Garcinia cambogia is a very popular form of dietary supplement.

It comes from a fruit of the same name, or otherwise Garcinia gummi-gutta or Malabar tamarind.

Its crust contains a lot of hydroxycitric acid (HCA), which is an active ingredient responsible for most weight loss benefits .

This article gives a specific look at garcinia cambogia and whether you should use it to lose weight.

What is Garcinia cambogia?

How Does Garcinia Cambogia Support Weight Loss?
Garcinia-cambogia functional food

Garcinia gummi-gutta is a small yellow or green fruit, a slightly pumpkin-like shape.

This fruit is too sour to eat raw, people often use it to create sour taste in cooking .

Functional foods Garcinia cambogia is made from extract from the crust.

Its shell contains a large amount of hydroxycitric acid (HCA), an active substance that has been shown to support weight loss .

Functional foods generally contain about 20-60% HCA. However, studies show that the types with 50-60% HCA have the most benefits .

Summary: Garcinia cambogia supplements are made from extracts of garcinia gummi-gutta (pineapple) peel. They contain a lot of hydroxycitric acid (HCA), which provides many benefits for weight loss

Garcinia gummi-gutta supplement can help with modest weight loss

Many high quality human studies have been tested effectively weight loss Garcinia cambogia.

Moreover, most studies show that this dietary supplement may help to lose weight slightly .

This diagram summarizes the weight loss results of 9 studies on garcinia cambogia :

How Does Garcinia Cambogia Support Weight Loss?

Blue bars are the result of functional food groups, orange bars are the result of a placebo group.

On average, garcinia cambogia is thought to reduce by 0.88 kg more than placebo, over a period of 2-12 weeks .

It can be said that some studies do not find any weight loss effect .

For example, a study on the largest individual trial of more than 135 participants for 12 weeks, did not find any difference in weight loss between the garcinia cambogia group and the placebo group .

As you can see, the evidence given is not clear. Garcinia cambogia supplements may help to lose weight in some people, but its effectiveness cannot be guaranteed.

Summary: Some studies show that garcinia cambogia may help to lose weight somewhat, while some other studies show that it has no noticeable effect.

How does Garcinia cambogia support weight loss?

How Does Garcinia Cambogia Support Weight Loss?
Garcinia cambogia helps to lose weight by reducing appetite and preventing fat production

There are two main ways that garcinia cambogia has weight loss effects.

1. It reduces appetite

Studies in mice have shown that those receiving garcinia cambogia tend to eat less .

Similarly, some studies in humans also show that garcinia cambogia can suppress appetite and make you feel fuller .

It's still unclear how garcinia cambogia may reduce appetite, but studies in mice suggest that the active substances in garcinia cambogia may increase serotonin in the brain

Theoretically, because serotonin is an appetite inhibitor, high levels of serotonin in the blood can limit appetite .

However, these results are not completely accurate. Other studies have not found a difference in cravings between the placebo group and the placebo group .

Maybe its effect depends on each individual.

Summary: Some studies show that garcinia cambogia can inhibit appetite by inhibiting serotonin absorption in the brain, while other studies have not found garcinia cambogia's effectiveness with appetite or appetite.

2. It can prevent fat production and reduce belly fat

Garcinia cambogia's most important activity is probably its effect on blood fat levels and the production of new fatty acids.

Several human and animal studies have shown that it can reduce blood fat levels and reduce oxidation in the body .

Another study also found it particularly effective in reducing accumulation Belly Fat in overweight people (8).

Another study for obese people used an amount of about 2,800 mg of garcinia cambogia daily for 8 weeks .

At the end of the study, this group significantly reduced some disease risks:

  • Total cholesterol level: 6.3% lower
  • LDH (bad) cholesterol: 12.3% lower
  • HDL cholesterol (good): 10.7% higher.
  • Triglycerides in blood: 8.6% lower
  • Fat metabolism: 125-258% more excretion than urine.

The main reason for these effects is believed to be garcinia cambogia inhibiting an enzyme called citrate lyase, which plays an important role in fat production .

By inhibiting citrate lyase, garcinia cambogia is thought to slow down or prevent the production of fat in the body. This can reduce the amount of fat in the blood and reduce the risk of weight gain - these are the two main causes of high risk .

Summary: Garcinia cambogia prevents the production of new fats in the body, and has been shown to lower blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels in overweight people.

Other health benefits

Animal and in vitro studies show that garcinia cambogia may also have some anti-diabetes effects, including :

  • Reduce the level insulin
  • Reduce the level leptin
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Improve blood sugar control
  • Increased sensitivity to insulin

Garcinia cambogia is also beneficial for the digestive system. Animal studies suggest that it helps protect against gastric ulcers and reduces gastrointestinal mucosal damage .

However, these effects need to be studied more carefully before making a firm conclusion.

Summary: Garcinia cambogia may have some effect against diabetes and help protect against gastric ulcer and gastrointestinal lesions.

Safety and side effects

Most studies have concluded that garcinia cambogia is safe for human health

How Does Garcinia Cambogia Support Weight Loss?
Some people experience gastrointestinal symptoms, headache, dermatitis when taking garcinia cambogia

In the recommended dose up to 2,800 mg HCA daily .

Needless to say, functional foods are not controlled by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

That means the actual ingredient of HCA is not guaranteed in your functional foods that will match the HCA ingredient on the label.

So make sure you buy items from a reputable manufacturer

It is also reported some side effects of using garcinia cambogia. The most common is :

  • Symptoms of digestion
  • Headache
  • Dermatitis

However, some studies have shown more serious side effects.

Animal studies show that high consumption of garcinia cambogia can cause testicular atrophy - the testicle shrinks. Research on rats has also been shown to affect sperm production .

In addition, there was a report of a woman who developed serotonin toxicity as a result of using garcinia cambogia with her antidepressant .

If you are suffering from a number of illnesses or taking certain medications, consult your doctor before taking supplements.

Summary: Some people experience gastrointestinal symptoms, headache, dermatitis when taking garcinia cambogia. Animal studies show that high doses can produce toxins.

How to maximize the benefits of using garcinia cambogia?

How Does Garcinia Cambogia Support Weight Loss?
Many food stores and pharmacies offer a number of types containing garcinia cambogia.

Choose products from reputable manufacturers, containing about 50-60% hydrocitric acid (HCA).

Recommended dosage may vary between brands.

In general, 500 mg, three times daily, should be taken 30-60 minutes before meals.

It is best to follow the instructions for use and the dosage on the packaging.

Studies only test this supplement for about 12 weeks. Therefore, it is best to take a few weeks then take a three-month break or longer.

Summary: Look for a functional food that contains about 50-60% HCA and is made from a reputable manufacturer. Follow the dosing instructions on the package.

Main message

Current studies do not agree on the effect of garcinia cambogia on weight loss.

Some studies show that it can lose a little more weight than not taking functional foods. This influence is not confirmed, but quite promising.

The positive effects of garcinia cambogia with blood fat may be the most prominent of this supplement.