20 Foods Not Healthy (Avoid)
It is difficult to identify which foods are harmful to avoid

There is a lot of confusion about which foods are healthy, which ones are not.

Below is a list of 20 foods that are generally not healthy.

If you want to lose weight and do not suffer from chronic diseases, you should not eat too much of these foods.

In many cases the best choice is to avoid eating them completely .

In the article below, alternative healthy foods will be mentioned whenever possible.

1. Sweetened drinks

Sugar additive is the worst component in modern diet.

However, some types of sugar are worse than others. In particular, sugary drinks are the worst.

When you drink drinks with sugar, the brain will not "recognize" them as a food.

For this reason, we will not automatically compensate by eating less of other foods, and ultimately increasing significantly. calories loaded into the body .

High consumption of sugar can cause insulin resistance in the body and it is closely related to the disease not alcohol. It is also related to many other serious diseases, such as type 2 diabetes and heart disease .

Sugar drinks are also the most obese form of modern diet, and heavy drinking can increase fat and risk of obesity .

Alternative choice: Drink filtered water, soda water, coffee or tea. Adding a few slices of lemon to the filtered water or soda water will make the glass less bland.

2. Types of Pizza

is one of the most popular snacks in the world.

This is not surprising because pizza has a delicious taste and is extremely convenient to eat fast.

The problem here is that most ready-made pizzas are made from unhealthy ingredients.

The dough made of pizza is made from highly refined flour, the meat used is also processed. Pizza also contains extremely high calories.

Alternative choice: You can choose pizza locations that use healthier ingredients. Making pizza at home is also a bad choice, because you can choose all the ingredients that are good for your health.

3. White bread

20 Foods Not Healthy (Avoid)
Should eat brown bread

Bread is usually made from wheat containing gluten protein.

For this reason, most breads are a bad choice for people with celiac disease or gluten sensitivity.

However most types of bread on the market are unhealthy for health, even for people with gluten absorption.

That's because most breads are made from wheat flour refined There are few essential nutrients (empty calories), and sudden increase in blood sugar .

Alternative choice: For those who absorb gluten, ezekiel bread is the great choice. Whole-grain bread is also better (at least less bad) white bread.

If the body has problems with gluten or carb, then this is Bread making is free of gluten and low carb content for you.

4. Most juice

20 Foods Not Healthy (Avoid)
Juice contains many sugar

Types fruit juice often thought to be very good for health, but in fact this is a mistake.

Many fruit juices are actually nothing more than fruit juice.

It is true that juice contains some antioxidants and vitamin C, but this must be considered in relation to large amounts of liquid sugar.

In fact, fruit juice contains a lot of sugar as a canned drink like Coke or Pepsi, and sometimes more .

Alternative choice: There are a number of juices that have been shown to be beneficial in health despite containing sugar such as good pomegranate juice blueberry.

However, they should be called drinks additional not the drink you drink when you are thirsty. Instead, drink plenty of filtered water.

5. Industrial vegetable oil

Over the past 100 years, people consume more and more fat.

20 Foods Not Healthy (Avoid)
Industrial vegetable oil increases the risk of cancer

However, this is explained by the dramatic increase in consumption of refined, vegetable oils, such as oil soy bean , corn oil, cotton seed oil and canola oil.

These oils are rich in omega-6 fatty acids that humans have never consumed in large amounts before.

There are many serious concerns about these oils. They are very sensitive to oxidation and cause oxidative imbalance in the body. They have also been linked to increased risk of cancer .

Alternative choice: Use other beneficial fats like coconut oil , butter, Pure olive oil or avocado oil.

6. Vegetable butter

20 Foods Not Healthy (Avoid)
Margarine has been considered a healthy food butter.

Fortunately, most people now realize this different compared to reality.

Margarine is a food prepared to look and taste like butter.

It contains many artificial ingredients and is often made from hydrogenated industrial vegetable oils to make them look denser. This significantly increases the amount of fat in it.

Remember the manufacturer licensed Label their products as "trans fat-free" as long as they contain 0.5 grams less fat per product, but this is still a significant amount of fat.

Alternative choice: Use real butter, preferably made from grass-fed cow's milk.

7. Types of biscuits and pastries

20 Foods Not Healthy (Avoid)
Industrially produced cakes contain many calories

Most biscuits, cakes, cakes made from flour are very unhealthy.

They are usually made from refined sugar, refined and fat-rich wheat flour, often unhealthy fats such as shortening fat (high in trans fat).

These delicious dishes are really the worst things you can load into your body. They have virtually no essential nutrients, but contain tons of calories and harmful ingredients for the body.

8. Potato chips of all kinds

20 Foods Not Healthy (Avoid)
French fries cause weight gain

Usually white potatoes are very healthy.

However, this does NOT mean that products made from them are also good, such as potato chips of all kinds.

These foods contain very high calorie content, and we often eat a lot. Some studies show the link between eating lots of chips and gaining weight .

French fries also contain large amounts of acrylamide, a carcinogenic substance formed during roasting potatoes .

Alternative choice: Eating boiled potatoes is best for health, not fried potatoes. If you want to sip something crunchy, try it mini carrots or nuts instead of eating chips.

9. Gluten-free food

The avoidance of using foods containing gluten is a problem today.

20 Foods Not Healthy (Avoid)
Snacks are not gluten-free, but only junk food

Through a study in 2013, about one-third of Americans are actively avoiding using gluten-containing foods (24).

The problem with many gluten-free diets is that people substitute gluten-containing foods with gluten-free processed foods.

These gluten-free alternatives are usually high in sugar, toxic oils, refined grains such as corn starch or refined flour. These refined powders often cause a sudden increase in blood sugar, and there are very few essential nutrients.

Alternative choice: Choose natural gluten-free foods, such as unprocessed plants and animal foods. Snacks are not gluten-free, but only junk food.

10. Agave flower (agave)

20 Foods Not Healthy (Avoid)
Choose stevia or erythritol sweet grass

Agave nectar is a sweetener often thought to be healthy for health.

However, it is not really as good as people think. It is a sweetener that has been purified and contains extremely high levels of fructose.

High fructose content from additive sweeteners (not from fruits) may be nightmare for human health .

The truth is that molasses has a higher fructose content than other sugars.

While the diameter contains 50% fructose, corn syrup has a high fructose content of about 55%, the nectar is raised to 85% fructose .

Alternative choice: Stevia sweet grass and erythritol are healthy, natural and contain no calories. There is a list of a few natural sweeteners in which you can refer to.

11. Low-fat yogurt

20 Foods Not Healthy (Avoid)
Yogurt is an extremely healthy food.

Unfortunately, all yogurt that is being sold outside the store is of extremely poor quality.

They often have low fat content, but contain lots of sugar to compensate for the lack of flavor that fat brings.

Simply put, yogurt has been eliminated from natural and healthy fats in these Milk Products . And they are replaced with much worse substances.

In addition, many types of yogurt do not contain probiotic as people often think. They have been removed after The fermentation process causes all bacteria to be killed.

Alternative choice: Choose the usual yogurt, full-fat yogurt contains live and active bacteria (probiotics). If possible, choose yogurt made from the milk of grass-eating cows.

12. Snacks contain less carbs

20 Foods Not Healthy (Avoid)
Low-carb snacks contain very few nutrients

Low-carb diet It is very popular today, and it has been applied for decades.

There are a few foods that you can eat with low-carb, most of them are healthy.

However, it's really not most pre-packaged low-carb foods like candy and low-carb meals that can replace your meal.

These are often processed foods through many stages, containing very few nutrients. They are merely a bunch of artificial ingredients that are mixed together and then sold out.

Alternative choice: If you're eating low-carb, eat natural foods with low carb content. Ready-made low-carb foods are still only junk food.

13. Ice cream

20 Foods Not Healthy (Avoid)
Eating ice cream increases calorie intake

Ice cream is one of the most delicious dishes in the world. Unfortunately they are one of the least healthy foods. Most commercial creams contain whole sugar.

Creams are high in calories and you can easily eat too much. If you eat it for dessert it is worse because you are loading it then more calories into the body.

Alternative choice: If possible, make your own ice cream and use healthy ingredients and contain less sugar (or no sugar).

14. Confectionery

Confectionery contains very few essential nutrients

Candy is extremely harmful to health.

They contain a lot of sugar, refined flour and processed fat. They also contain very few essential nutrients.

Prepared foods such as candies are often designed to look extremely delicious (so you can eat more), and they're extremely easy to peel off to eat faster.

Candies taste very good and make people satisfied for a short period of time, but you will quickly get hungry again because this type of snacks containing many sugars is metabolized very quickly.

Alternative choice: You can eat a piece of fruit either black chocolate pure.

15. Processed meat

20 Foods Not Healthy (Avoid)
Sausages contain many additives

Although the types meat Unprocessed can be nutritious but this is not true for processed meats.

Studies show that people who eat processed meat are at increased risk of serious illnesses, including colon cancer, type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease .

Most of these studies are based on observation, so they cannot prove that processed meat can cause disease.

However, the link of research statistics is quite clear and consistent, so I really believe there is a problem here.

Alternative choice: If you want to eat smoked pork, Sausages, pepperoni and other processed meats, try to choose wisely and buy them from local sellers without using many unhealthy ingredients. Quality says it all.

16. Processed cheese

20 Foods Not Healthy (Avoid)
Cheese is healthy.

It contains a lot of nutrients, and a slice of cheese contains nutritional ingredients equivalent to a cup milk .

However, processed cheese products are not the same as regular cheeses. They are mainly made of mixed ingredients and made to look and feel like cheese.

Cheese is very healthy, but processed cheese is not. You should check the label carefully, and make sure that the cheese you eat is really true cheese.

Alternative choice: Eat pure cheeses.

17. Most fast foods

20 Foods Not Healthy (Avoid)
Burger is a fast food

In general, the term "fast food" is often used to talk about junk food.

Most fast foods are mass-produced food scraps, and contain very little nutritional value.

These are cheap, but keep in mind that fast food makes you spend twice as much.

With every penny you think you save, you will probably have to spend more than that amount in the future. Poor health is very expensive.

Alternative choice: Fortunately, some healthy fast foods have begun to appear. Brand chain is a great example.

18. High calorie coffees

20 Foods Not Healthy (Avoid)
Should drink regular coffee or black coffee

The coffee has been transformed into a lot of drinks on the market.

It actually good for health and contains many antioxidants.

Studies have also shown that coffee drinkers have a lower risk of serious diseases like type 2 diabetes and Parkinson's disease .

Unfortunately, things that are sometimes added to coffee turn this wonderful drink into a healthier sewage.

If your "coffee" is full of ice and artificial sugar, it is NOT good for you.

It contains plenty of water, empty calories and not as good as other sugary drinks.

Alternative choice: Drinking regular coffee, black coffee is the best. However, you can add a small amount of high-fat cream or whole milk as well.

19. Anything with lots of sugar, refined grains and vegetable oils

20 Foods Not Healthy (Avoid)
One of the most important things you can do to eat healthier is to read the brand.

It is important to avoid (or minimize) foods that contain:

  • Sugar additive (and high fructose corn syrup).
  • Refined cereals like white flour.
  • Industrial vegetable oil.
  • Artificial trans fat.

These are some of the most unhealthy (and most popular) ingredients in modern diets.

The importance of reading labels is not exaggerated, and this should be applied to all Types of foods, even kind of called healthy food .

20. Types of food through many processing stages

Currently, the easiest way to eat healthy and weight loss is to avoid processed foods as much as possible.

Simply put, if it looks like it is manufactured in a factory, then it probably isn't good for you.

One principle to keep in mind is that natural food does not need a list of ingredients. Because it is already a material itself.