Fat - Eat Or Not Eat?

Artificial trans fat is one of the most common toxins in our food supply system, but most people do not know that natural trans fats are beneficial to our health.

Today I will give you an information that almost everyone does not know ... that there is a distinction between trans fat and good trans fat . There is some evidence that good trans fats can help you lose weight, build muscle, and even prevent cancer, while bad trans fat has been shown to cause heart disease. , cancer, diabetes, and in general many other diseases in the body.

I'm sure most of you, for the last few years, have heard about the negative effects of trans fat on your health. And if you regularly follow my posts on the website www.dietandnutrition.club You may also find that I often warn you about the negative effects of processed foods on your health and your fat loss.

Follow me, Trans fat artificial with tobacco is very dangerous for your health . In short, they are one of the main causes of heart disease outbreaks since the 1950s.

For all the recent trans fat information, I want to clarify some things, especially those related to bad trans fat and trans fat. If you've never heard of trans fat before, let me explain it a bit.

Bad Trans Fat (Harmful)

Fat - Eat Or Not Eat?

First, the bad fat I mentioned is the type artificial fat . They are represented by any artificially hydrogenated oil. The main culprit is margarine, fat blends into cakes, and partially hydrogenated oils are found in the most processed foods, snacks, and fried foods that are too long.

Hydrogenated oils are treated with harsh chemical solvents such as hexane (a component of gasoline), high temperature, high pressure, together with an added metal catalyst, and then deodorized and bleaching. A small percentage of the solvent has remained in the finished oil. So, it has now become an industrial oil, not a food oil, but somehow FDA is still allowed by food manufacturers to put the oil in to produce food with Very large numbers, even if the health hazards have been documented.

the kinds Hydrogen oil causes inflammation inside your body, whose signals are the deposition of cholesterol as a healing agent on the artery wall. Therefore, hydrogenated oils will mean that you have an infection and clog arteries. You can understand why heart disease has exploded since this oil is added to our food supply in the past 5-6 decades.

Recently, science continues to publish the deadly effects of this oil, I think they should really be banned for new use. And in fact, Some countries in the world have banned the use of hydrogenated oils in food production to step by step remove them in a good way. In addition, most countries in the world have strict regulations on labeling of production components on their products, which is also considered a first step to combat harmful processed products. for human health.

However, remember that when companies are starting to eliminate the use of hydrogenated oils in processed foods, in most cases they will replace them with polyunsaturated oils. Highly refined raw materials such as soybean oil, cotton seed oil, corn oil, etc., etc. These are just oils prepared using high temperatures, solvents, deodorants, and bleaching agents. Even refined oils cause inflammation in your body ... they are too far from natural healthy sources of fat.

Don't let yourself be fooled by foods that say "there is no trans fat" ... If you use highly refined oils (even if they are not hydrogenated), it is still harmful to muscle Can you and cause inflammation.

Again, the best option for best results is Avoid completely processed foods and choose pure, natural, less processed foods to a minimum. Your body will thank you!

Fat Can Trans Good

Fat - Eat Or Not Eat?

After sharing about harmful artificial trans fats, let me tell you about healthy natural trans fats. Natural trans fat is produced in the stomach of ruminants such as cows, sheep, goats ... And this is how fat is stored in animals.

Therefore, the fat in milk and the fats in these animals are naturally healthy trans fat intake (preferably grass-fed organic matter).

Natural trans fats in your diet have some potential benefits in supporting muscle building and weight loss efforts. However, keep in mind that the quality of healthy trans fat in ruminant meat and milk has been significantly reduced due to mass production methods in farming and high-quality diets. Their cup and soybeans. Meat and milk from grass-eating cows and animals are free grazed There is always a higher amount of beneficial fat.

Such a natural trans fat you may have heard of is called conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) and has been introduced to the market by many specialized weight loss companies. Remember that artificial CLA pills that you can buy at any store are not the best way to get the CLA needed. They are made from vegetable oils in a similar way to hydrogenation, instead of natural processes occurring in ruminants. Again, the things people forcefully create are still incomparable to the benefits that natural resources bring.

Currently, all brands on artificial products must list the proportion of trans fat in the product. However, you also need to pay attention to distinguish what trans fat is good to use, and also remove bad trans fats.

A more important note about food labels and the list of trans fats is: Remember that food manufacturers are allowed to label "trans fat-free" food if a serving contains less than 0.5 grams of trans fat. So you can see some products that hydrogenated oils are one of their main ingredients, but if they make the serving size small enough to contain less than 0.5 grams of fat trans, they can label it without trans fat ... . This means, if you still regularly eat processed foods instead of eating natural foods, then you can still eat a lot of bad Trans fat even on the label. Their name says "no trans fat". So the best way is choose to eat foods of natural origin to make sure you have the best health.

Good luck.