Why Should I Lose Weight After Birth?
is one of the top concerns of mothers around the world, especially with mothers who have given birth for the first time. Those who give birth to a second or third child often have this experience, so they don't worry too much. In contrast, for mothers who are pregnant and give birth for the first time, postnatal weight loss is a very painful problem, moreover, very necessary, so we should not see this in a way. too arbitrary.

Below I will list two reasons why postpartum weight loss is essential for women, especially for first-time mothers.

Reason 1: Reduce Stress

Pregnancy is a great stage in a woman's life. However, it's really more complicated than you imagine a lot. In addition to the wonderful feelings that the mother has when carrying in her baby, the pregnancy also includes the Hormonal changes, weight gain, increased metabolism and lots of other biological developments . Women's bodies suffer a lot during these nine months and a few months after birth, so stress is very natural. The joy of having a child by your side and the feeling of tension and pain is mixed. During pregnancy, the woman's body usually grows from 8 to 15 kg and this severe condition will last until the new baby after giving birth. A small amount of weight will be reduced only after a few weeks of birth. However, the amount of excess weight is still very much, and it may be the cause for the spirit of women to become more and more severe and more tired. That is why it is important to reduce a lot of weight after birth.

Why Should I Lose Weight After Birth?
Reason 2: Avoid Obesity

Increasing weight after birth is more worrisome. Of course, postpartum weight loss is natural for every mother, but perhaps what we need to pay more attention to now is to avoid giving me more weight.

For millions of mothers around the world, instead of losing weight after pregnancy, they gain more weight. This happens because, The immediate loss of weight after pregnancy is not the real weight loss . It's basically just that your body loses a large amount of water instead of fat. At that time, the mother kept thinking that she had reduced her weight after birth, so they would not pay much attention to her eating problem. And, of course, they will gain weight again. The more frightening, the greater the risk of obesity near them.

This is also very common for mothers who do not care about their physical condition to focus on taking care of their baby during the first year, without thinking about losing weight after birth. . Of course, it was a great mother, but, it caused many harms to the mother herself if she was obese. Therefore, losing weight after birth with preventing weight gain is a common goal.

Losing weight after pregnancy can also be difficult because of the impact of health and maternal postpartum regimens. Young mothers should consult their doctor in such cases. Losing weight after pregnancy can also prevent more health problems .

Wish you all stay healthy!