Microwave Cooking Will Make You Sick?
Is the microwave oven really safe?

You may not know, food that is cooked in a microwave can have a negative effect on your health.

Do you know anything outside of television, which devices are present in most families in big cities? It is a microwave oven. Because microwaves don't take up much space, cook quickly and easily, they are used for preparing meals in the home, at the office, and even in restaurants. Even your favorite restaurant may depend on electrical appliances to quickly heat or cook food. So the question here is

Is Microwave Safe To Cook?

Before we look at science, look at a bigger picture.

If you think about it from this angle, the human digestive system grows over hundreds of thousands of years to digest food either raw or cooked in water or heat. However, Microwave food is a completely unfamiliar cooking method that the human digestive system is not yet known.

It is just common sense as a completely different cooking method that will change the chemical composition of food that negatively affects our health.

Now into a more science ...

How Does the Microwave Work?

Microwave Cooking Will Make You Sick?
Microwave oven causes molecular radiation in food

Microwave is a part of electromagnetic spectrum energy including light waves and radio waves. They move at the speed of light - that's about 186,282 miles per second. So how does the microwave grill fast food?

Inside the microwave, there is a "magnetron" that is a full tube of electrons. The electrons in the microwave react with the magnetic and electronic energy and become microwave. This is Radiation interacts with molecules in food .

Food molecules have a positive and negative end, like a magnet having a north and south pole. The electrons from magnetron produce wavelengths that respond to the positive and negative parts of food molecules. The food molecules then began to fluctuate, up to several million times a second. The "vibrating" molecule is what makes heat in food.

This distorts molecules in food and creates new unknown natural radiolytic compounds that have never been known to nature. These exotic compounds in food have been shown to damage our blood cells, the digestive system, and our immune system.

Microwaves have been used for about 40 years, but so far, only a few specialized scientific studies have been done on them.

Many Studies Shows The Microwave Has Negative Impact With People.

Microwave Cooking Will Make You Sick?
Studies have shown that microwave ovens are harmful to human health

Extensive research, which has been conducted in both Switzerland and Russia in the microwave cooking foods and their effects on the human body. Both studies concluded that foods cooked in microwaves significantly lose the nutritional value of food, Protein molecules are distorted in food, and create new, completely unnatural compounds . Most alarming, are poor people who eat food cooked in the microwave.

Their Detection Include:

• Blood hemoglobin (transporting oxygen - an extremely important component of blood) significantly decreases after eating microwave foods.

• The number of white blood cells increases.

• LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol) increases, and HDL cholesterol (good cholesterol) decreases.

• causes cancer (- carcinogenic element) in food.

• The rate of cancer of the digestive system increases.

Russian scientists have found the microwave to be intimidating enough to actually prohibit use - until recently.

When food is cooked in the microwave, it has:

• Significantly less than B vitamins, vitamin C, vitamin E, minerals and essential fats.

• Broken and unnatural proteins.

• Loss of important enzymes.

I Only Use A Little Thing

Is not! In fact, Food that is heated in a microwave is heated unevenly creating super-hot spots and cool spots. Cool spots can actually nourish the growth of bacteria like salmonella, and you can get food poisoning.

Microwave Cooking Will Make You Sick?
Microwave can make you more fat

Also, when you use plastic containers or plastic wrap that comes in contact with your food, you will get all c nasty chemicals such as di (ethylhexyl) adepate, or DEHA, (a carcinogen), Bisphenol-A or BPA (cancer that causes agents in plastic production) and xenoestrogens (synthetic estrogen) in the wake eat yours!

In a recent study showed that carcinogenic components in plastic wrap are 10,000 times higher than FDA safety limits!

Exposure to BPA (used in polycarbonate and other plastics production) has been shown to cause reproductive problems and erectile dysfunction, and is associated with human cardiovascular and diabetes.

Xenoestrogens is synthetic estrogen that appears everywhere. In men, xenoestrogens can cause low sperm count and women may have breast cancer and reproductive problems in women. Xenoestrogens promote weight gain around the abdomen and chest in men, and in women, it shows to be fat butt, hips, thighs and back of the arm.

So, in addition to being really unhealthy, Microwave food can make you fat!

Parents should never warm breastmilk or powdered milk in the microwave oven not only can it overheat milk, the microwave destroys very valuable nutrients, important enzymes and proteins for the Growth of young children!

And this is something really scary: in 1991, a blood transfusion patient was reheated in the microwave. The patient died after a severe allergic reaction to blood. Microwave creates something completely unrecognizable by the body!

If you want to be safe, healthy and slender, avoid the microwave completely. Personally, I threw my microwave about 4 years ago!

There are More Safe and Healthy Options

• Eat fresh vegetables and fruits, or if cooked, stir lightly (with a little water and some butter) or steam until tender.

• Heat all leftovers with gas or an oven in aluminum foil (only 4-5 minutes to heat food)

• If you have to use a microwave (and I don't know why you do!), Use glass jars instead of plastic.

Stay away from the microwave!

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