As you know, decades ago, the process of making food was very simple, our ancestors processed food from a source of food available in nature and did not degrade food. But today is completely different - era of biotech and genetically modified food

All healthy nutritious natural foods provided by the farms have been replaced by pre-prepared foods, refined and filled with mass-produced chemicals.

Besides food, fat is no different. More than four decades, sources healthy fat was replaced by types vegetable oil supposedly "Good for you.".

And in this article, I'll show you the vegetable oils too named is " good for health "Is it really good for you and your family's health?

4 Types of Oils that are Badest to Be "Healthy"

You Should Avoid All Prices:

1. Canola Oil (Canola Oil)

Did you know, even in the natural environment, animals and insects keep away from this food, and that's why you should avoid using it.

Moreover, canola oil is not an oil made from mustard seed in nature, but it is actually a product change gene of Oil of Rapeseed oil. Asian and Indian cultures use Canola Oil for centuries, but most people in the United States do not use it.

Besides, plants used for oil press contain cyanide compounds that make wild animals and insects not daring to come close to nature.

And the process of deodorizing and bleaching to become Canola Canola Oil at high temperatures has significantly reduced Omega - 3 fat content.

The consumption of oil products "change gene" (GMO oil) causes muscle disorders and fatty degeneration of the heart, kidneys, adrenal glands and thyroid gland. To avoid these types of products, carefully check the labels, even products called "healthy" because it can appear everywhere.

2. Cotton Seed Oil

Currently, there are thousands of commercially produced foods containing cotton seed oil on the market: from canned foods to other packaged products. However, cotton is not a food crop, so it is not treated as a food crop, but is treated as an industrial plant.

Any dangerous toxic chemical can be sprayed into cotton to avoid insects and growth stimuli such as trifluralin, cyanide, dicofol, propargite and naled. These poisons penetrate deeply into plants and convert them into toxic products.

Cotton plants can be completely used to make clothes, but making cooking oil is not really safe for consumers. Most cotton plants are genetically modified - changed at the molecular level. Although we do not eat cotton directly, cotton seed oil contains properties similar to plants.

Besides, cottonseed oil has a high content of Omega-6 fatty acids, has a protein structure similar to peanuts, so people who are allergic to peanuts may also have a serious allergic reaction to the type. this oil. However, currently on the labels of these oils, there are no notes that can cause allergies to users.

3. Rum Oil

Many studies show that Rum Oil has a very high level of Omega-6 fat which increases the death rate from heart disease.

If you still believe that saturated fat and cholesterol are the direct cause of heart disease, safflower oil seems like a healthy food, then you're completely wrong!

In fact, previous studies have found that, by replacing animal fat with vegetable oils such as safflower oil, cholesterol levels actually decrease. However, previous studies have not evaluated the higher ratio of Omega-6 fats than Omega-3 fats in vegetable oils. Therefore, the amount of Omega-6 fatty acids has increased rapidly in the American diet.

The researchers also provided evidence that Rum tree oil may not have cholesterol killing, but sure have fat Omega-6 .

Scientists also conduct experiments directly on a group of people. This group replaced animal fat with Omega-6 rich safflower oil in their daily diet. Although their cholesterol levels decreased, the mortality rate from cardiovascular disease and coronary artery disease in this group increased significantly compared with those consuming animal fats.

4. Soybean Oil

Soybean oil is still recommended by giant food corporations "healthy", It's good for your health, but it's actually a genetically modified food, containing hormones that cause nightmares for consumers.

In fact, most of the soybeans we consume are in a state Unfermented . Soybeans are processed on high production lines with strong hydrogenation, disrupting thyroid hormones due to the large number of estrogen-like compounds called phytoestrogens. Currently, up to 80% of the cooking oil we consume is soybean oil.

Even soya oil is called "Organic" It is also unlikely to be safe for you because there are so many organic organic soybean farms, but they offer genetically modified products. Ideally, avoid soybean oil completely.

I hope this article will give you some peace of mind when planning healthy nutrition for yourself and your family.