How to Reduce Fatty Throat
How to reduce hormones that cause abdominal obesity

You often get fat when you eat too much compared to what your body needs. You often eat too much when your hormones are out of balance. These hormones that make you eat more are called "hungry hormones". and it causes hunger completely different from the "natural hunger" phenomenon.

Basically no hormones are bad, because every hormone plays an important role in your body. Even hormones such as Insulin and Cortisol have separate roles that are indispensable to the human body. Thing, those hormones may also become "bad" if they lose balance.

The Impact Of The Imbalance Of hormones

In fact, there is a special hormone that can make the "fat" layer in your abdomen more "thick", the hormone I want to mention here is Cortisol.

How to Reduce Fatty Throat
Be careful with hormonal imbalances

Your body releases Cortisol when you are stressed. Cortisol helps promote your body's willingness to fight, cope with danger, or have the strength to run away knowing that it cannot be cured. This hormone has greatly benefited our ancestors since the Stone Age, when they were chased by a lion or confronted with beasts. However, it does not seem to help us much in this age ....

You see, many of us have high cortisol levels. It is born of daily stress, like a quarrel between your spouse, or even if you have something that is not satisfied with your own life. Even if you exercise your body for a certain amount of time, such as running, for example, your body can produce more cortisol. This is also the reason why I do not recommend exercise for too long periods of time because they can't help you lose weight as well effective.

Increased levels of Cortisol can make your body store more fat. The stored fat cortisol is called visceral fat - This is a dangerous form of abdominal fat because it will involve diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease and will have a higher risk of death.

How To Reduce The Effective Belly?

Yes, of course, it is not possible to completely remove stress from our lives. But there are still a few simple steps to help you reduce stress, reduce cortisol and promote faster abdominal slimming.

Slimming belly for slender waist

first. Sleep every day for 7-9 hours.

Usually, cortisol levels decline rapidly in the evening. But one study showed that people who were deprived of sleep for six days reduced their cortisol content by six times slower than those who had adequate rest. In the case of chronic insomnia can also promote the development of Isullin antibodies - a risk of obesity and diabetes. And of course, you won't belly fat reduction when obesity gets worse and worse.

2. Keep your soul quiet and meditate daily

A new study published in the journal Health Psychology shows a link between increased attention concentration and reduced levels of cortisol. The study was conducted with 57 people who were instructed to focus on deep breathing, observation skills, and develop "positive" mental states, such as compassion. They found that as concentration increased, the concentration of cortisol in saliva was reduced.

3. Always maintain the spirit in a positive state

A study was published in the Institute of Physiological and Integrated Behavioral Sciences ( Integrative Physiological & Behavioral Science) It is made up of 45 adults who are instructed to nurture appreciation and other positive emotions. The results showed that the group of people who developed the habit of "appreciation" reduced up to 23% of cortisol in the body. An easy way to nurture your own positive emotions is simply to write in a diary that is placed right under your head pillow. 3-5 things you feel very grateful for the day before you go to sleep. .

4. Practice certain exercises

By using this method, you can get great results in getting things done belly fat reduction It can also reduce cortisol levels at the same time. In addition, it can help your muscles become firmer and eliminate large amounts of stubborn belly fat from your body.

Forget boring jogging exercises, repeating exercise machines that cost money. Focus on changing your own mindset to make your fat loss better, abdominal muscles become firmer and the second round much more charming.

Wish you have good results!