What Do You Know About "Hunger" and "Metamorphosis"?

Metamorphosis: Causes - Prevention - Solutions
Fasting diets will gradually lead you into the "transformational danger".

At some point, during your diet or slimming process you may encounter the same terms "Metabolic damage" or "Hunger mode" (Starvation mode - Regular body in a state of starvation) , or sometimes both. So, you will definitely feel anxious when you hear this explanation:

The term "hunger regime" is a series of metabolic behaviors, hormones that respond to prolonged lack of food regularly, especially foods high in calories. But these are very familiar to fat-reducing dieters. When your body cannot recognize that you are applying a serious diet that may put you at risk of starvation, then It has been able to manipulate mechanisms that can make you exhausted, such as mechanisms to reduce body activity, reduce energy, reduce physical activity and increase appetite. Your metabolic activity will be slower and your weight will also decrease.

When you recognize abnormalities in your body, such as having no energy left in your body, you always feel hungry and your appetite is always there, you will start to worry. It seems that the weight that you can reduce is nothing compared to the energy you have lost, and when it reaches its peak, you will not be able to endure, then you will definitely eat. come back. But there is a problem, at that time you not only regain energy very quickly but your weight also increases faster than ever!

At that time, you will not care about anything other than your stomach and you try to convince yourself that: You are a victim of metabolic hazards. You will ask questions like: "What's the problem with my armor snow?" "How do I reduce the amount of fat that can't be reduced now?", Etc ... ..

Alright, if this keeps up, I'm afraid you'll die. Now you can breathe a sigh of relief, because this problem is very difficult but can still be solved.

Controversy Around The "Hunger Mode" And "The Metamorphosis"

Metamorphosis: Causes - Prevention - Solutions
"Metabolic hazards" will make your body exhausted

First, I want to confirm that both "hunger" and "transformational" regimes are real, although some bloggers (People who join the online blogging community) and network authors keep trying. Try to deny its existence. However, the reason for their assertions is very easy to understand. It is because of their misconceptions and mysteries.

"Hunger regime" and "Transformational transformation" are not really considered scientific terms, which is also the reason people still try to reject them. However, if you look at Adaptive thermogenesis (a term for reducing metabolism in part when you're hungry regularly), you'll see a lot of evidence to prove it is truth.

It affects some people more than others because of hereditary and lifestyle factors, but it is not more harmful to women than men.

I will not talk about the institutional issues as well as the hormones related to them, because I know you don't like to hear those boring and troublesome issues now. The important thing you need to understand now is: Diets that make people often hungry can cause weight loss quickly, but also cause many "dangers" for your body, especially it makes you gain weight faster when you eat again. again. And that's a very complicated problem.

"Metamorphosis" And Long-Term Influence For Fasting

Research from the 1980s and 1990s discovered that these Diets that reduce metabolism also cause many negative effects for the period after reducing fat. This explains why people find it difficult to lose weight and gain weight again so quickly.

Metamorphosis: Causes - Prevention - Solutions
The more you eat, the more weight you will gain after you starve

Diane Elliot, a professor of medicine at the University of Oregon, wrote in a study of the long-term effects of a calorie-reduction diet: "Metabolic rates in their obese patients." I'm still low, even if I have reduced a significant amount of weight and increased calorie consumption to a level that is in balance with body weight. ”

In 1999, Arne Astrup produced a meta-analysis of data from all those studies investigating changes in metabolism after weight loss. They found that obese subjects had 3-5% lower metabolic rates than those who had never been ill.

These indicate the consequences of diet "accidents", impacting on the period after the appetite again is very large. n. The degree of metabolic activity may vary from almost insignificant to very serious, but all of these decline are real.

This is the "transformational danger." I will define it not only as a threat in the diet, but also as long as this frightening diet ends, making photos. It is normal to enjoy hormones in your body, your metabolic rate and your appetite regulation mechanism.

Improper weight loss can cause scary things and longer lasting consequences. One way to reduce fat and enhance smart metabolic activity is to minimize adverse effects, and completely prevent metabolic hazards. The PERFECT DINNER program is a smart slimming program from A to Z with sensible menus, guaranteed energy and health combined with exercise that enhances flexibility, brings you a perfect body.

10 Smart Strategies To Reduce Effectiveness With Healthy Metabolism

Metamorphosis: Causes - Prevention - Solutions
Eat well for safer weight loss

Here are 10 best fat burning strategies that still keep you full of hormones and balanced metabolic mechanisms.

1. Eat more!

You need to reduce calories to lose weight, but there are many ways for you to do that. You can eat less, exercise more, or you can do both at the same time. However, the smartest way to reduce fat and still avoid terrible diets, while also making your body fat disappear gradually but more stable. Start with a reasonable reduction of 20% of your excess weight. If your excess fat is too big, you can start with a slightly larger number, but remember Increase it slowly and should not exceed 30%. When you combine such a method with regular exercise with a healthy lifestyle, you can completely eat what you want and still have a much slimmer body.

2. Eat natural food .

If you only eat refined and artificial foods every day for a long time, it will not be good for your health. When health is reduced, hormones and metabolic activity also decrease and the risk of the worst is "exchange risk" not only during the weight loss period, but sometimes it lasts. even later.

Moreover, most natural and unprocessed foods, especially vegetables and proteins in lean meat, have low calorie intake, so you will avoid spontaneous calories compared to standard US calorie regimes ( SAD, will help you balance the amount of nutrients in the body, not allow your body to be hungry, and reduce excess fat without affecting your metabolic activity.

Metamorphosis: Causes - Prevention - Solutions
Moderation is the best way to lose weight

3. Eat regularly

I recommend eating like a fitness athlete. Evenly divide the calories you need in a day with four to six small meals and ensure adequate protein as a main meal. But no matter how you eat the menu (including meals during the day), ensuring consistency is very important. Studies have shown that indiscriminate eating has contributed to metabolic disorders, reduced blood sugar and reduced insulin levels.

4. Apply under the Carbon cycle.

PERFECT DINNER helps you lose weight smartly by reducing excess calories but also does not affect your health. However, periodically, you also need to increase your calorie intake to balance your metabolic activity and appetite hormones. Instead of taking a strictly controlled diet of carbohydrates that millions of people are working on (In fact, this can limit hormonal glands like the thyroid gland) to eat a regular amount of carbon -hydrate daily, can also strengthen your body (like strengthening muscles) and help both physically and mentally you are relaxed.

5. Temporarily stop dieting

Don't let your body lose too much energy for a long time. If you have too much fat to reduce, sometimes it will take up to three months to do it. You cannot diet for such a long time. If your body keeps losing a constant amount of calories during the 12 consecutive weeks by a strict diet, it can be counterproductive and pose risks such as "prolonged hunger". can make you lose health. Learn to follow the diet of athletes, reduce calories for a while with healthy menus and then re-add calories to keep your body healthy.

6. Perform serious weight improvement exercises

Metamorphosis: Causes - Prevention - Solutions
Exercise is a means of accelerating scientific metabolic activity

Speaking of "physique" people often need to practice. Do you think you are in a slimming period, do not need to practice to regain your physique but do you need to take harsh diets or herbal tablets?

That's really a big mistake! Weight improvement is very important, it not only contributes to improving your health, giving you a slimmer body but also contributes to hormonal balance and metabolic activities. So what are you waiting for, if you have already started losing weight, now you need to get it back by training to have a strong muscle.

7. Cardiovascular exercises - Do not overdo it .

If you really need to lose weight, reasonable menus and rhythmic exercises can help you achieve that. In addition, you can also practice special exercises such as cardio exercises to help make the effect better. However, athletes who are able to do well on these exercises are because they are provided with an abundance of food, helping them to have enough energy to perform.

However, if you overdo it and don't pay attention to supplementing the food with enough or supplementing the necessary nutrients, it is completely counterproductive. By that time, your body fat is not only not lost but you may also have other dangerous risks to your body. So, if you want to have a slim body that still ensures your health, you first need to pay attention to a reasonable diet.

8. Balance stress with recovery

Stress is an indispensable part of every person's life, because it tells you that you are alive. Body rehabilitation is a form of physical stress and it will be great if you know how to combine it with recovery. If you don't mix alternately between physical stress and recovery, soon your body will be depleted. If you keep increasing the level of stress (ie you just stab or practice fasting to lose weight), it can lead to a dangerous situation such as "hunger mechanism" or "transformation hazard". .

Stress that is not restored will affect heat production, leptin resistance and the amount of insulin in the body, thereby causing increased risk of common symptoms such as increased cortisol and stress hormones. straight, and at the same time increase the amount of fat deposits in internal organs and lead to errors in energy zoning

9. Get enough sleep

Metamorphosis: Causes - Prevention - Solutions
Get enough sleep for the most effective weight loss

For years, the research center has studied the relationship between sleep and weight loss and has published amazing information. Studies have shown that naps and flickers will affect weight loss as well as your hormones, appetite and metabolic activity. Researchers at the University of Chicago did a study comparing people who had an average of 5.5-8 hours of sleep each night with people who had short, flickering and unscientific sleep on weight loss.

The results showed that people who slept from 5.5 to 8 hours per night reduced their weight more than the rest, even though they lost the same amount of calories. So, never ignore the importance of 7-8 hours of quality sleep each night to make your body healthier. (Remember: Strict diets, abstinence or excessive calorie intake can cause you to encounter all three conditions at the same time: Overtraining, constant physical stress that cannot be restored , lack of sleep, so be careful when you want to do them.)

10. Start a "repair" program that exchanges with an incremental energy transition phase .

A transition phase can help you balance energy, lose weight to have a perfect physique but still ensure health. However, in the context of an article it is impossible to fully describe all the details of this program, so I will mention it in a future book. And that will be one of the most useful books for your health.

Before finishing my article, I want to send you a very useful message: EAT MORE TO LOSE MORE WEIGHT. This is also the motto of our PERFECT BEEF program. Our plan does not force you to fast until you are hungry, you must practice heavy physical exercises until you are exhausted, and do not use any kind of functional by-products.

You just need simple and rich menus to choose processing materials, and bodybuilding exercises that everyone can do. And the most important thing is that even if you eat well every day, you can still have a perfect body with standard measurements that do not affect your health. If you want any more information on how to effectively lose weight, read more articles in our website.

Good luck!