3 Artificial Foods
Is artificial food "better" than natural food?

Last day, I visited a grocery store and I had to shake my head labels that mislead consumers about artificial products are thought to be good for health, but they are not good at all.

One thing that is unacceptable to me is that those products are also propagated that they are "better" than natural products of the same type.

However, the truth is quite the opposite, all those artificial products are even worse than "MANY" compared to natural products, they have gone through a lot of processing. However, there are many people who believe that products that have passed "processing" are better than natural products.

Here are some examples:

1. Products "Better" Natural Peanut Butter For Low Fat Content?

It was really absurd, I couldn't believe anyone thought that those products were better than natural peanut butter. And what I'm talking about is the kind of peanut butter that is supposed to be low in fat. . However, You should know that when the fat content is low, it means the manufacturer has to add a lot of sugar to replace that fat . And so it is not really good.

3 Artificial Foods
Peanut butter is naturally better than similar artificial products

First, when you buy peanut butter (choose to buy the best organic type), the ingredients are mainly composed of two ingredients: peanuts and salt. The manufacturer does not add too much salt to produce too much sodium. Note that, You should stay away from peanut butter containing hydrogenated cooking oil. Natural peanut butter with ingredients including salt and peanuts is the perfect choice.

Return to artificial peanut butter products. This product is said to be better than natural product (consider it better than natural peanut butter according to its label), but there will be some ingredients that make you change your mind:

First, they take away too many beneficial acids, so they become low-fat products. In other words, they have taken away the best ingredients of the product: good fats help you control appetite and balance blood sugar.

To make such products so bad, manufacturers have replaced two types of syrup sugars that are beneficial by adding sucrose and refined starch.

This product has losing the nutritional ingredients in natural peanut butter, and turning it into something like processed candy . However, they claim that these products are better than natural peanut butter because they are less fat. We will recognize trickery so don't make yourself their "chickens".

Processed peanut butter may contain lower fat content (thanks to healthy fat removal) but Sugar content as well as carbohydrate is still very high . Therefore calorie is still approximately equal to natural peanut butter.

3 Artificial Foods
Natural eggs are full of nutrients and ensure better health

2. Products "Better" Eggs?

Basically, these products only Includes egg whites with colorings, synthetic flavorings and artificial vitamins.

Similarly, the producers took away the yolk - the most important part of the egg. And the truth is Yolk is the part that provides most of the beneficial nutrients. If someone tells you that these two types of natural and man-made products are no different, they are the ones who have no knowledge of nutrition at all. The most important thing to decide on the quality of that egg lies in whether the poultry is naturally grazed and is completely organic. Most poultry farms confine chickens in the barn, even if they do not see the light, their food is just non-nutritious grains.

So you need to look to the local farms grazing outdoors, they can still search for prey, eat worms or green grass. I understand that not everyone can find such a farm so when buying eggs, You need to find organic eggs and brands claim that their eggs have high levels of DHA or omega-3.

Another thing that affects the quality of the egg is that if the hen's diet contains both flax and seaweed, the amount of omega-3 to omega 6 in the egg will greatly increase. So they also provide more beneficial fats.

3 Artificial Foods
Avocado from cow's milk is better than artificial butter

3. Product "Better" Butter?

These are synthetic types of margarine, contains high levels of processed and dangerous fats. However, there are some people who think that the product is better than butter.

And those are the people who are cheated by them.

Even low quality dairy products are better than margarine. The problem here is The quality of avocados can be affected by antibiotics or improper dairy farming.

For this reason I encourage you to choose organic butter products and if you can buy avocado made from pasteurized cow's milk the better. The fact shows that using a little butter with boiled vegetables will increase the ability to absorb vitamins and minerals in vegetables. The truth is that if you add a bit of fat to eat with boiled vegetables, your body's ability to absorb vitamins and minerals will increase.

Another reason to recommend dairy products is because:

The saturated fat content is fixed in butter, making it a very good fat for processing with other foods.

High-polyunsaturated fat oils are not suitable for cooking due to free radicals.

How about saturated fat in butter?

I can confirm that saturated fat in butter does NOT affect your health. So you don't need to worry much about it.

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