The Best Way To Have A Healthy Diet For A Healthy Body And Prevent Disease

Lesson The Most Important Diet You Never ...
The most important diet lesson you need to know

This article may surprise some people ... because most people don't see nutrition the way I explain it. Instead most people are completely confused about nutrition and energy, protein, starch, fat, diet, low fat, low cholesterol, low-carb, fasting, fresh food, etc ...

However, if you look at nutrition in the way that I will explain below, it will address all the misconceptions about nutrition you had before. However, I also have a recommendation for you, this may be one "Big Picture" about nutrition and it will help you better understand the human body if you can think in this direction.

Archaeological and anthropological issues of nutrition

In fact, all the problems of the human body today, including weak or healthy physicality, all stem from hundreds of years, even millions of years of evolution, in the process. , may we will adapt to everything around us, including the food we eat, what we train, the environment around us (City and nature) and many other issues.

We know, through archaeological records, that humans originated about 200,000 years ago ... However, our near cousins ​​such as homo erectus have originated a few million years ago.

If you study the evidence of what our ancestors ate, it will help to show clear proofs evolution in the human digestive system and the development of the healthy food we eat today what.

This explains very clearly why relatively new chemicals and foods (which people never thought would eat) cause a lot of health problems, such as artificial sweeteners, white breads and refined cereal products, refined oils like soy and unhealthy oils like canola oil ...

Natural eating is the history of human nutrition

Human nutrition problems today

This is a very complicated issue that can go into it sometimes we need a whole book to summarize, so let me give you some important reports and junk. most on this issue.

first. I know there will be a rather lively debate about the topics of meat eating or vegetarianism, should be eaten raw or cooked ... But the truth is that our species is now (and its ancestors more than a million years ago), depending on the culture of each region and almost all over the world, it is a combination of plants and animals. Eat raw in combination with cooked food (Even at different times of the day and the whole year).

Some cultures, such as the Inuit people in the Arctic and some tribes in Africa, are very healthy with almost entirely animal-based diets, and other cultures around the world thrive. on a diet almost entirely based on plants ... However, all cultures in general have some mixes of plant and animal foods, even if the amount of food from animals is small in one The number of cultures, or the number of small plant foods in other cultures.

Similarly, almost every culture around the world has consumed both raw food and cooked food in varying amounts ... but there is no real evidence of a thriving society. Food intake 100% raw materials (fresh food).

There are arguments that all animals in nature eat 100% raw food, but humans are the only species that eat cooked food ...

Humans are the only creatures that eat cooked food

Yes, there is a simple explanation ... only people are species with a brain that is sufficiently developed to understand how to control fire and thus cook our food ... And since we have cooked part of our food in our entire human existence (200,000 years) as well as our ancestors back several million years, Our digestive system has adapted to eating part of cooked food.

This also explains why acrylamides (a carcinogen in many fried and fried foods) are more harmful to animals than humans ... since humans have adapted to an acrylamides level. in cooked diet, partially for 100 thousand years, but animals never calendar suitable for a cooked food diet, and therefore, more sensitive to acrylamides.

If you have never heard of acrylamides? Acrylamides are formed outside of burnt foods during cooking (such as black on bread or scones, brown on many fried foods, fried or some grilled vegetables, etc.) and combinations. This substance has the potential to cause cancer in both humans and animals . Cook food with water, and also use high antioxidant herbs and cooking spices to reduce acrylamides and protect you against those dangers.

The bottom line ... we are designed through evolution to eat a mixture of both plants and animals as well as cooked and raw food ... But let us clarify one important point below ...

Lesson The Most Important Diet You Never ...
Industrial food is not good for human health

2. Although I say we, through evolution to eat a diet including plants and animals, there is one thing We never thought we would eat industrial animals, eggs or milk from animal farms and farms.

Industrial pets are a whole new phenomenon and it only lasted for decades, basically, These meats are never meant to be part of the human diet.

Chemically (nutritional), this industrial animal product is very different from the animal product that is raised naturally. Examples of these differences can be seen in the nutritional composition of meat from herbivores with industrial animal meat, natural chicken eggs with industrial chicken eggs, natural fish with farmed fish ...

We are talking about the big difference in omega-3 with omega-6, the difference in vitamins and minerals, differences in healthy fats, and more.

Therefore, I disagree with our current state of the majority of food supplies from industrial farms (Nutritional quality of industrial food is terrible).

That's why I almost never buy meat and milk in the supermarket and instead, I try to eat only meat from wild, wild animals, wild fish, eggs from farmers. local, jog chicken and milk only from grass-fed cows naturally raised.

Lesson The Most Important Diet You Never ...
Processed food is full of dangers

3. Although I have shown that the history of many cultures around the world thrives on the different proportions of animal products compared to the plant products in their diet, this is a kind of food that we never thought to eat - processed food .

Yes, I know it hurts, but cakes, cookies, crackers, microwaves, chips, soft drinks, snacks, sugary drinks, or energy drinks , and 1000 of the other products on our supermarket shelves have never meant a part of human diet, so obviously That's why it causes so many health problems for us. I call healthy food a "one component" food.

Healthy foods are meats, eggs, nuts, coarse nuts, beans, tubers, fruits, and vegetables. It is really simple.

4. Yes, one of these things can be controversial ... but, remember that agriculture is also a new phenomenon in the big picture of human diet when you expand so far in history. several million years. And when I'm talking about agriculture, I'm mainly talking about the huge wave based Foods from cereals to human diets that occur with inventions of agriculture.

Mass production of cereals through agriculture is only a few thousand years old ... Compared to the history of our ancestors, hunter gather for a few million years.

If you think about it, hunter-gatherers, we will eat very little grain, and cereals only make up a very small part of our history, since they are not mass-produced and processed. Instead, we thrive on wild meats (including organs, where most micronutrients are found), wild fish and seafood, eggs, nuts and seeds. , beans, tubers, fruits, and vegetables.

From this point of view, grains can never account for more than 1-3% of the calories in our history ... and as you know from one of my recent articles, modern diets. Our average treatment consists of 67% of the total calories from cereals such as corn, soybeans and wheat and its derivatives ... It's shocking truth when compared to history, and That greatly affects your waistline!

I can get more examples, but I think you are seeing the main points here ... the best way for you to eat a healthy and healthy diet as well as a low-fat body is acknowledge what our ancestors ate during millions of years of evolution.

And that's certainly not refined foods with fancy brands that are cheating on you ... instead, it's the 1-ingredient foods I listed above, eating in a combination. of fresh food and cooked food.

How Can I Eat Healthy?

Lesson The Most Important Diet You Never ...
Choose for yourself the healthiest diet

Some final thoughts on how to fit these suggestions into your healthy eating plan:

first . Healthy eating is not expensive and difficult, you can choose natural foods in your hometown, or places you know well. The price is also relatively cheap compared to the city.

2. Try to choose as much organic food as possible ...

3 . When choosing meat and eggs, try to select herbivorous meat, natural farmed chickens, turkeys, and eggs from running hens rather than in cages.

Remember that eating a healthy and responsible diet does not mean eating boring bland food ... having a healthy and delicious way of eating, and I describe in more depth how to do it in the program. Perfect Meals.

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