Top 15 Foods Rich in Calcium Not Milk
The human body contains more calcium than any other substance

Our bodies have more calcium than any other mineral and it is very important for health.

It is the main constituent of bones and teeth, as well as plays an important role in cardiovascular health, muscle function and nerve signals.

The recommended daily intake of calcium (RDI) is 1,000 mg for most adults.

It is also recommended that women over the age of 50 and all people over 70 should consume 1,200 mg daily, while children 4 to 18 years of age are advised to use 1,300 mg.

However, most people do not get enough calcium from the diet .

The main foods rich in calcium are cow's milk products such as milk, cheese and yogurt. However, many sources other than milk also contain this mineral content quite high. These include seafood, green vegetables, beans, dried fruits, tofu and other calcium-fortified foods.

Here are 15 calcium-rich foods, many of which are not milk.

1. Types of nuts

Seeds are small nutritional plants, some have high calcium content, including poppy seeds, sesame seeds, celery and chia seeds .

For example, 1 tablespoon (15 grams) of poppy seed contains 126 mg, or 13% RDI .

Nuts also offer the protein and healthy fats. For example, chia seeds are rich omega-3 fatty acids plants .

1 tablespoon sesame seeds contain 9% calcium RDI. They also have other minerals, including copper, iron and manganese .

Key thing: Some nuts are rich in calcium. For example, 1 tablespoon of poppy seeds contains 13% of RDI.

2. Cheese

Top 15 Foods Rich in Calcium Not Milk
Calcium is abundant in cheese

Most cheeses are an excellent source of calcium. Parmesan cheese contains the most calcium, with 331 mg - or 33% RDI - per ounce (28 grams) .

Soft cheese usually has less calcium. One ounce of brie (French soft cheese) only provides 52 mg, or 5% of RDI. Many other types belong to the middle level, ie provide about 20% of RDI .

Calcium in dairy products has an additional benefit that is more easily absorbed by the body than calcium to plants.

Many types of cheeses also High in protein For example, cheeses made with skimmed milk and hard cheeses for a long time have low lactose levels, making it easier for people with allergies to lactose to digest.

Milk may also have other health benefits. A recent study found that milk may reduce the risk of heart disease .

Another study found that eating cheese daily is associated with a lower risk of metabolic syndrome, which increases the risk of heart disease, stroke and type 2 diabetes. ).

However, keep in mind that whole cream cheese is also high in fat and calories. Most cheeses contain a lot sodium , substance that some people are sensitive to.

Key thing: Parmesan Cheese provides 33% of the RDI of calcium. Although high in fat and calories, cheese can reduce the risk of heart disease.

3. Yogurt

Top 15 Foods Rich in Calcium Not Milk
Yogurt is also a good source of calcium

Yogurt is a great source of calcium. Many types of yogurt are also rich Living probiotic bacteria brings many health benefits.

One cup (245 grams) of white yogurt contains 30% of RDI. It also contains vitamin B2, phosphorus, potassium and vitamin B12 .

Low fat yogurt may contain more calcium with 45% RDI in one cup .

Although eating Greek yogurt is a great way to supplement protein in the diet, it provides less calcium than regular yogurt .

A study shows the link between eating yogurt and having better dietary quality and improving metabolic health. Study participants ate yogurt had a lower risk of metabolic diseases such as type 2 diabetes and heart disease .

Key thing: Yogurt is one of the best sources of calcium, with each cup providing 30% of RDI. It is also a good source of high quality protein and other nutrients.

4. Sardines and canned salmon

Sardines and salmon canned foods contain lots of calcium, so fortunately their bones are edible.

A box of 3.75 ounces of sardines provides 35% of RDI, and 3 ounces of canned salmon contain 21% of RDI .

These oily fish also provide high quality omega-3 fatty acids and proteins which are good for the heart, brain and skin .

While seafood may contain mercury, smaller fish such as sardines have less mercury. Not only that, both sardines and salmon are high in selenium, which is a mineral that can prevent and reverse mercury toxicity .

The key thing : Sardines and canned salmon are healthy choices. A box of sardines brings 35% of calcium RDI.

5. Beans and lentils

Top 15 Foods Rich in Calcium Not Milk
Legumes are one of the reasons why a plant-based diet is so beneficial

Beans and lentils contain lots of fiber, protein and trace elements. They also have high levels of iron, zinc, folate, magnesium and potassium. Some also contain relatively high amounts of calcium.

However, dragon beans occupy the top spot. One cup of cooked dragon beans contains 244 mg, or 24% RDI ( .

White beans are also a source of high quality nutrients, a cup of cooked white beans provides 13% of RDI. Other types of beans and lentils are less nutritious, ranging from about 4-6% RDI per cup .

Interestingly, beans are recognized as one of the reasons for the extremely rich diet of healthy plants. Research shows that beans can reduce LDL ("bad") cholesterol levels and reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes .

Key thing: Beans have high nutritional content, and a cup of cooked beans provides 24% of calcium RDI.

6. Almonds

Top 15 Foods Rich in Calcium Not Milk
Almonds are the most calcium-rich nuts

In all nuts, almond is the type with the highest calcium content. One ounce of almonds, or about 22 seeds, provides 8% RDI .

Almonds also provide 3 grams of fiber / ounce as well as healthy fats and protein. They are a good source of magnesium, manganese and vitamin E.

Eating nuts can help lower blood pressure, body fat and other risk factors for metabolic disease .

Key thing: Almonds are rich in nutrients such as healthy fats, protein, magnesium and others. One ounce, or 22 grains, provides 8% calcium RDI.

Whey Protein

Whey protein is found in milk and has been extensively studied for its health benefits. It is an excellent source of protein and contains all the easily digestible amino acids .

Several studies have shown a link between a high-fat diet weight loss and improve blood sugar control .

Whey protein is also particularly rich in calcium. One scoop of whey protein powder contains 200mg, or 20% RDI (ounce .

Key thing: Whey protein is a particularly healthy source of protein. One scoop of whey protein powder contains 20% calcium RDI.

8. Some leaves of green vegetables

Top 15 Foods Rich in Calcium Not Milk
Calcium content in green vegetables is very high

Extremely dark green vegetables are healthy, some of which are high in calcium. Green vegetables contain a lot of calcium including baskets, spinach, spinach (also known as spinach) and Kale .

For example, a cup of cooked basket vegetables contains 266 mg - a quarter of the calcium you need in a day .

Note that some vegetable varieties have high levels of oxalate. These are compounds found in nature that bind to calcium, causing part of calcium to be unusable for the body.

Spinach is one of them. Therefore, although it contains a lot of calcium, this amount of calcium is less effective than vegetables with low oxalate content such as kale and basket.

Key thing: Some dark green vegetables contain a lot of calcium. A cup of cooked cabbage provides 25% of your daily calcium needs.

Rhubarb tree

Top 15 Foods Rich in Calcium Not Milk
Nutritional value of rhubarb is quite rich

Rhubarb contains a lot of fiber, vitamin K, calcium and a small amount of other vitamins and minerals. It contains prebiotic fiber to increase the amount of beneficial bacteria in the intestine .

Like spinach, rhubarb has a high content of oxalate, so a lot of calcium cannot be absorbed. One study showed that only a quarter of the calcium in rhubarb is absorbed by the body .

On the other hand, the amount of calcium in rhubarb is quite high. So even if you only absorb one quarter of it, that number is still 87 mg per cup of rhubarb cooked .

Key thing: Rhubarb has a lot of fiber, vitamin K and other nutrients. The human body may not be able to fully absorb the calcium in the rhubarb, but the absorption is still high.

10. Enhanced food

Top 15 Foods Rich in Calcium Not Milk
Food fortified with calcium supplements

Another way to supplement calcium is through fortified foods.

Some cereals can provide up to 1000 mg (100% RDI) per serving without milk.

However, keep in mind that your body cannot absorb all that calcium in one go and it is best to take it into your body gradually throughout the day .

Corn flour and flour can also be supplemented with calcium. This is why some types of bread, tortilla and biscuits contain high levels of calcium.

Key thing: Foods from cereals can be supplemented with calcium. What to do is read the label carefully to know how much calcium in fortified foods.

11. Amaranth seeds

Top 15 Foods Rich in Calcium Not Milk
Amaranth seeds contain a lot of calcium and other minerals

Amaranth is a particularly nutritious cereal. This is a rich source of folate and contains certain high quality minerals including manganese, magnesium, phosphorus and iron.

A cup of cooked amaranth provides 116 mg of calcium, or 12% of RDI .

The amaranth contains more calcium with 28% of RDI per cup cooked. Leaves also have high levels of vitamins A and C very high.

Key thing: Amaranth seeds and leaves are very nutritious. A cup of cooked amaranth seeds provides 12% of calcium RDI.

12. Raw soybeans (edamame) and tofu

One cup of raw shelled soybeans contains 10% of calcium RDI. This is also an abundant source of protein and provides all the folate you need daily in a meal .

Tofu that has been processed with calcium also contains particularly high levels of calcium. You can get 86% RDI calcium with only half a cup .

Key thing: Tofu and edamame are both rich in calcium. Only half a cup of processed tofu with calcium already contains 86% of RDI.

13. Enhanced drinks

Top 15 Foods Rich in Calcium Not Milk
Enhanced drinks contain a significant amount of calcium

Even if you don't drink milk, you can still get calcium from non-dairy drinks.

A cup of fortified soy milk contains 30% of RDI. Of that, 7 grams of protein makes it considered to be the most non-dairy-containing cow milk similar to cow's milk .

Milk from nuts and other nuts can be enhanced at a higher level.

However, nutrient enhancement is not only available in colostrum, but orange juice can also be fortified and it provides up to 50% of RDI per cup .

Key thing: Milk without cow's milk and orange juice can be supplemented with calcium. A cup of orange juice can contain 50% of RDI.

14. Figs

Dried figs are rich in antioxidant and fiber content.

They also contain more calcium than other dried fruits. In fact, each ounce of dry fills contains 5% of RDI .

Moreover, figs also provide relatively high amounts of potassium and vitamin K.

Key thing: Dried figs contain more calcium than other dried fruits. One ounce of dried figs provides 5% of this mineral for your daily needs.

15. Milk

Top 15 Foods Rich in Calcium Not Milk
Milk is a major source of calcium

Milk is one of the best and cheapest sources of calcium.

A cup of cow's milk contains 276-352 mg of calcium, depending on whether it is whole milk or nonfat milk. Calcium in milk is also easily absorbed .

In addition, milk is an abundant source of protein, vitamin A and vitamin D.

Goat milk is also an excellent source of calcium with 327 mg per cup .

Key thing: Milk is a good source of calcium, which is easily absorbed. A cup of milk provides between 27% and 35% of RDI.

Messages to note

Calcium is an important mineral that you may not get enough.

While calcium is the most abundant in dairy products, there are many other abundant sources of plant origin.

You can easily get enough calcium by setting up a diet according to this varied food list.