Fruit Juice Harmful To Health Not Like Drinking Water ...
Juice also contains lots of sugar

Fruit juices are often considered healthy.

This is understandable because it's natural and has the word "fruit" in it.

However, many people do not realize that fruit juice also contains a lot Street .

In fact, fruit juice also contains lots of sugar and calories as other sweetened drinks and sometimes even more .

A small amount of vitamins and antioxidants in fruit juices Nothing compared to the large amount of sugar inside it.

Fruit juices are not always the same

Unfortunately, food and beverage manufacturers are not always honest about the substances in their products.

The juice in the supermarket may not be what we usually think, even if it is labeled "100% pure" and "no purification."

After the juice has been squeezed out of the fruit, the juice will be stored in giant de-oxygenated containers for up to 1 year before being packed.

The main problem with using this method is that it tends to eliminate most of the flavor of the juice, so manufacturers need to add something called " "Into the juice to compensate for the flavor lost during processing.

Therefore, even when buying the highest quality juice at the supermarket, they are still very different from the original state.

Some low-quality juices are not even the same as fresh fruit juices ... they are simply fruit flavored sugar.

Conclude: Fruit juice is not always the same as what it was thought of, even high quality juices undergo flavor removal, making them more "flavor packs" to bring out the scent. original

Fruit juices contain vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, but they lack fiber and contain lots of sugar

Fruit Juice Harmful To Health Not Like Drinking Water ...
Juice contains some vitamins and minerals but has too much sugar

Fruit juices lack a lot of things that make fruits healthy.

For example, orange juice contains vitamin C and is a rich source of folate, potassium and vitamin B1 .

It also contains some of which enhance the antioxidant value of blood .

But compared to calories (or sugar), it is less nutritious than whole oranges and other plant foods such as vegetables .

The main problem is, fruit juices contain no fiber and sugar very high .

Take a look at the nutritional ingredients of 12 ounces (350 ml) of Coca cola and apple juice:

  • Coca Cola: 140 calories and 40 grams of sugar (10 teaspoons).
  • Apple juice: 165 calories and 39 grams of sugar (9.8 teaspoons).

This is the ugly truth about fruit juice, most juices contain the same amount of sugar as sugary drinks, sometimes total calories. !

Conclude: Fruit juices still contain some nutrients, but still less than many other plant foods. It does not contain fiber but contains a lot of sugar and calories similar to most sugary drinks.

It's easy to consume a large amount of sugar from fruit juice

Fruit Juice Harmful To Health Not Like Drinking Water ...
Drinking fruit juice can lead to metabolic problems and many serious diseases

When we eat fresh fruits, it takes a lot of effort to chew and swallow them.

Their internal lines are also bound in the gradual decomposing fibrous structure during digestion.

Not only that, but also fruit making it difficult to eat a lot .

For these reasons, the amount of sugar in fresh fruit is transferred to the liver gradually and in small amounts. The liver can easily convert these small amounts without overloading.

But if you drink a large glass of fruit juice, it is equivalent to eating lots of fruit in a very short time, and completely without fiber.

Large amounts of sugar are absorbed and put into the liver very quickly, just like when drinking sweetened beverages.

Most sugar in juice is fructose . The liver is the only organ that can metabolize fructose in large quantities .

When the liver receives more fructose than it can metabolize, part of it is turned into fat. Some fat may accumulate in the liver, contributing to increased fat and insulin resistance .

Although a small amount of fruit juice (or soda) does not cause major problems for healthy, skinny and active people, this is probably a disaster For people who are overweight or have diet-related metabolic problems .

Controlled metabolic studies have shown that liquid sugar can cause insulin resistance, increased triglyceride and LDL particles, increase the amount of LDL cholesterol oxidized and accumulate abdominal fat in about 10 weeks .

Although most studies use drinks containing sweeteners containing sugar or fructose sweeteners, however, There is no reason To assume that 100% fruit juice will be different. Sugar molecules are the same and the liver is unable to recognize the difference.

But if still in doubt, some studies have used fruit juices themselves. One of them tried 480ml (16 ounces) of grape juice daily for 3 months, resulting in insulin resistance and increased waist circumference in overweight people .

In another study, drinking two or more portions of fruit juice a day increased twice the risk of gout in women .

Conclude: Fruit juice contains a large amount of sugar, is completely fiber-free and does not contain fruit meat to reduce consumption. Studies have shown that this can lead to metabolic problems and many serious diseases.

Liquid calories are unusual fattening

Fruit Juice Harmful To Health Not Like Drinking Water ...
Juice can cause obesity

It's a myth that all calories are created equal.

Different types of foods go through different metabolic pathways and have different effects on hunger, hormones and weight control brain centers .

The brain is responsible for regulating and balancing energy.

When we add food to our diet, the brain will "make up" by making us eat less of other foods .

For example, if we start eating two boiled potatoes every day, we will inadvertently eat less other foods, so the total calories will not increase much if we do not say it does not increase at all.

But it turns out that liquid calories don't work like calories from solid foods. When people add liquid calories to their diets such as apple juice, they cannot compensate by eating fewer other foods .

This is one of the reasons sugary drinks are one of the most obesity-causing foods that still exist. Not only do they not help fill their stomachs, they also make us eat more

A study in children showed that the risk of obesity 60% increase if every day, use sugary drinks .

There is no reason to think that fruit juice will have a different effect than sugary drinks when using the same amount.

Several studies have shown that fruit juice is associated with the risk of obesity and type 2 diabetes, while pure fruit helps reduce this risk .

Eat whole fruit and skip juice because it's unhealthy

In nutritional guidelines, fruit juice is usually counted as 5 servings of fruit and vegetables every day.

This is a serious mistake, because it sends a message that fruit juice is healthy and has good nutrition.

Most people have consumed it too much sugar already, and cutting sugar is important much more compared to absorbing a few nutrients in fruit juice.

Instead of drinking juice, eat fruit pure . In this way, it will provide enough fiber, antioxidants, natural vitamins and minerals found in fruits.

In general, only a small amount of fruit juice is fine for some people, but we need to realize that although it looks nutritious, fruit juice is actually very similar to soda. Street.

Most importantly, the liver cannot distinguish the difference. All the harmful effects of sugary drinks are also true for fruit juices.