become more emaciated. At that time, both sides of your cheeks will sink in and when your body fat is very low, you limit the amount of nutrients your body will provide, then you will look older.

This usually happens to bodybuilders when they start preparing for the competition. A regular bodybuilder will have about 10 - 15% of body fat and 4% of the competition. During that time, their faces were often commented as old and sometimes haggard. In fact, the reason for this is not entirely due to the reduction in body fat but mainly because they reduce fat and reduce the amount of water in the body.

To improve this, you just You need to keep your body's water and carbohydrate levels in full is to be. In addition, you need to make sure that you have the essential fat in your diet because if your body lacks an essential amount of fatty acids, it will make your skin dry out and become more wrinkled (many people eat Fatty salmon or additional oil must also be added for this reason.) Excessive exercise must be avoided during a prolonged period of time or to avoid a diet that limits calories or carbon-hydrates, because These factors can make your face look "more tired".

You also need to remember that If you are on a diet low in carbohydrates to strengthen your muscles, if you have reached your body's goal, you need to increase the amount of carbon-hydrate again. - of course still have to maintain the calorie balance in the body - to maintain you with your own youthful skin.

Some people fall into a dilemma when they want to reduce their belly fat and don't want their faces to look too skinny. It is a rather difficult requirement as women always want to have a small waist, slender thighs but the hips have to bloom and the chest must be increased (which, when women reduce fat, the chest is a faster place than other places. a lot of.)

So, you see, you often try hard to avoid being "haggard", but if you lose weight, it is inevitable that you have to reduce the fat on your face and your breasts will also be smaller. . But in return for that, Your body will become slimmer, the curves on your body will also become clearer . Therefore, you have nothing to worry about, you just need to live so comfortably and happily, keep yourself in good health, have a reasonable diet to ensure nutrition and have a healthy lifestyle, always confident with your achievements, so you will not need to worry about those negative comments anymore. You are only the most beautiful when you are yourself.

I hope this article will help your success. Me and my program - Perfect Meals will try to bring you the most perfect and perfect shape. For more useful knowledge in weight loss and health promotion, please read more articles in our website.

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