Stay Away From Dangerous Foods For Your Brain
Be careful with foods that damage your brain

In fact, some foods you eat daily can slowly cause harm to your brain. In this article, we help you discover foods that are harmful to the brain as well as foods that can protect your brain.

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The Foods You Eat Can Harm Your Brain

They reduce learning ability as well as memory impairment. Even worse, choosing the wrong foods and drinks can lead you to terrible illnesses and can be deadly like Alzheimer's disease.

A friend of mine told me that her father had died because of Alzheimers, it was a disease of evil monsters that made him, even when he died, still not recognize who she was. It is time for society to be aware of the seriousness of degenerative diseases such as Alzheimers, cancer and cardiovascular diseases, otherwise it will be too late. You just Spending about 30 seconds, 40 seconds, or 50 seconds for your daily food selection is already able to prevent these terrible diseases.

So join us on today's topic. "Food harms your brain, and what you can do with them."

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In a 2012 study by the University of California-Los Angeles, published in the Journal of Physiology, researchers showed that diets with high levels of frucchar may be degraded. your memory as well as your ability to absorb.

Stay Away From Dangerous Foods For Your Brain
Processed foods contain very harmful artificial sweeteners that have your brain

In addition to the harm caused to the brain, the study also revealed that eating foods with high frucose levels after a long time can cause insulin resistance in the body, and possibly leads to type 2 diabetes and obesity . In addition, a high-frucose diet also causes adverse effects on Triglycerin levels in the blood as well as the formation of small particles.

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So we have High frucose levels = memory loss and learning ability of the brain, increased risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease, not to mention the risk of increasing belly fat.

On average, people who eat Western processed foods consume a large amount of fruc-zey sugar that they do not know about in light drinks (typically corn syrup with frucose sugar content). High-fat hams, sweet fruit drinks, orange juice, fast foods such as cakes and candies, as well as corn syrup with a high sugar content of fructs found in salads sold in shops , breads and cereals, and even in spices like tomato sauce.

Note that many types of drinking water for sports activities, although advertised as "healthy," can still contain large amounts of corn syrup or even refined sugar such as sugar. The main learning is in the components. These sports drinks can harm your body and brain like sodas. Don't be fooled by ads that feature professional athletes drinking these types of water.

It should be noted that there are many drinks advertised on daily TV such as green tea, energy drinks, fruit juices containing 10-20 spoons of sugar in it. I also personally stay away from sweet foods as much as possible unless the sugar content is very small.

All of these foods and drinks contain many fruc-zeros, which are very easy to avoid if you choose to eat wisely ....

The last thing to know about the fruc-ze street .... Yes, all natural fruits contain fruc-sugar, but generally contain a much smaller amount of frucchar sugar than sweet fruit drinks, or sweet snacks . Natural nutrients, antioxidants, and fiber contained in most fruits are against all the negative effects of fruc-sugar.

Here's a little trick: Did you know that lemon and lime lemon contain almost no fructose, and only 3 to 4 grams of carbohydrates (powder and sugar) in all kinds of lemon and lime lemon, while 1 Orange fruit usually contains 6 grams of fructose and 25 grams of total sugar. Every day I squeeze lemon and lime lemon in both water and tea to have a healthy drink. Fresh lemon squeezed water can even be used to control blood sugar produced from meals ...

Stay Away From Dangerous Foods For Your Brain
Damaged brain causes memory impairment

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Perhaps you already know some of the health-damaging effects of these foods, but the long-term effects on your brain are probably still unknown.

Fatty acids Yes trans (trans fats) - Causes serious inflammation to the entire body, including the destruction of cell membranes in all organs. Avoid the use of hydrogenated cooking oils in the processing of food and to fry food too well.

Th annealed y - Studies show that mercury is emitted from pollution (coal-fired projects are the largest source of mercury, air and water pollution) and the amount of mercury in fish is high in the food chain like fish. tuna, shark, swordfish, eel, etc. can cause long-term negative effects on your brain. Limit your intake of these fish twice a month and pay more attention to fish such as salmon, arowana, and other small fish to minimize your mercury content.

Nh th Oh c ph I MT yes wheat - In the shocking book "Wheat Belly," Dr. William Davis argued very convincingly that wheat contains addictive substances for the brain. Wheat contains the compound "exorphins" that affects the brain like anesthesia. This explains why it is so difficult for people to give up bread, cereals, pasta, and baked goods because these foods can gradually be addictive.

From past experience, I personally knew that if I ate bread or pasta for dinner, I would eat a second time, the third time it was like I couldn't stop eating it. And a few hours after dinner, I crave food containing carbohydrates and sweets. But if I ignore them and just eat meat, vegetables, and salads, I feel very comfortable after dinner without eating at night.

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There Are Many Foods, Spices Can Defend Your Brain

Stay Away From Dangerous Foods For Your Brain
Turmeric is good for your brain

Do you know actually? Turmeric is one of the best antioxidant spices and has a protective effect on the brain ? In India, where curry powder contains turmeric and some other spices are eaten daily, there is the lowest incidence of Alzheimers in the world, which has proven to protect turmeric's brain.

In addition, high levels of omega-3 DHA and EPA in fish oil have been shown in most studies to have a protective effect on the brain from destruction over time.

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I will show you how to find dozens of delicious foods, spices, herbs, and nutrients and protect your brain, joints, organs, and skin from aging. Next articles.

These nutrients and superfoods can be found in most stores and they can protect your brain from aging, connecting joints, eliminating or preventing the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. , stabilize blood pressure, slow the aging process, fight cancer growth, cure digestive problems, and even help boost your metabolism ....

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