You may have heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

However, most things are a rumor.

Although this may be true for some people, others actually feel better when they are skip breakfast .

10 Worst Breakfast Foods
Breakfast cereals are harmful foods in Western diets

Also, eating an unhealthy breakfast may be worse than not eating anything.

A healthy breakfast including fiber, the protein and healthy fat Help provide energy and make you feel full.

In contrast, an unhealthy breakfast can make you feel sluggish, weight gain and increase the risk of chronic disease.

Here are 10 of the worst foods you can eat in the morning.

1. Breakfast cereals

Many people think that breakfast cereals are a nutritious choice for children and adults.

Packets of cereals are often accompanied by a health statement, such as "containing whole grains." A brand may also suggest that cereals are a good source of nutrition like vitamin A and iron.

In fact, these grains are carefully processed and contain only a small amount Whole grains . In addition, nutrients are added to artificial under a process called enhancement.

One study found that children who consumed fortified breakfast cereals to improve their immune function were often sick like children who did not consume cereals .

10 Worst Breakfast Foods
Breakfast cereals even contain more sugar than biscuits and desserts

Breakfast cereals contain most refined grains (not whole) and sugar. In fact, Street usually the first or second item in the list of ingredients. The more the top of the list, the greater the volume.

2011's (EWG) has examined some of the most popular breakfast cereals consumed by children and found that a 1-cup serving often contains more sugar than 3 pieces of chocolate cake.

Even "nutritious" grains such as granola contain Oat , often

Drinking a lot of sugar can increase the risk of obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease and other chronic diseases .

Summary: Many breakfast cereals even contain more sugar than biscuits and desserts. Adding whole grains or artificial vitamins and minerals does not make them a healthy choice.

2. Pancakes and waffles

Pancakes and waffles are popular options for weekend breakfast at home or in restaurants.

Both pancakes and waffles contain flour, egg , sugar and milk . However, their cooking methods are slightly different to create different shapes and surfaces.

Although there is more protein than some breakfast foods, pancakes and waffles contain a lot of refined flour. Many researchers believe that refined grains such as wheat flour contribute insulin resistance and obesity .

In addition, pancakes and waffles often have syrup on top, this type contains High molecular corn syrup .

High molecular weight syrup can causing inflammation insulin resistance, which can lead to prediabetes or type 2 diabetes .

Pure nectar is a better choice than pancake syrup, but it still contains a lot of sugar, adding to it calories empty at meal.

According to the American Heart Association, most people consume sugar additive 2-3 times higher than the recommended daily limit .

Summary: Pancakes and waffles are made from refined flour and have sugar syrup. They can promote insulin resistance and increase the risk of obesity, type 2 diabetes and other diseases.

3. Toast with margarine

10 Worst Breakfast Foods
Toast contains a lot of refined and low-fiber carb, and margarine is high in trans fat

Toast with Margarine It seems like a good choice for breakfast, as it does not contain saturated fat or sugar.

However, this is really an unhealthy breakfast for two reasons.

First, because the flour in most breads is refined, it provides less nutrients and a little fiber.

Because it is high in refined carbohydrates and low in fiber, it can quickly increase blood sugar levels.

A rapid rise in blood sugar boosts hunger again, causing you to eat more during the next meal, which may cause you to gain weight .

Second, most types of margarine contain Trans fat , is the most unhealthy fat you can eat.

Food manufacturers produce trans fat by adding hydrogen to vegetable oil to make them look more saturated fat, ie solid at room temperature.

Although studies do not show that saturated fat is harmful, trans fat is certainly not good for you. There is a lot of evidence that trans fats are highly inflammatory and increase the risk of disease .

Also keep in mind that margarine may be labeled "trans fat-free" but still contains trans fat, provided it is less than 0.5 grams per serving .

Summary: Toast with margarine increases blood sugar and insulin levels, causing hunger and increasing the risk of weight gain and heart disease.

4. Muffins

Although famous for being healthy, most muffins are disguised small cakes.

They are made from refined flour, vegetable oil, eggs and sugar. The only healthy ingredient is eggs.

In addition, commercial muffin cakes are usually very large. A review shows that a typical packaged muffin exceeds USDA to 333% standard size .

The sudden increase in diet size over the past 30 years is believed to be a major contributor to the epidemic of obesity.

Sometimes muffins are covered with sugar and pieces chocolate or dry fruit , increase sugar content and calories.

Summary: Muffin is often filled with refined flour, refined vegetable oil and sugar, all very unhealthy.

5. Juice

10 Worst Breakfast Foods
Juice contains many sugar

Fruit juice one of worst option If you are trying to avoid hunger, stop gaining weight and avoid chronic disease.

Some juice on the market actually contains less juice and sweetened sugar or high molecular corn syrup. High sugar levels increase the risk of obesity, type 2 diabetes and other diseases .

Even 100% of juice contains sugar. Consuming a large amount of juice may have the same effect on weight and health as drinking sugary drinks .

Drinking juice makes blood sugar rise very fast because there is no fat or fiber to slow absorption. Increasing insulin mutations and reducing blood sugar levels can make you feel tired, shaky and hungry.

Summary: Although it has a reputation for being healthy, fruit juice contains a lot of sugar, similar to sugary soda.

6. Baked sweet bread

10 Worst Breakfast Foods
Toast has a lot of sugar and refined carb, but there is less protein

Baked sweet bread is an undeniable breakfast option that is quick and easy. However, their ingredients are all unhealthy ingredients.

Eg Contains white flour, brown sugar, high molecular corn syrup and soybean oil.

Health statements like "baked with fruits True ”is marked on the front of the box, to convince you that these sweet cakes are the choice for a nutritious breakfast.

In addition to containing a lot of refined sugar and flour, sweet pastry pastries only have a few grams of protein.

One study found that women who ate breakfast with 3 grams of protein and 44 grams of carb were starving and eating more at noon than women who ate a low, high-protein breakfast. carb .

Summary: Toast is rich in sugar and refined carb, but low in protein, can increase hunger and food intake.

7. Scones with jam and cream

Jam-covered pies are more like dessert than a meal.

Baking is made by mixing flour, butter and refined sugar. The powder is then shaped into small rings and baked.

They usually have ice cream and jam or jelly. Finally there will be a high sugar breakfast and calories with low fiber and protein.

Studies have shown that fiber has many benefits, including controlling blood sugar. It also makes you feel satisfied so you will eat less .

On the other hand, eating a refined, high-carb breakfast can increase blood sugar and make you feel more hungry.

In one study, obese children said they felt more hungry and less satisfied after eating a carb-rich meal than a meal. more protein , low carb. Their hungry and satisfying hormones also change .

Summary: Baking cake with cream and jam provides less nutrients than calories. Carbohydrates that are easily digested and low in fiber can cause hunger, leading to increased intake and weight gain.

8. Non-fat yogurt

10 Worst Breakfast Foods
Sugar-free non-fat yogurt has a high sugar content and may contain more sugar than ice cream

A bowl yogurt Raw Greek cream with berries is a good example of a healthy breakfast.

However, sugary, non-fat fruit yogurt is not.

In fact, many non-fat yogurts contain more sugar than equivalent creams.

Fat helps you fill up longer because it takes longer to digest carb, and it also activates the release of full hormone. (CCK) .

Removing fat from dairy products and supplementing sugar makes a nutritious breakfast an occasional snack.

Summary: Sugar-free non-fat yogurt has a high sugar content and may contain more sugar than ice cream. It also lacks natural milk fat that increases feelings of satisfaction.

9. Dry cereal bar

Dry cereal bars may be like other great breakfast options, but they are usually no better than candy bars.

Although unprocessed oats are high in fiber, dry cereal bars only provide 1-3 grams of fiber. However, they contain lots of sugar.

In fact, some of the most famous brands contain sugar mixes, corn syrup and honey . Large amounts of these sugars can increase blood sugar, insulin levels and inflammation .

Mixed cereal bars sometimes contain chocolate or dried fruit pieces, increasing the sugar content even more.

The protein content of dry cereal bars also tends to be low, further confirming that this is a poor breakfast option.

Summary: Dry cereal bars often contain many sugars that negatively affect blood sugar and insulin levels. They also lack protein and fiber.

10. Breakfast food processed without gluten

10 Worst Breakfast Foods
This type of food can lead to increased insulin, increased appetite and weight gain

Gluten-free diets have become very popular in recent years because of concerns about the adverse health effects of gluten .

While it is not harmful to avoid gluten, eating a lot of processed foods without gluten can cause problems.

For example, a mixture of rice flour, potato and Replace flour in gluten-free bread and baked products.

These powders have a high blood sugar index, so they increase blood sugar quickly. This increase leads to high levels of insulin that can cause fasting again and gain weight .

In addition, gluten-free pancakes, muffins and other baked products are no better than traditional versions of wheat because of their low protein and fiber content.

Summary: Gluten-free packaged foods made from powders cause an increase in blood sugar, which can lead to increased insulin, increased appetite and weight gain. They lack protein and fiber, contributing to increased satiety.

Main message

Breakfast can help you have an energy-filled day, steady blood sugar and control your appetite and weight.

On the other hand, choosing the wrong breakfast can make you hungry and struggle to overcome the rest of the day.

It may also increase the risk of future health problems.

If you are ready to eat breakfast, choose a breakfast that contains protein, fat and fiber from unprocessed whole foods.