Weight Loss Menu: How To Choose Slimming Foods ...
How to both reduce fat and ensure health

These foods are able to turn your body into a fat burning machine and you should include them in your daily weight loss menu.

Why? Because they have Very low calorie content .

Remember: Whether a food is considered healthy and contains a lot of nutrients, there are many positive effects, but if too many calories are contained - including those foods good for health - can make you fat.

On the other hand, a food may contain less calories, but without many other nutrients that can help you lose weight, it will not guarantee your health.

How To Reduce Both Guaranteed And Healthy?

I believe that there are people outside that that look very good, but it's not like it's inside (their health is not as good as it looks).

And of course that can't make you become an energetic, energetic and passionate person.

And so, no matter how good your appearance looks, you're not a complete person successful slimming .

This means, success in fat reduction is not simply about obtaining the ideal fat percentage or just the dark colored muscles never mind.

At the same time, I also note that, even if you are in good health but do not have a satisfactory body, it is not a success.

That is why I am deeply concerned about the food issue so that I can create weight loss menus daily, weekly and even forever if I feel necessary.

I studied those types food help you achieve both goals: The body is healthy and the body is slimmer (and even if you want to have a strong muscle, it's not difficult at all).

So now we don't need to care about anything else, just talk about healthy foods that can help you burn fat in your body.

In fact, it is unimaginable to create an appropriate list for everyone. Why? This is the reason for you:

What if you are vegetarian? Of course you will not eat meat and of course it needs to be removed from the list. Then maybe your body is intolerant lactose What about a sugar found in dairy products? Naturally, milk will be excluded from the list. Some people also have problems with gluten or many other problems.

This is the reason that I DON'T force you to eat this, eat that, you can completely eat what you want, because each person's preferences are different.

So, how can we create a list of healthy foods that are suitable for everyone?

Very simple, we just need use a list of foods that have different functions and uses, tailored to the needs of each person, but there is the same amount of nutrition from which you can create healthy and scientific weight loss menus that are still very rich and attractive.

And if you are busy, you can also enlist only one evening and you can set up a 1-week weight loss menu based on the list of daily menus you have set up. Here is a list of some very helpful foods for you to reduce fat:

Healthy Slimming With Protein Rich Foods

Weight Loss Menu: How To Choose Slimming Foods ...
Protein is good for weight loss and muscle gain

This is a trick of bodybuilders and some stars in choosing the right foods for the body.

And even if you are not a bodybuilder, you don't need to apply "Star" weight loss menus, you should also add them to your daily diet. They can help burn excess fat in your body.

Start each of your meals by c A lean meat contains a lot The protein . If you are vegetarian, you must choose a plant that contains Protein, but most of us know, Protein contains a lot of products derived from animals such as meat, fish and milk.

Many people believe that meat products are not good for health. This is completely wrong! That depends on the type of meat you choose. There are several ways to choose meat for your healthy meal:

Firstly , you need stay away from processed meat products - cold (canned) meats or meats in fast food outlets (because it is not necessarily the type of meat you choose, not to mention a series of harmful chemical additives that people use to process it).

Monday , to ensure a gradual reduction in calories (help you lose weight) choose ways that can cut the best meat. For example, if you choose chickens instead of pork thighs ...

Tuesday If you have conditions, please Choose dishes from grass-eating species like beef . In meat these species have a very healthy fatty acid composition (next omega 6 fatty acids omega 3 )

And below are the best meats that you should not ignore when making Weight loss menu yours:

  • Chicken breast (not in fast food stores.)
  • Types of animal meat (Deer, deer, goats ...)
  • Beef (buffalo).
  • Fishes (especially Salmon and fish caught naturally.)
  • Meats from shellfish or seafood.
  • Eggs of all kinds (You can eat whole fruits, egg yolks also work against Cataracts)
  • Dairy products (Choose nonfat or low-fat milk).

Healthy Slimming With Multi-Fiber Vegetables

Weight Loss Menu: How To Choose Slimming Foods ...
Vegetables are high in fiber for digestion and weight loss

The next foods to help you have a healthy meal and increase your body's ability to burn fat are green or fibrous foods.

In which vegetables and foods with fiber are extremely important. They are high quality foods carbon-hydrate , nutrients and very low calorie intake, This will help your body grow more comprehensively and also help you lose weight faster.

Here are some vegetables that you should add to your daily weight loss menu:

  • Broccoli
  • Shoots.
  • Spinach.
  • Green beans (Green beans)
  • Peppers (both green and red.)
  • Tomato (Or sauce from natural tomato.)
  • Cauliflower.
  • Lettuce (or other green vegetables)
  • Cabbage.
  • Onions.
  • Starch foods are green.

The Fruits Should Eat

Fruits have a lot of healthy vitamins and weight loss

I'm sure you've heard that eating lots of fruits and vegetables is good for the body.

Indeed I feel very sad for those who want to reduce the amount of carbon-hydrate without daring to eat more fruit.

Fruit is one of the most abundant and natural sources of nutrition. It does not make your body swell, but it also gives you a lot of energy needed for health .

The weight loss menu in my previous week usually has at least 5 days to provide fresh fruit.

And you know, the effect is amazing. I have regained my toned physique and a well-proportioned body while ensuring optimal health.

I can also provide you with a list of fruits, but I'm sure you always have your favorite fruits. And most fruits are very nutritious so I only give you two tips:

  • Be careful with these dried fruits. One of the reasons for fruit becoming a healthy food and being able to burn fat is because it is high in fiber and has a high water content. When the fruit has been drained, it will increase the calories. High-calorie foods make you fat.
  • Do not drink too much fruit juice. If you drink fruit juice, remember to drink less. Fruit juices have a high calorie intake and are not very effective for your fat loss.

Except for the types I noted above, all fruits are very good for your body.

The Best Natural Powder And Cereals

Weight Loss Menu: How To Choose Slimming Foods ...
Starches and natural cereals are good for health

The next healthy food is natural starches and grains.

People always assume that foods that contain new low-carbon carbohydrates are good for fat loss, so try to limit their use. That is a wrong view.

Even in the weight loss menu of "Sao", it is indispensable for this starch content.

You have to know that natural carbohydrate-containing starches work to strengthen muscles, and of course it's good for your body when you eat it reasonably with other foods.

In addition, if you are a motivational person or have a certain exercise regime, you can rest assured to eat them as they will not cause any harm to you.

Here is a list of foods that contain natural starch that you should eat:

  • Sweet potato
  • Potato
  • Brown rice
  • Lentils
  • Green bean
  • Peas
  • 100% natural cereal powder, or natural breads made from natural flour.

Healthy Fat For Slimming

Even doctors often think, "Fat will make you fat." But the truth is not so.

Statistics show that every gram of protein has 4 calories, Carbon-Hydrate has 4 calories, and Fat has 9 calories. Because the calories of fat are double that of other substances, it makes it easier for your body to get fat than other foods.

Weight Loss Menu: How To Choose Slimming Foods ...
Natural fat is essential for more effective weight loss

However, If you are in the absence of calories, fat is very useful for your body .

In fact, there are some types of fat, especially omega-3 There are many types of fish fat, which is a healthy food that is good for your health.

Healthy fats can be found in nuts, dark green vegetables and some types Unprocessed oil You can completely include your daily weight loss menu.

You should stay away Trans fat and refined oils. Most people know how to limit the types of white sugar they see every day. But they could not see it in refined oil bottles, which they always thought could be safe for themselves.

Here are some foods that contain healthy fats for you:

  • Fatty fish (Salmon, mackerel ...)
  • Fish oil (If you don't eat fatty fish)
  • Coconut oil .
  • Olive oil
  • Nuts.
  • Almond
  • Butter
  • Olive
  • Natural peanuts.

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