Tips For Moderate Weight Loss Acne Tightening
Exercise and have a reasonable diet to get toned muscles

How to exercise and have a diet so that you can lose weight, lose belly fat effectively, and have the most firm abdominal muscles?

Most people when weight loss are eager to own a toned waist and a 6 pack abs if possible. However, most people who encounter difficulties are unable to fulfill that desire for many years.

In addition, many people waste a lot of time on abdominal exercises that do not bring results, or even more people who believe in weight loss machines, reduce belly fat advertised on the radio with the promise of giving six-pack abs to just 2 minutes a day on the sofa.

Actually, I feel very sad because I still have Many people are wasting money on useless training machines or pills weight loss no effect.

How To Reduce Fat?

The truth is that people are pointing out the wrong solutions to realize that desire ... the abdominal muscle exercises are not the solution to how to deal with 6-pack abdominal muscles. In fact, abdominal exercises are the least important factor in conquering your 6-pack abs.

Many people believe that there must be a "secret" magic that helps many people own 6-pack abdominal muscles after many years of struggle.

The real solution here is to reduce the amount of fat in your body to the extent that it is enough to have a slim abdomen. Six-pack abdominal muscles are already formed under the belly fat layer without knowing. From my practical experience, this fat layer usually accounts for about 10% of total body fat for men and about 16-18% for women.

You think, a 7-year-old child who also owns 6-pack abs, did he also participate in abdominal exercises? No, the main reason is that his body fat is 0%, an extremely low number because the boy is very active, can run all day.

So, the most important thing to help you lose weight and get a toned abdominal muscle is you must Get yourself a fitness exercise program that is suitable in conjunction with a long-term diet (instead of short diet programs)

Tips For Moderate Weight Loss Acne Tightening
Exercise is the fastest way to reduce belly fat

New Practices

If you are a beginner with muscle exercises, you should start with exercises weight loss Basic like Squat, pillow, push against basic weight training exercises like squeezing people up high .... At the same time, static exercises should also be included in your exercise program like Plank or some static exercises with the ball to ensure that the abdomen is properly applied to bring about high effectiveness.

Cardio Exercises

The fact shows that exercise exercises help the practitioner to sweat and become more tired than regular cardiovascular exercises. In fact, Cardiovascular exercises are not really necessary in reducing fat . Some people with very firm bodies that I know absolutely do not practice traditional cardio exercises. I personally did not practice on walkers or elliptical machines for 8 years, but I still maintained a single-digit fat index. Body exercises such as swimming, fast rope jumping ... are more necessary for you to increase your endurance.

This type of exercise stimulates the burning of calories in the body faster than the steady-state cardiovascular exercises.

And of course not everyone can master the exercises and avoid injuries during their conquest. A variety of endurance exercises as well as intermittent exercises are applied before they start on-site running exercises.

Some good exercises for weight loss and muscle strengthening

Basically, you should choose 3 or 4 exercises that don't overlap with each other and then combine them into a high-intensity exercise, which will give you amazing results.

You can refer to the following illustration example:

1. Rock climbing exercises from 20-30 seconds

2. Weightlifting and pressing exercises (Combining squat exercises and pressing from the top)

3. Exercises to stabilize your feet using a ball

4. Ball Plank exercises.

You can practice these exercises without too much break time between exercises. Exercises will be repeated before moving on to new assignments. These exercises will combine to burn excess fat and work on the entire body.

Building Reasonable Nutrition Regime

Tips For Moderate Weight Loss Acne Tightening
Proper nutrition is essential for effective belly fat reduction

In fact, this is a very difficult issue to be able to say clearly because there are still many controversies surrounding it. However, it is not really complicated as many people think, you just need to do some simple steps:

1. Use unprocessed foods, The more natural the better.

2. Choose those Food contains high nutrient content instead of nutrient deficient products due to processing.

3. Supplement your meal with fruits and vegetables to provide carbohydrates instead of grains.

4. Adjust the amount of protein in every meal.

5. Eat lots of foods that contain high fiber content to help control appetite and control blood sugar (blood sugar remains more balanced)

6. Supplement natural fats from nuts, organic eggs, natural fish or fish oil, virgin coconut oil, olive oil, avocado ... (helps control the appetite and balance the contents)

When you have controlled the above problems, your body will make your own diet because you do not feel more sweet, cravings because your body is good enough and so you will not Also worried about the risk of weight gain after successful weight loss.

You also need to create a healthy eating habit and persistent perseverance weight loss from slimming. There is no such thing as "eating out" that can bring lasting results forever. Want to have a slender physique like that forever, you must have faith and determination to implement it.

Good luck!