Sugar-Soda Soda Harmful To The Following 13 Ways
Sugar is the worst ingredient in human diet

When consumed too much, sugar additives can cause disastrous health consequences.

However, some sources of sugar are worse than others, and so far these drinks Sugar is the worst.

This is not only true for sugary soda, but also with fruit juices, the coffee Many sugar and liquid sugars.

Here are 13 reasons to stay away from soda (and other sugary drinks) as a plague.

first. Sugar drinks don't make you feel full and are closely related to weight gain

Sugar additives are easy to cause weight gain and sugar-containing liquids are even more so.

One of the reasons for this is that sugar provides a large amount of single fructose sugar. It does not reduce ghrelin hormone levels like glucose and is also the type carb main in starchy foods .

Studies have also shown that fructose does not seem to stimulate nerve cell groups to feel as satisfying as glucose .

In fact, the brain is supposed to adjust calorie intake. If you eat a lot of food (like potatoes), you will automatically eat less things instead.

Liquid sugar does not work this way. When people consume it, usually we get more calories out total calories absorbed .

In other words, sugary drinks don't make you feel full, so you eat the same amount of food as before, but there's a lot of sugar besides that .

In one study, those who added soda to the current diet consumed 17% more calories than before. This is an amount great , can easily lead to obesity if used long term .

Not surprisingly, studies have shown that people who drink sugary drinks continuously gain more weight than non-drinkers .

In a study in children, every daily sugar drink was associated with an increased risk of obesity 60% .

The truth is, sugary drinks are the most obesity factor in a modern diet. If you want weight loss or avoid weight gain in the long run, you should seriously consider removing this drink from your life.

Conclude: Liquid sugar doesn't feel as satisfying as solid food, but it also makes us eat more calories. Sugar drinks can be the leading obesity factor in a modern diet.

2. Large amounts of sugar are converted into fat in the liver

Sugar-Soda Soda Harmful To The Following 13 Ways
Excessive intake of fructose may contribute to non-alcoholic fatty liver disease

The sugar is made up of two types of molecules, glucose and fructose .

Glucose can be metabolized by every cell in the body, while fructose can only be metabolized by one organ, the liver .

Sugar drinks are the easiest (and most popular) way to consume too much fructose.

When we consume too much, in high carb and calorie diets in the West, the liver is overloaded and turns fructose into fat .

Part of the fat is converted into triglycerides in the blood, while some stay in the liver. Over time this contributes to the cause .

Conclude: Sucrose and high-molecular corn syrup contain about 50% fructose, which can only be metabolized by the liver. Excessive absorption can contribute to non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

3. Sugar increases the accumulation of abdominal fat

Sugar-Soda Soda Harmful To The Following 13 Ways
Sugar consumption makes us more susceptible to the accumulation of fat in the body.

Special fructose significantly increases abdominal fat and internal organs. This is called visceral fat or Belly Fat (15).

In a 10-week study in 32 healthy people drinking lots of fructose or glucose-sweetened fresh water .

Those who consume glucose only increase (not related to metabolic disease), while those taking fructose significantly increased harmful visceral fat.

Conclude: Consuming a lot of fructose causes an accumulation of visceral fat, which is a dangerous fat that leads to metabolic disease.

4. Sugar soda has insulin resistance, a major feature of metabolic syndrome

Sugar-Soda Soda Harmful To The Following 13 Ways
Metabolic syndrome is the main cause of type 2 diabetes and heart disease

The main function of insulin hormone is to transport glucose from the blood into the cells.

But when we drink soda with sugar, cells tend to become resistant to the effects of insulin.

When this happens, the pancreas must produce more insulin to remove glucose from the blood, so blood insulin levels rise. This condition is known as insulin resistance.

Insulin resistance is considered the main reason pedals cause type 2 diabetes and heart disease .

Sugar excess is the cause of insulin resistance and chronic insulin levels in the blood .

Conclude: Excess sugar can lead to insulin resistance, the main abnormality in metabolic syndrome.

5. Sugar drinks can be the leading cause of type 2 diabetes

Type 2 diabetes is a very common disease, affecting nearly 300 million people worldwide.

It is characterized by elevated blood sugar while suffering from insulin resistance or insulin deficiency.

Sugary drinks are thought to lead to insulin resistance, not surprisingly, many studies have linked soda consumption to type 2 diabetes.

Sugar-Soda Soda Harmful To The Following 13 Ways
In fact, just one can of soda per day is closely related to the risk of type 2 diabetes .

In a recent study of sugar consumption and diabetes in 175 countries, every 150 calories (about a can of soda) sugar every day is associated with an increase of 1.1% of type 2 diabetes .

To compare that number, if the entire US population adds a soda to the daily ration, it is close 3.5 million people may have diabetes.

Conclude: There is a lot of evidence related to increasing sugar intake, especially from sugary drinks with type 2 diabetes.

6. Sugar contains no nutrients in sugar

Sugar-Soda Soda Harmful To The Following 13 Ways
"Empty" calorie filled sugar

Soda has sugar that contains "empty" energy. This is no doubt.

It absolutely does not contain essential nutrients, no vitamins, no minerals, no antioxidants and no fiber.

It is indeed is not What's more about nutrition except quantity excess sugar and unnecessary calories.

Conclude: Soda with sugar contains little or no essential nutrients and can therefore be classified into "empty" energy.

7. Some people believe that sugar can cause Leptin resistance

Sugar-Soda Soda Harmful To The Following 13 Ways
Removing fructose from the sugar will cause no harm

Leptin is a hormone made by fat cells in the body .

Its main role is to regulate the energy balance in the long run, specify the amount of calories we eat and burn .

Leptin is responsible for protecting us from both appetite and obesity and is often called "satisfying feeling hormone" or "hungry hormone."

Resisting the effects of this hormone (called leptin resistance) is now considered one of the reasons Top increase fat in humans .

Some preliminary studies have linked sugar absorption, mainly fructose to leptin resistance in mice.

When these mice were fed a lot of fructose, they became resistant to leptin. When returning them to a sugar-free diet, leptin resistance disappears .

However, this issue is far from being conclusive and needs to be validated by human studies, using sugar with physiological-related dosages. Studies in this mouse used large doses, with fructose accounting for 60% of calories.

Conclude: Animal studies show that a diet high in fructoseo may increase leptin resistance, but eliminating fructose will reverse the problem.

8. Sugar soda can be addictive for many people

Sugar-Soda Soda Harmful To The Following 13 Ways
When eating sugar, dopamine released in the brain makes us feel good .

Human brain programmed Look for activities that release dopamine as a natural reflex. Our bodies especially like activities that release lots of dopamine.

These are really addictive drugs that have the same effect as cocaine and that is why humans can become dependent on them.

Many studies show that sugar and processed foods in general can have the same effect .

For some addicts, this causes the typical behavior of addiction to abuse the drug. This is also known as Food addiction .

Studies in mice have demonstrated that sugar can be physically addictive .

While it is more difficult to prove addiction in people, many people consume sugary drinks (and other junk food) in a habit that is typical of addictive and abusive substances.

Conclude: Freshwater has a strong influence on the reward nervous system, which can be very addictive in sensitive individuals.

9. Many studies have just out the relationship between drinks sugary with the risk of heart disease

Sugar-Soda Soda Harmful To The Following 13 Ways
Sugar can increase your risk of heart disease

Sugar consumption was first linked to the risk of heart disease in the 60s and 70s (38, ).

Since then, it has been determined that sugary drinks increase some of the main risks to cardiovascular disease.

This includes blood sugar, triglycerides, small, solid LDL particles and many other things .

Many recent studies in humans have found a close association between sugar consumption and the risk of heart disease in men, women and adolescents .

A study that closely followed 40,000 men in two decades found that people who drank a can of soda daily had a 20% higher risk of having a heart attack or dying of heart attack than those who rarely drink sugary drinks .

Conclude: The relationship between sugar and the risk of heart disease was discovered decades ago. Since then, many studies have found close relationships.

10. N soda drinkers have a higher risk of cancer

The risk of cancer tends to accompany other chronic diseases such as obesity, type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

Sugar-Soda Soda Harmful To The Following 13 Ways
For this reason, it is not surprising that sugary drinks are associated with an increased risk of cancer.

A study of more than 60,000 men and women found that people who drank two cans of soda with more sugar per week had an 87% higher risk of pancreatic cancer than those who did not drink soda .

Another study found a strong association of pancreatic cancer in women, but not in men .

Postmenopausal women who consume a lot of soda are also at risk .

Consumption of sweetened sugary drinks is also associated with cancer recurrence and death in colorectal cancer patients .

Conclude: Evidence from observational studies suggests that consumption of sugary drinks increases the risk of cancer.

11. Sugar and acid in S Ooda is a disaster for dental health

Sugar-Soda Soda Harmful To The Following 13 Ways
Soda can cause tooth decay

A well-known fact is that soda water has sugar harmful to dental health.

Soda contains acids such as and

These acids create a highly acidic environment in the mouth and make teeth more easily destroyed.

While the main acid in soda can be harmful, it combined with sugar to make soda especially harmful .

Sugar provides energy that can easily digest harmful bacteria in the mouth. Combined with acid, it devastates oral health over time .

Conclude: The soda acid creates an acidic environment in the mouth, while sugar is a food for harmful bacteria that reside there. This can have a serious negative impact on oral health.

twelfth. People who regularly drink soda significantly increase their risk of gout

Sugar-Soda Soda Harmful To The Following 13 Ways
Often taking sugary drinks increases the risk of developing gout.

is a disease characterized by inflammation and joint pain, especially in the big toe.

Gout mainly occurs when high levels of uric acid in the blood turn to crystallization .

Fructose is the main carbohydrate known to increase the content of uric acid .

Therefore, many large observational studies have found a strong link between sugary drinks and gout.

Long-term studies have shown that sugary soda is associated with a 75% increased risk of gout in women, and almost double the risk in men .

Conclude: Men and women often drink sugary drinks that increase their risk of developing gout.

13. Sugar consumption increases the risk of dementia

Sugar-Soda Soda Harmful To The Following 13 Ways
is the general term used to describe neurodegenerative conditions that can occur when we get older. The most common form is Alzheimer's disease.

Studies have found that any gradual increase in blood sugar levels is closely related to an increased risk of dementia .

In other words, the higher the blood sugar, the higher the risk of intellectual impairment.

Because sugary drinks cause sudden increases in blood sugar and They can cause blood sugar to rise due to insulin resistance, which means they may increase the risk of dementia.

Studies on rodents have and showed that drinks that contain a lot of sugar can impair memory and make decisions .

Therefore, sugary drinks are not only harmful to metabolic health, they also seem to be harmful to our brains.

If you want to lose weight or avoid chronic illnesses and live longer with a more alert brain, consider avoiding sugary drinks as a disease.