Thinking Control In The Weight Loss Process

We live in a society that is full of stress, fatigue, and worries. Rather, we are experiencing a fast life. Every morning when we wake up, we all seem to be swept away in that hustle and bustle, rushing out of bed, completing individual tasks, getting ready to take the kids to school and prepare food quickly. For them, as long as they have breakfast without spending too much time.

Sometimes we have to stand still for hours in bustling traffic, lumbering, and then there are loads of work waiting for us to solve. After that, in the afternoon, we rushed to school to catch the children and prepare dinner for them (sometimes visit a nearby pizza shop), then the kids quickly sat down The study table, and we are glued to a favorite TV show. Finally, climb into bed, sink into sleep to regain energy for the next day. And so our life goes by.

The problem is, if life goes quietly like that then surely we will never have to be tired or stressed. Life is inherently not full of roses, so the best way is to accept and adapt to those challenges. The fact that stress only lasts for a short time, your body will not be too tired. However, if these conditions last for many years, your body may become exhausted and start aging quickly.

Stress And Weight Gain

Studies show that stress is closely related to weight gain problems. A recent study at Georgetown Mediterranean Center found that rats who always lived in high pressure environments were more likely to gain weight than other mice, although their food intake remained constant. Scientists also promptly reported that after three months, these mice had a double weight gain compared to mice that did not experience any stress even though they all had the same diet.

Is stress the cause of weight gain? The answer is yes. But this does not happen to everyone. Many people who are stressed will skip meals, making them thin and visible (I'm a good example). If you are experiencing weight problems, it is very likely that stress will make you gain weight faster.

So if this happens you will have a lot of trouble losing weight or maintaining a reasonable weight.

So what is stress?

Stress is a body reaction in response to requests. Stress can cause both good and bad effects. When stressed, the body responds by secreting chemicals into the blood vessels that make us more energetic and motivated to work. This is a good effect of stress. However, if stress is created based on emotion, it will cause us to lose our faith and energy, we cannot focus on anything.

Two hormones are produced when you feel stress called cortisol and adrenaline (epinephrine). Your adrenal glands are responsible for producing these stress hormones. Cortisol and Adrenaline are ready to be released when you feel stressed. This reaction of the body is formed from our ancient ancestors and because of its miraculous effects, our father has more motivation and faith ready to fight against the enemy.

The effects of stress hormones are also amazing, especially when we face the dangers that threaten our lives. (for example, a bloodthirsty tiger is trying to eat us.) Today, stress hormones still have a lot of effects, making it easier for us to resolve jobs right ahead of time or the prescribed time. However, our bodies are unable to distinguish between physical stresses and mental stress, so our bodies have only one hormone secretion mechanism.

How Does Stress Remain You?

Stress is also a direct cause of your weight gain, first, if the amount of cortisol released too much over a long period of time, our thyroid gland will be affected thereby causing an imbalance in blood sugar levels. The body's metabolic activity is interrupted causing abdominal fat to appear and accumulate. Belly fat is very dangerous and involves many types of diseases.

The amount of cortisol secreted depends on each person. Studies show that people with more cortisol secretions tend to eat more and especially cravings for high-carb foods. The simple reason is that these hormones are produced from sugar and fat, so we will feel very hungry and craving for high-carb foods to continue producing stress hormones.

Maybe your diet hasn't changed but your metabolism is currently interrupted, so excess calories will turn into fat that builds up in our bodies. Going back to food, stress can also affect foods you crave when stressed. When sad and depressed, you tend to look for foods high in sugar and salt. Eating a salad cannot make you feel good, so you often continue to look for foods like potato chips or delicious ice cream sticks.

So, from a scientific perspective, if the amount of stress hormone secretes less, you won't crave fat-rich foods or sweet candy, so you will lose weight more easily. Therefore, when you encounter stress, you should breathe deeply, relax your muscles and let your head drift along with joyful emotions, your body will overcome stress and will balance your life. .

Are you an emotional follower?

Scientists use this "emotional follow-up" to describe people who have a habit of eating according to their emotions, especially when they are tired, worried, they often find food as a way of relieving mood. Studies have also shown that if someone is always stressed, they tend to gain weight because of the hormonal changes as well as emotions in their emotions that keep them hungry for food.

Although eating will make your mood better, you feel more comfortable. This is also a way for you to avoid reality and forget sadness. And sometimes people find food to fill the gaps that mental pain causes. However, eating too much when your body is stressed can make you gain weight quickly if you don't stop in time.

Danger: Stress Can Make Older People 9 - 17 Years Old.

Can you believe it? This is a research result discovered by Elisa Epel, a psychiatrist at the University of California. Here is a quote from her original discovery:

“With more than 50 years of research experience, we have learned that stress is the cause of diseases such as hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, insulin resistance, immune disorders, as well as numerous Other illnesses shorten our life cycle. In fact, there have never been any documents about the effects of stress on aging at the cellular level. Our team also found changes in DNA structure that cause white blood in women who are often stressed. If the stress is prolonged, telomere - located at the top of each chromosome responsible for allowing cell regeneration will appear shorter. When telomeres appear too short, cells cannot divide and produce necrosis. Based on the length of the telomeres, we estimated the cells of the women participating in the study were prematurely aged 9-17 years. This means that, if more cells become necrotic, aging will occur faster, causing melasma, freckles, and myopia. "

In life, stress can cause a lot of health risks. So try to preserve your beauty and youth, try to relax and limit stress. Here are 5 things you need to have a comfortable mind:

1. Success And Lessons.

Never try to reinvent the wheel. Refer to how to lose weight by those who have succeeded. You need to pay attention to their thoughts and attitudes

2. Failure To Be A Mother Of Success.

You need to change your own thoughts. You are allowed to fail but you need to learn the lesson for those failures. Look at Thomas Edison to see that he failed 10,000 before successfully building an electric light bulb. But when asked about the failed experiences, he shared that he discovered more than 10,000 ways to make light bulbs, he learned a lot of experiences. And so he did not fail

3. There is an Iron Grinding Machine with a Good Day.

You will definitely succeed. You meet all the factors to be successful, it is important that you create your own ways to make a difference and be successful.

4. Comfortable - The Key Of Success.

You need to always try to adapt to the reality that you are trying to lose weight. Success cannot reach those who always look back, have no motivation. If you think you don't have enough to succeed, go back to rule 3

5. Always Feeling Loved and Respected.

This is a very important thing in life, all things we do want to be directed to the people around us, the people have the phrase "eat me wear".

Here, I want you to complete a small exercise as follows:

Please list the Top 10 things that you think everyone should have to have a good life. Watch and think for a month to make the right decisions!

1. Always love yourself and your body.

2. Take time for your body, you can meditate or do yoga.

3. Always spend time with friends and family.

4. Always try to adapt to every situation.

5. Practice sports, build perfect diet.

6. Laugh a lot.

7. Always try to create joy, and enjoy the joy of life.

8. Always optimistic, love life.

9. Pay attention to your physique.

10. Don't worry to bother you.

Above are the things you should have to create a comprehensive thinking for weight loss.

Good luck.

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