Warning About Farming Salmon And Other Fishes Can ...
Be careful with fish meat

Why Does Salmon Feed Not Good For Your Health?

Fish have long been considered a source of essential nutrients and added to our daily diets. However you know that Farmed fish is not good for your health. Their nutrient content is only comparable to those sold on the market. From the aspect of nutrition and environmental impact, farmed fish have many disadvantages than natural fish.

Although it is more fat than natural fish, however, farmed fish provide lower levels of beneficial omega-3 fats.

• Do breeding environment "industrially" , farmed fish are susceptible to antibiotics and are more likely to be exposed to chemicals than other natural fish.

• Salmon is usually raised be supplemented with meat coloring agents in their food Otherwise, their meat will not be pink to create an appetite.

• The fisheries sector also causes some environmental problems, the most serious impact is on natural fish. People have estimated that Marine outflows from aquaculture ponds can kill up to 95% of adult salmon migrating through these areas.

Differences in Nutrient Concentration Between Aquaculture and Natural Fish

Warning About Farming Salmon And Other Fishes Can ...
Farmed salmon is not good for health like natural salmon

Farmed fish have higher fat content. This is not something new, because these farmed fish do not have to go through harsh living conditions such as having to cross frozen oceans or go through dangerous currents. In contrast, farmed fish only surrounds the pellets that are dropped without ever foraging.

This is similar to the comparison between farmed beef and grass or beef cattle.

According to the US Department of Agriculture, farmed fish is a type of fat that is much higher in fat than natural fish. With rainbow trout, the difference in total fat content is the smallest These types of farmed fish are five times more fat than natural fish. The American silver salmon species has approximately 3 times the fat content of wild fish.

However, the problem is not the total amount of fish fat, because if it is natural fish, fish fat is good for health, which is why we always recommend eating fish oil.

The problem lies in the fact that cultured fish contain higher levels of fat causing omega 6, and lose the balance between omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acids. 6 of the cultured fish is at least 2 times higher than natural fish.

Overall you can see that farmed fish are 10-30% higher in fat and calories (mostly omega 6 fatty acids) than natural fish.

Fat in farmed salmon contains less omega-3 fatty acids than natural salmon. Salmon fat is usually rich in omega-3 fatty acids.

Removing Salmon Meat Raised Out Of Your Home Menu

Warning About Farming Salmon And Other Fishes Can ...
Remove farmed salmon meat from your home menu

The types of diseases and parasites, in the ocean, diseases and parasites are relatively small, however, they appear widespread in aquaculture areas. so in order to survive, farmed fish must be vaccinated or antibiotics and medicines regularly to prevent infection

Scientists in the United States conducted two studies, and both showed that Farmed salmon accumulates more carcinogenic substances PCB and dioxin than natural fish.

Tests on farmed salmon samples show that farmed salmon is twice as high in fat as natural salmon, PCB carcinogen content is 16 times higher than natural salmon, 4 times higher than that of natural salmon. farmed beef and 3.5 times more than other seafood. Most of these toxins are in fish fat, so you probably already know when you eat farmed fish what toxic substances you put into your body!

Farmed salmon are often eaten with a meat coloring agent to increase the attractiveness. Without these substances, their meat is not as attractive as natural fish. These colorants have recently been proved by scientists as well. likely to cause cancer. These colors do not benefit your health other than harming you. When choosing food, we think that products that look natural will be better. But be careful, don't believe those things.

The fisheries industry, also known as the "floating industry", causes a lot of problems with the surrounding environment. Fish consume a large amount of high protein bran.

The excess food and waste parts of the fish will settle the ocean shelf, causing many types of bacteria that are harmful to shellfish and bottom-dwelling organisms. A large-sized salmon farm can produce waste equal to the waste of a city of more than 10,000 people. So what do you think if you go to the beach in those "dumps"?

Fish used to not be the main dish in American menus, but today it has become more common in the diet of people who are interested in health issues. Last year, salmon became one of the three most popular seafood foods in American menus (including tuna and shrimp). Due to the high demand for fish, the explosion of farmed salmon is lower than the price of wild fish.

Warning About Farming Salmon And Other Fishes Can ...
Most salmon sold outside the market are farmed salmon

Although advertised as healthy, most tilapia sold in the market are farmed fish, so this is not the best choice for health.

More than half of fish sold in supermarkets, in fish markets, hotels are farmed fish, distributed and marketed by producers. It is estimated that about a quarter of adults in the US often eat these kinds of fish, scientists also predict that the growth potential of seafood and seafood industry will increase even further. Although it is believed to be the best choice for health, eating farmed fish is really harmful to health, such as eating fast food made from beef.

Not only in the US, today fish is also one of the indispensable dishes in Vietnamese menu. However, as in other countries, the current source of natural fish also becomes more scarce, especially in big cities, when people start shifting to fish farming because the profit from farmed fish is very high. Therefore, when choosing natural fish products, it is necessary to limit the following types of fish: Tuna, swordfish, striped bass shark .... During daily meals due to high levels of mercury in these fish. Fish such as sardines, herring, and sunfish, even trout, have lower levels of mercury.

Note: For pregnant women, consult your doctor about the types of fish you eat.

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