Adding sugar to your daily diet is the most unhealthy habit in a modern diet.

And xylitol is one of the great natural sweeteners used to replace sugar.

Xylitol smells like sugar, but it has volume Less calories and does not increase blood sugar.

Some studies suggest that xylitol can improve oral health and many other important health benefits.

This article will help you know how xylitol will bring you health benefits.

What is Xylitol?

Xylitol is a substance classified as a low energy sugar (often called polyol).

Xylitol is a natural sweetener, found in many natural fruits and vegetables. The human body can also produce small amounts of xylitol through normal metabolism.

Studies show that, xylitol is a popular component in chewing gum, candy, mint candy, friendly foods or sugar-free oral care products.

Xylitol has a sweet taste similar to sugar, but contains 40% less calories:

  • Sugar: 4 calories / 1 gram of sugar
  • Xylitol: 2.4 calories / 1 gram xylitol

Xylitol can be made from bolts, green oak, birch or some other plants. It is condensed by the industrial process transform one plant fiber called xylan city xylitol.

Although low energy sugars are carbohydrates, most of them do not increase blood sugar, so they are counted as a food product. "Not carb" and become a popular sweetener in low-carb products.

Xylitol Has A Very Low Blood Sugar Index And Does Not Increase Mutation In Blood Sugar Or Insulin

High sugar fructose, which can skyrocket insulin and blood sugar levels. Content High fructose may lead to insulin resistance and all metabolic problems when consumed too much.

Although xylitol contains fructose, it has no significant effect on blood sugar and insulin levels. So, xylitol is a sweetener that doesn't bring you any harm like sugar.

Besides the low blood sugar index, xylitol has the amount 40% less calories than sugar So it is a friendly weight loss food for you.

Many studies also show that, xylitol is a natural sweetener that replaces sugar, is a great food for people with diabetes, pre-diabetes, obesity or other metabolic problems.

Xylitol Prevent The Development Of Bad Bacteria In The Oral Cavity And Has Many Benefits For Oral Health.

Many dentists recommend Use xylitol gum to get more health benefits and prevent tooth decay.

One of the leading risks of tooth decay is a type of oral bacteria called Streptococcus mutans. This bacterium resides in dental plaque and tartar, which can lead to gum disease, tooth decay, etc.

The bacteria in the oral cavity eat glucose from food , but can't eat xyliyol. That's why you Replace sugar with xylitol will cut down on the food of harmful bacteria, limit development of them and destroy them .

In other words, when you chew gum with xylitol or use xylitol sweetener, the sugar metabolism in the bacteria will be blocked and they will be starved to death.

In many studies, it is shown that, chewing gum contains xylitol reduces 27-75% of bad bacteria , when does not affect other beneficial bacteria.

Besides, xylitol also has Other dental benefits as:

  • Increase calcium absorption In the digestive system good for your teeth, help you against osteoporosis .
  • Increases the production of saliva. Saliva contains calcium and phosphate, which helps to re-mineralize teeth.
  • Reduce acidity of saliva, help against gum recession .

Many other studies have also shown that xylitol can help you reduce your risk of tooth decay by about 30-85%.

Xylitol Reduces Infections In Children And Against Candida

Mouth, nose and ears are body organs that are connected to each other. So, live bacteria in the mouth can cause ear infections, especially in children.

In some studies in children with recurrent ear infections, Daily use of xylitol can do reduce infection rate to 40%.

Besides, xylitol also help against Candida fungi, reducing the ability to cling to the surface and cause infection.

Xylitol Has Some Other Potential Health Benefits

As you know, collagen is the most abundant protein in the body and found in large quantities in the skin and connective tissues.

Some studies have shown that, xylitol can increase collagen production, combat skin aging.

Xylitol can also protect you against osteoporosis , Increase bone and mineral mass in bones .

Although xylitol can kill "bad" bacteria in the oral cavity, it can also eat beneficial bacteria in the intestine.

So, like soluble fiber, you should use xylitol in a reasonable amount, do not use too much at once.

Good luck!