How To Get A Toned Skin After Weight Loss?
The skin is toned down after losing belly fat is the dream of women I received tons of emails from people who were worried because their skin became looser after losing weight, reduce belly fat .

In fact, this is the biggest question I have received from people who have reduced a significant amount of weight.

Here is a question about the skin that is flabby after weight loss which i recently received:

“Mr. Dung, I did your Perfect Meal weight loss program and it was really effective, I lost 15kg. However, this caused me to face a problem ... It was the skin in my abdomen that had become slack and drooping. I tried to reduce about 2kg of belly fat according to his advice, but now I'm starting to worry about it, and I'm wondering whether I should reduce it or not. But I really want to continue weight loss I have been obese for almost 12 years now, and this is the first time I can reduce so much weight. I don't want to stop, but I don't want my skin to flow like that.

Should I go for surgery? I am a medical student and I think it's possible that surgery is the best solution for me now. Please give me advice!"

Factors Determining Skin Elasticity

This is a question that is not easy to answer at all, because your skin becomes lax and running and involves many factors. I have summed up 14 things you need to know about skin getting loose after losing weight. You just need to read these and you will better understand this and will know what you should do with it.

How To Get A Toned Skin After Weight Loss?
The skin is usually very elastic

1. Skin is usually very elastic.

Your skin can be stretched or shrunk to a great extent. Look at the women after the pregnancy, some of them may have stretch marks after the birth, but in general it will shrink after that elasticity.

2. The elasticity of the skin depends on heredity, environment or lifestyle.

I'm talking about issues such as oxidative stress (Oxydative stress - an imbalance between the oxidative production reaction and the ability of a biological system to repair muscle damage. ), excessive nutritional deficits and frequent sun exposure. Environmental factors can be completely modified but genetics and age are not. So the advice for you is: Change what you can control, and be more realistic and don't worry about what you can't change.

3. How much firmness your skin can regain depends on your age.

If you are old and have lost some very heavy weight, your skin will be very hard to get back to normal.

4. How long you are obese also affects your skin's stress after losing weight.

For example, the balance of 15kg in 9 months will be different from the balance of 15kg in 9 years.

If you are severely obese, please give your condolences, the possibility that your skin will continue to loose after losing weight is very high.

6. How much weight you gain means that your skin will tighten faster.

This means that your skin can only firm up quickly when you gain weight again.

7. Losing weight too quickly will not have enough time for the skin to quickly firm again.

This is also why you should lose weight slowly (about 2-5kg per month) rather than speedy weight loss.

How To Get A Toned Skin After Weight Loss?
There are many ways to prevent stretch marks after losing weight

8. There are exceptions to the above cases.

However, it depends heavily on the genetic factors and skin elasticity of each person.

9. Skin firming creams may not be effective.

There are many types of creams that are advertised to tone your skin, but I can tell you that no cream has been confirmed by science. But even if they are temporary, it cannot last. So be careful when buying these products.

10. There are many types of nutrients that benefit your skin.

Fatty acids such as fish oil, flax seed or natural essential oil mixtures are not only beneficial for your health but also for your skin. Antioxidants are also important, so make sure your body is getting plenty of green vegetables and fruits because there are lots of substances that can fight oxidation and help your skin. More toned. Green tea is also one of the most potent antioxidants. You should add in your daily diet 1-2 cups a day, which will definitely help your skin.

11. Exercise very well for you to regain firm skin after reduce belly fat

If you use a low-calorie diet that can make your body weight loss Quick and this makes your skin more loose. If you exercise regularly, especially weight training, you can make your skin much more tight.

12. Your skin takes time.

When your body fat is much reduced, your skin will naturally be more mushy. But if you lose weight slowly, your skin will slowly firmen. In fact, there have been many cases where the skin has returned to its normal tonality after a period of 6-12 months, but the weight loss still occurs regularly.

13. Skin resection surgery is not an optimal method.

I have seen dozens of people reduce to more than 30kg and then they went to cut skin surgery to make their skin more firm. But that is not a good measure, not only will your skin be damaged but it will cost you too much money. So, just consider it a last resort when you can't take other measures ...

14. Check your body fat even before losing weight.

Lean skin is one thing, but the amount of fat in your body is still a lot different. So be honest with yourself by measuring your body fat with specialized equipment. For example, a man reduced from 35% fat to 20% and skin became more loose. At that time, I would tell him "there is nothing to worry about because your body fat is still very high, continue to lose weight and then you will have a firmer body."

How To Get A Toned Skin After Weight Loss?
Need to improve the body to have firmer skin

Improve The Body For More Firming Skin

The average amount of fat in a young person's body is about 16%. The ideal amount of fat in teenage boys is 10-12% and very firm, so if you're a man, never expect you to always have firm skin with strong muscles. roll. Women are also hard to get strong skin when they are in their teens, and their body fat is not very high.

So, the key to reducing your skin's pasteiness is Improve your body composition . And you also need weight loss weighs slowly, reasonably to an appropriate time to prevent the skin from becoming too mushy. Only until people reach a stable percentage of body fat, then you should think about "removing excess skin".

As said, surgery is not the best method for this. So is there any best way to make skin firmer after losing weight? Let me give you an example of this.

I just received news from one of my customers, Mr. Hung, who previously weighed 148kg and had over 40% of body fat. But after losing weight, he weighs only 92kg and the most important thing is that his body fat is only 6%. And of course, he didn't have any skin.

How can that be achieved?

Recently, Mr. Hung told me: "In my opinion, abdominal muscles require three factors: the amount of fat in the body, the reasonable tension of the abdominal muscles, and the skin is firm enough to make it float. turn on the lines ... "

Mr. Hung has applied the program Perfect Meals In order to completely remove unnecessary fat from the body, he made reasonable diets in conjunction with exercise exercises as instructed by the program and he reduced some. Impressive fat intake. The important thing is that you have reduced it gradually by week, and so you can still ensure your skin a certain elasticity, your skin is not stressed out by losing weight too quickly. and not so much but still firm as usual.

Of course, each person's weight loss results may be different and so is the elasticity of the skin. But Hero is indeed a testament to the fact that when you lose weight effectively, combined with lean muscle development, your skin will never be flabby even if you lose more than 50kg.

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Good luck!