Be Careful With Fatty Belly

Fatty Belly Is A Very Serious Problem With Human Health
Belly fat is very dangerous for health

Belly fat not only makes you lose your aesthetic beauty but it is also very dangerous to your health. This is a very serious problem that not everyone knows.

The difference between the "subcutaneous fat" layer and the more dangerous fat layer - "visceral fat".

This article will provide you with useful information about potentially dangerous fats within Men and Women. You should also consult this article when you are showing signs Fat belly .

Did you know that most people today are suffering from abdominal fat. I am not bombastic about this at all, as many as 70% of Westerners like the US and Australia are in overweight or obese. But the first thing they just thought about was that the extra fat would make their bodies more bulky. And because of the fat covering the abdomen, it makes them very afraid to wear clothes that show off their physique.

However, most people do not know that, the excess fat does not only lose the aesthetic but also very dangerous to your health. Scientific studies also show that excess belly fat has a negative effect on your health.

There are 2 types of fat on the abdomen you need to know. The first type is the fat that lies on your abdominal muscle called the "subcutaneous fat", which is directly under the skin, just above the abdominal muscle layer.

The second type of fat is the visceral fat, located deep below the abdomen, under the abdominal muscles and surrounding the internal organs. This type of fat often occurs in men who regularly use beer and when you press on those abdominal areas, you will feel stiff.

Both of these fats have negative effects on your health. However, science has proved that excess visceral fat is far more dangerous than subcutaneous fat.

Both of these fats increase the risk of cardiovascular, stroke, sleep apnea, cause cancers and a range of different types of diseases.

Fat belly It is also a direct cause of increased CRP, an indicator of the body's inflammation leading to cardiovascular problems as well as other health problems.

Another reason explains this visceral fat The danger is that they produce elements that cause inflammation in your body.

One of the main causes of this fat accumulation is more than other types of fat due to excessive intake of starch and sugars, which causes excess insulin. Moreover, some studies also show that too much tolerance of fructose from corn syrup is also a major cause of excess fat.

If you really care about the quality of life for yourself and those around you, put the reduction of belly fat (and visceral fat) to No. 1.

Moreover, when you reduce it Fat belly , your abdominal muscles will be very firm so you will quickly get yourself a perfect body.

Fatty Belly Is A Very Serious Problem With Human Health
How to reduce belly fat effectively?

How to lose belly fat?

Is there any way to get rid of that fat layer more effectively than all the hype you see on ti-vi and more than "miracles" in slimming products?

First you need to know that there is no quick solution that will bring high efficiency. There are no weight loss pills that can help you lose belly fat quickly. In addition, abdominal muscle training tools such as rollers and bracelets may not help you remove that abusive belly fat. It's really hard for you to get rid of that excess fat with such training tools. Simply, these tools will not help you.

The only way to help you reduce belly fat effectively It is to combine a reasonable diet with natural untreated products, along with cleverly designed bodybuilding exercises. Help stimulate hormone production and promote metabolism in your body. If you implement these two methods in parallel, you will see remarkable results.

I have seen many studies in which they divided hundreds of participants into two different groups: one group only performed diet and the other group combined diet with practice. The study results show that for the first group, they will lose less belly fat than the group that performs the combination of the two methods.

You need to realize that traditional exercises are not suitable for this. Most people are trying very hard to train under a perfect fitness program, but what they are doing is showing that they are not exercising enough and properly to get rid of excess belly fat. . And this phenomenon often happens in the gym.

Most people who come to the gym go through boring cardiovascular exercises, with obsolete weight loss exercises, then combine movements such as bending or kneeling and assume that these movements are good for reducing belly fat. However, after that, they were disappointed and worried about whether or not they did the wrong step, when they practiced hard for weeks or even months and still had no results.

Fatty Belly Is A Very Serious Problem With Human Health
Proper nutrition is an effective way to reduce belly fat

The Best Belly Fat Reduction Method

However, now you do not need to worry much anymore because I will introduce you to an extremely effective workout method for reducing excess belly fat. This is the result of my more than 5 years of research and I'm sure it will be very helpful for you.

From research I realized that, in order to reduce the amount of belly fat you need to pay attention to the following 2 things:

first . High-intensity program training, simple and low-intensity cardio exercises cannot be highly effective in reducing unnecessary fat. For high intensity exercises like Interval-trainning or overall weight loss exercises to eliminate unnecessary fat. These are very helpful ways to increase glucose release capacity and increase insulin levels, thereby eliminating dangerous internal fat content. These types of exercises are also great for increasing fat burning ability and producing hormones that reduce unnecessary belly fat, including visceral fat. You can follow these exercises in the Insanity set that is included as a gift of gratitude in our Perfect Meal program.

2 . In addition, It is also important to control blood sugar levels to get back insulin intake . This greatly affects the reduction of refined sugar and starch in your diet. (including corn syrup amount) and pay attention to foods with healthy fats such as butter, nuts and olive oil as well as organic eggs, natural fish or fish oil, as well as increased intake. Protein and fiber needed.

The standard diets set by "experts" are not very helpful for controlling blood sugar levels as well as reducing visceral fat.

Remember: Limit the amount of noodles in your diet and supplement the amount of sugar from sources of vegetables and fruits, such as grapes, also help you solve the problem.

Wish you success and stay healthy!