Many studies have shown that work eat too much wheat and wheat products can cause Abdominal visceral fat, acne, joint problems and arthritis, irritable bowel syndrome and acid reflux, increase appetite, addiction, increase overall calorie consumption, increase risk Diabetes, cardiovascular, aging, and immune-related diseases .

Moreover, in wheat and products made from wheat as bread, crackers, .. contains lots of gluten , increase your risk of getting sick Chronic inflammatory bowel disease and irritation for people with stomach ulcers.

11 Causes That Make Wheat And Products From Wheat Not Good For Your Health

1. Biochemical Characteristics Of Wheat Today Is Different From Wheat Before Kia

Studies have shown that wheat flour that was eaten 1,000 years ago has biochemicals unlike the wheat we are using today. And in fact, by Wheat has been bred very much In the past few years to increase crop yields and increase processing or flavoring capabilities, even wheat that our grandparents have lived 50 years ago also has Biochemical properties are far different from those used today.

Dr. Davis said: "Small changes in the protein structure of wheat may be a devastating immune response that differs from wheat protein in comparison to the overall non-immune response." Therefore, wheat is now completely different even than 50 years ago, because wheat now has different levels of gluten and anti-nutritional compounds and there are differences in overall biochemistry.

Dr. Davis also points out that: "Wheat gluten protein has been significantly changed due to breeding. In a breeding experiment, 14 new gluten proteins identified in my life did not exist in my parents' life. "This means that modern wheat contains new" exotic "gluten proteins that the human digestive system doesn't adapt to digesting them properly. And in fact, stomach ulcers, a completely autoimmune disease with gluten intolerance, has quadrupled in the past 50 years. Dr. Davis also believes that sensitivity to gluten has increased similarly in the past 50 years.

In short, You should pay attention to your daily diet, and even if you don't have stomach ulcers or be sensitive to Gluten , the fact that you eat too many products that contain high levels of gluten, such as wheat and wheat products, can also make you suffer from chronic inflammatory bowel disease and some other minor illnesses that can harm your system. Your digestive system and other autoimmune diseases may be different. And remember, chronic inflammatory bowel disease can also lead to future cancer.

2. Wheat Contains Similar Additives As Opium

Dr. Davis makes a very convincing argument that wheat is addictive. Wheat contains compounds called "Exorphins" causes an effect in your brain similar to opium. This explains why people are struggling to remove all kinds of bread, cereals and other wheat products from the ivory diet, and it takes a relatively long time. to abandon them completely.

From my own experience, I knew that if I were Dinner with bread or other wheat products , I will quickly return to eat them because I can't seem to stop eating the food made from it. And after dinner only a few hours, I will have a feeling appetite for high-carb or sweet foods . But if dinner, me just eat meat, vegetables, salads, I feel Totally satisfied after dinner and There was no appetite at night .

3. Wheat Uses More Calories

Studies show that additives in wheat products can make you crave foods that contain more carb. In many studies, Dr. Davis also points out that, People who eat wheat and wheat products will load more calories than people with gluten-free diets . Besides, there are also many studies that show that the calories that people who regularly eat wheat and loaded wheat products are usually 14% higher at 350-400 calories / day than those with regimes. eat gluten-free.

So you will Easily control the total calories you load daily by avoiding wheat-based foods such as cereals, breads, pasta and other wheat products.

4. Wheat Increases Blood Sugar

Complex carbohydrates including wheat are called amylopectin A. This type of carb is rapidly digested and this affects more serious blood sugar than most other carb sources, even compared to with refined sugar.

Dr. Davis also stated, "In addition to some dietary fiber, eating two identical whole-grain bread slices is often worse than drinking a soda with sugar or eating a sweet candy."

Besides, his research also shows that amylopectin A is the only substance found in wheat not found in other carb sources, which increases blood sugar levels much higher than most sources. Other carbohydrates, regardless of whether they are simple or "complex" carb. And in fact, considering the level of blood sugar, wheat is at all levels of processing in the form of processing or untreated, simple or complex, high in fiber or low in fiber, all all cause high blood sugar. ”

5 . Wheat Increases Visceral Fat Mass In The Abdomen

Although there are many causes of intra-abdominal visceral fat, wheat contributes greatly to the formation of visceral fat. By combining the activation of wheat with blood sugar and insulin processes in your body, the ability of automatic wheat increases calorie consumption, as well as properties that inflame the digestive system. Some of the nutrients present in wheat, including gluten, all this leads stimulates the development of visceral fat in the abdomen yours.

And as you know, visceral fat is especially dangerous, once it accumulates in the intestinal tract and around your organs, it continuously diffuses the molecules that cause inflammation into your intestinal system. In addition to corn syrup containing high levels of fructose and other types of snacks that can increase visceral fat, wheat is also a positive contributor to the increase in visceral fat.

So do you Remove wheat and wheat products Out of daily diet will help you reduce visceral fat faster , and Help your weight loss process work better .

6. Wheat Causes Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and Reflux Acid

Dr. Davis points out the link between gluten consumption and irritable bowel syndrome and reflux acid. His research also shows that work Removal of wheat and wheat products also significantly improves acid reflux and irritable bowel syndrome.

And in fact, hundreds of my clients have seen completely or partially reversed acid reflux disease or irritable bowel syndrome by removing gluten from their diet.

If you have reflux disease or irritable bowel syndrome, you should try to remove them from your diet for about 2-3 weeks and monitor if symptoms are relieved? And I'm sure to you that removing wheat and wheat products not only doesn't hurt your body but also helps you lose some of the excess fat in your body.

7. Wheat Increases Aging Speed

Eat too much wheat products like bread, bagels, cereals, crackers, etc. and other wheat products will increase the body's compounds called High-Sugar (AGEs) products make you age faster than your real age.

Starch in wheat and wheat products is a very fast digestible starch called amylopectin A. It increases blood sugar even more significantly than table sugar, which increases the number of high sugar sugars and contributes to the aging process as soon as wrinkles appear.

8. Wheat Can Cause Acne

According to Dr. Davis, pimples (acne bran, acne) 95% appear between the ages of 16-18 years in the West, and 50% for people over 25 years with continuous episodes.

Dr. Davis also provided evidence that Acne is not inherited , but almost due to diet. Most people who appear acne are due to their regular diets of wheat and wheat products.

Many research works Other also indicate that refined sugar, and other processed foods especially Wheat and rice products are the cause of acne.

9. Wheat Increases Risk of Heart Disease

As you know, LDL particles in your blood are large bulging LDLs (which do not contribute to heart disease) or dense small LDL particles (which contribute to plaque buildup and heart disease).

Dr. Davis claims that, food made increase blood glucose , converting most of it into larger amounts of small LDL particles and increasing the glycation of small LDL particles. Therefore, heart disease and stroke are not only caused by high cholesterol but they are also caused by oxidation, glycation, inflammation, small LDL particles ... processes that are stimulated by carbohydrates, in particular are wheat products.

10. Wheat Increases The Acid In Your Body

Your body is difficult to keep the pH level in about 7.4. What foods you consume or contribute to acidic compounds or alkaline compounds. A natural diet like meats, fruits, nuts and vegetables will help your body have balanced acid compounds. But when you eat regularly cereals, especially wheat and wheat products will increase the amount of acid in your body and lead to loss of acid ice, alkaline acidity. Especially, if you eat or drinking more and more acidifying compounds (soda, cereals, sugar), the more you need to absorb bone calcium compounds to regulate the pH in your body yours. This is possible causes problems with osteoarthritis and osteoporosis by age.

Some studies from the University of Toronto also show that, The amount of gluten loaded is high, the loss of calcium in the urine increases by about 63%, along with increased signs of bone demolition. So even if you don't have stomach ulcers or sensitivity to gluten, you should consider whether to remove or reduce wheat or wheat products from your diet. is not.

11. Wheat Causes Arthritis, Including Arthritis

Many studies show that, the more you consume wheat and wheat products, the higher and more frequent blood sugar levels increase, and the more glycation occurs. The process of glycation is the phenomenon of sugar acting on proteins and fats in the blood and in body tissues, including joints such as knees, hips and hands. The cartilage in the joint is the only subject susceptible to glycation, because cartilage cells live for a long time and are unable to regenerate. The glycaton process will make cartilage brittle and unbearable, eventually crumbling. Your osteoarthritis will be surrounded by pain, pain, and it is an expression of arthritis.

So, if you want healthy joints in the future, you must reduce or eliminate wheat and wheat products from the diet regime your everyday.

Through the above article, I want to share with you that, although fiber content may be the only benefit of wheat, however, you can easily get more and more fiber in the diet. Take your daily drink from fruits, nuts, and vegetables without the bad effects of wheat and wheat products.