Why is Ezekiel Bread the World's Most Healthy Bread?
Awareness about the harmful effects of wheat has increased significantly over the past few years.

Given that wheat accounts for most of the diet of most people, many people are looking for healthy alternatives.

Some people have asked me about Ezekiel bread, which is different from most other breads.

What is Ezekiel bread?

Ezekiel bread is different for some reason.

While most breads are available sugar additive Ezekiel bread is not.

It is also made from whole-grain organic cereals and germinated. The germination process significantly changes the nutritional composition of cereals.

In contrast to most breads sold mainly made from refined wheat or crushed whole wheat, Ezekiel bread contains a variety of cereals and beans, in which:

  • 4 types of cereals: Wheat, millet, barley and spelled wheat.
  • 2 types of beans: soybeans and lentils.

All cereals and beans are grown organically and germinated before processing, then mixed well and baked to create the final product.

I want to point out that spelled wheat, barley and wheat both contain gluten So, people with celiac disease or gluten sensitivity are less likely to use Ezekiel bread.

This is Ezekiel bread:

Why is Ezekiel Bread the World's Most Healthy Bread?

What is the effect of seed sprout?

Although grains like wheat or corn look rather dull, these tiny particles contain an extremely complex molecular structure.

There are several genes, proteins and enzymes that can turn a tiny seed into a complete plant.

When cereals receive the right "signal" - a complex biochemical process begins.

The county begins breaking the crust and sending into the soil the tangled tangles are called sprouts. With enough water and nutrients in the soil, this tiny seed eventually turns into trees.

Sprouting seeds are seeds that are allowed to initiate the process. It lies somewhere between the seed and the complete plant.

The second seed from the left is the germinated seed:

Why is Ezekiel Bread the World's Most Healthy Bread?

But one thing we need to note here: seeds do NOT want to germinate in an environment that is not friendly.

For example, if germination starts while the soil is dry, the seeds cannot turn into trees and will die.

For this reason, particles have protective mechanisms called these prevent them from growing until they meet the right time.

By giving the right signal particles, mainly hydration (water) and right temperature, we can disable enzyme inhibitors and make seeds begin to germinate.

Whole grains and legumes contain anti-nutritional substances

Another important thing to keep in mind here is that most of the bodies live Do not want to be eaten . Cereals and legumes are no exception.

They need to exist to keep the gene for the next generation.

Certain types of plants have developed components called to prevent animal consumption.

These are substances that can prevent nutrient absorption, digestion of digestive enzymes and have many negative health effects.

Take the example They are toxic in life due to enzyme inhibitors.

Although most cereals and legumes can be eaten after cooking, cooking does not remove all anti-nutritional substances.

Many non-industrial residents around the world eat cereals without problems, but most of them use them Traditional such as immersion, germination, fermentation and cooking to significantly reduce the amount of anti-nutrient.

Are germinated grains healthier?

Why is Ezekiel Bread the World's Most Healthy Bread?
, is when soaking grains in water and allowing them to germinate, causing some biochemical reactions in the grain.

The benefit of this is double:

  • Germination increases the amount of healthy nutrients.
  • Germination reduces the amount of harmful nutrients.

How germination increases nutrition

Due to the germination process, Ezekiel bread may contain more important nutrients.

Some studies have shown that germination of grain increases lysine amino acid content .

is a limited amino acid in many plants, so germination increases the efficiency that the proteins in the seed can be used for structural and functional purposes in the human body.

In addition, combining grains (wheat, millet, barley and spelled wheat) with beans (soybeans and lentils) can increase protein quality .

The study also showed that wheat germination can significantly increase soluble fiber, folate, Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Beta-Carotene .

Germination also breaks down a portion of starch because seeds use energy in starch to fuel the germination process. For this reason, germinated grains contain less carbohydrate .

Thus, because of germinated grains, Ezekiel bread is certainly more nutritious than most other breads.

How germination reduces nutrient resistance

Germination cereals also reduce nutrient resistance, which prevents the absorption of nutrients such as minerals and can be harmful.

Phytic acid is a substance found in cereals and many other foods. It can bind minerals like zinc, calcium, magnesium and iron and prevent them from being absorbed. Phytic acid germination mitigation .

Enzymatic inhibitors in cereals to protect them from natural germination but can also make their nutrients more difficult to access. Germination causes some of these substances to stop working in them .

Another benefit of germination is reduced gluten intake, many are sensitive to this protein, found in wheat, spelled wheat, rye and barley .

Due to reduced nutritional resistance, Ezekiel bread can be more easily digested and nutrients are easier to access by the body.

Wheat still has some health problems

Why is Ezekiel Bread the World's Most Healthy Bread?
The main ingredient of Ezekiel bread is still wheat

The important thing to remember is that although it is a combination of ingredients, wheat is still the number one ingredient in Ezekiel bread.

This is a problem because wheat is now linked to some health problems.

General rules about wheat:

  • Contains gluten, a protein that is sensitive to people and contributes to digestive problems, which increases intestinal permeability, etc. .
  • Wheat consumption has been linked to several cases of cerebellar ataxia, schizophrenia and autism in controlled trials, suggesting that wheat gluten may contribute to these diseases in one amount of people .
  • Fiber in wheat can contribute to vitamin D deficiency by making the body burn vitamin D reserves much faster .

A control test showed that whole wheat (yes, "good for the heart") could increase total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, small-particle LDL cholesterol and density and total LDL molecule, this increased risk of heart disease .

Germination will not removed Negative effects on health, although this may mitigate somewhat.

If you are not sensitive to gluten and do not follow a carb-restricted diet, Ezekiel bread may be a healthier choice.

It is definitely much better Compared to 99% of bread sold, the type is usually made from refined wheat and often contains lots of sugar.

Main message

Ezekiel bread is available at many supermarkets and grocery stores. You can also find a way to do it yourself if you search for "ezekiel bread recipe" on Google.

After all, Ezekiel bread is still bread. For optimal nutrition, most people can skip all bread and be faithful to pure foods like from animals and plants.

However, if you are trying your best to eat healthy but don't want to give up bread, then Ezekiel bread is definitely a much better choice.