Milk Fats Really Help You Prevent Congestion ...
Dairy products can help prevent arterial clogging

Mass media have reported that fats from dairy, cheese and cream can cause arterial blockage. But it is really FALSE . Studies have shown that three types of super nutrients in dairy products help protect the body from the attacks of cardiovascular diseases.

In the past ten years, reporters have no professional knowledge about nutrition, belonging to state agencies use old information from the 1960s without any concrete evidence to publicize that fats from dairy, cream or cheese and other fats made from milk are not good for your health.

In addition, this is not the first time that national media have misinformation about health. You remember there was a time when it was recommended to use margarine because it was better than milk. However, they are wrong. And there is a time when most people are complaining that chicken egg yolk is not good for your health. I think people need to get more knowledge about food.

Did you know that from 1910 to 2000, the average consumption of avocado for each US citizen decreased from 8.5kg in 1910 to approximately 2.0kg in 2000 ... Meanwhile The incidence of cardiovascular diseases increased fourfold from 1910 to 2000.

Think about it for a while, we consumed five times more milk in 1910, but cardiovascular diseases rarely occur. In fact, during this period, there are many nutritionists or doctors who recommend that dairy fats are dangerous, but this is not true and people need to reconsider.

Here are a few vivid examples that illustrate this problem.

If you think that dairy and cheese fats are harmful to your health and cause arteriosclerosis, try asking why French people are still very healthy, less obese and less likely to suffer from cardiovascular diseases even though their diets are rich in cheese, dairy and cream compared to Americans. Meanwhile Americans always try to reduce the amount of milk in their diets.

Or why do native inhabitants of the Caucasus mountains in Eastern Europe have a lifespan of up to 100 years while their drinks still contain a lot of fat in the form of Kefir yogurt?

Besides, tribes in Africa such as Maasai or Samburu also have a diet high in fat (4-5 times higher than milk fat compared with Americans), however, they are still very healthy, not suffering from degenerative or cardiovascular diseases.

Milk Fats Really Help You Prevent Congestion ...
Natural milk is good for human health

What is the truth?

We can list many more examples to AGAINST the previous silly arguments about dairy fat. And since then we have also seen that most of the views of dairy nutrition experts have been wrong during the past 10 years.

The truth is… Studies have shown that certain compounds in dairy types help prevent arterial obstruction as well as reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Here I want to share with you a little bit about the compounds in dairy that help reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases, but first you need to know, Healthful foods such as sugar, artificial sweeteners, refined grains (wheat flour and corn cereals, breads), Trans-soluble artificial fats, refined vegetable oils (Soybean oil, corn oil) .... are at risk of causing arterial obstruction if you consume too much.

Look at the cultures nearby to see what they usually eat and to get more evidence to prove that the compounds in dairy actually help you avoid cardiovascular diseases.

3 Kinds of Super Fluids Found In Milk Types

Note that the three types of nutrients I am talking about here are mostly found in processed foods Cow's milk cow's milk has the ability to help reduce cancer, not from dairy cattle. Besides, you also need to know that non-skimmed milk often has a higher proportion of beneficial fats.

Milk Fats Really Help You Prevent Congestion ...
Milk from grass fed cows contains many useful nutrients

Most of the milk from Europe and other continents in the world is taken from mainly herds of cows that eat grass or eat only a small amount of grain. Therefore, cheeses and milk derived from Europe are usually healthier foods and of course you should choose them. You can also choose some yogurt, cheese, butter, milk cream and Kefir yogurt sourced from the US, because these foods are also taken from grass-fed cow's milk in small farms. America.

Here are some analyzes of the effects of nutrients in milk.

Vitamin K

Vitamin K is mostly found in green leaves and is really good for you. However, the study about Vitamin K1 shows that vitamin K1 seems to have no effect on cardiovascular diseases.

However, vitamin K2 is different. In a Dutch study published in the Journal of Nutrition in 2004, it was found that people who regularly take vitamin K2 often have a 51% lower risk of cardiovascular disease and a lower risk of death. 26% compared with those supplementing with less vitamin K2. Studies have also shown that high vitamin K2 supplementation also helps reduce arterial calcification.

And the supply of vitamin K2 is from ...

You guessed it These are products from cow's milk c (For example, butter, cream, hard cheese), organic meats, chicken egg yolks and fermented foods are prepared according to different recipes. In terms of cheese, Brie and Gouda are high levels of vitamin K2 due to cheese fermentation.

Milk Fats Really Help You Prevent Congestion ...
Natural milk preparations contain abundant sources of Vitamin K

It is absurd when many nutrition experts recommend avoiding dairy products for more than 10 years. However Dairy products add good compounds to prevent diseases such as arterial calcification or arterial obstruction. And always keep in mind that you should look into the experts you intend to consult.

Another problem with vitamin K2 ....

Clearly, recent studies have also demonstrated what Weston Price previously discovered about vitamin K intake to absorb vitamin D. In Weston price experiments, he realized that when supplemented The amount of cod liver oil (containing high levels of natural vitamin D) in the patient's menu is slightly improved in terms of health. However When fish liver oil obtained in combination with grass-fed cow's milk has a high vitamin K content, the health is significantly improved, simply because vitamin K2 and vitamin D are compatible with each other in the body.

It should also be noted that vitamin K2 is not found in tablets taken with multivitamins so you need to supplement your cow's milk or egg yolk and organic meats.

For vegetarians, you need to know that vitamin K deficiency causes very serious problems. Vitamin K2 deficiency affects the metabolism of vitamin D and the function of calcium inside the body (thereby causing calcification within the body). Vitamin B12 is also a vitamin that dieters often lack, but supplemental supplements cannot be provided or not absorbed by the body.

CLA is one of the other healthy fats commonly found in ruminant meats like sheep, goats, cows, deer ... In another study, it was also shown that CLA works to prevent cancers, arteriosclerosis, and also to reduce the effectiveness of fat reduction.

Cow grass or grass-fed beef contains 3-5 times more CLA than fat from cereal beef. In a study published in 2010, it was also shown that if you eat sheep-based products, your body will prevent cardiovascular diseases. The study also addresses customer concerns before public opinion that tolerating cis-9, trans-11 CLA-rich natural products is prone to calcification.

Milk Fats Really Help You Prevent Congestion ...
Grass fed cow milk brings the best CLA source

A study of CLA with ability prevention of human cancer and weight loss The Pubmed website also showed that CLA has a very good effect in preventing cancer and reducing fat faster.

CLA is also a compound found in dairy products and this content is much higher in grass-fed cow's milk than bran-fed cows. This is also the reason I object to the opinions of "nutritionists" that when choosing to buy yogurt or cheese you should choose a low-fat or low-fat milk. But in fact, this is wrong. Moreover, whole-fat dairy products also provide more nutrients for the body and also taste better.

Omega-3 fat

I think maybe we don't need to argue too much about this compound anymore. Because most people know that Omega-3 fatty acids are good for the heart and help your wounds recover quickly.

And you probably know that grass-based dairy products have a more balanced ratio of omega 3 and omega 6 than bran milk, so cow's milk is always the best choice. Most people tolerate too much omega-6 fatty acids and the amount of omega-3 needs to be increased. The The fat from cow's milk is very good and can help you balance the amount of omega-3 missing , similar to fish oil.

With the compounds that are as healthy as I have listed, they will be really good for your health if made from grass-fed cow's milk, but if processed from bran cows, it is not too dangerous. Harmful to your health like oxidized vegetable oils, but I don't think it's really good for your health.

You should Be careful with pesticide residues in cow's milk, so if you choose cow's milk, choose organic varieties. On the other hand, with grass-fed cow's milk, we do not need to be concerned about whether they are organic products because the herds of grass-fed cows will be less susceptible to chemical contamination.

Before the end of the article, I would like to summarize my views on healthy dairy preparations and harmful preparations. I also noticed a lot of controversy surrounding this issue.

Milk Fats Really Help You Prevent Congestion ...
Yogurt cream is one of the very good dairy preparations

Types of Milk Contains Healthy Nutrition Content

Pasteurized milk cream.

UHT milk butter.

Cheese is made from pasteurized milk (European cheeses are usually made from grass-fed cow's milk).

Yogurt without sugar.

Kefir yogurt yogurt, this yogurt contains 2-10x higher levels of probiotics than regular yogurt. Kefir mushrooms are known for their ability to improve digestive problems (containing 5-50 billion bacteria).

Lassi, another Indian fermented milk, is similar to Kefir.

Milk Types Not Healthy

Homogenous milk / commercial sterilized milk. Homogeneous milk is considered to be harmful to health because the micro-fats are formed during milk homogenization.

• Yogurt contains sugar or artificial sweeteners.

Types of cheese through processing like American cheese.


Milk Fats Really Help You Prevent Congestion ...
The fat-free milk from grass-eating cows is really good for everyone

The non-fat skim milk skim milk preparations are not "dangerous" as the media reports. . You can also see that there are at least 3 types of super nutrients in these preparations that protect your body from cardiovascular risks and other diseases. And another interesting thing is that dairy products have great taste. I often add a little cream to a cup of coffee. I also regularly eat unsalted yogurt rather than fat-free yogurt. I also regularly eat unsalted cheeses instead of processed cheese, but you also need to know that ripened cheeses are good for the body.

I myself use buttermilk to prepare dishes (coconut oil can be added) and add a bit of sour cream to a cup of coffee to enjoy. I also regularly eat Kefir yogurt not only because of their delicious taste but also help me protect my health.

And these are habits that never make me fat.

My body is still very firm. Did you know that CLA in dairy products helps reduce cravings, balancing the amount of hormones in your body. So never worry that milk fats can make you fatter, but instead limit the use of uniform milk.

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