The Trouble From Yogurt
Yogurt is a favorite dish of many people, but ...

This article will reveal to you some facts about yogurt that startle you and consider which yogurt should be used accordingly.

Did you know that in the last few years, "bacteriophage" has become a term that many people care about because of its ability to control its immune system ( According to estimates, about 70% of the beneficial bacteria for your immune system are mainly in the intestines.

Most people believe that eating yogurt can help them provide the necessary amount of their body's beneficial bacteria (so most people often eat yogurt often eat yogurt). However, there are some issues you need to keep in mind when using yogurt.

1. Sterilization Method "Killing" The Berries In Yogurt

Some types of yogurt are processed separately for fermentation, some types of yogurt often make yogurt by adding microorganisms, but some countries do not. Most yogurt products from the US are made from pasteurized milk. When microorganisms are cultured in yogurt for fermentation, yogurt will taste better and the body will be more easily digested because the lactose content has been digested by microorganisms.

The Trouble From Yogurt
Post-fermentation pasteurization loses the benefits of yogurt

However, some producers sterilize yogurt after the fermentation process, so they have accidentally killing all kinds of good bacteria for the body. While some well-known yogurt manufacturers often do not sterilize yogurt after fermentation, so the beneficial bacteria still in milk will help our bodies become healthier.

The amount of beneficial bacteria in yogurt may vary depending on the manufacturer and depending on the type of yogurt. It is estimated that about 1 billion to 5 billion bacteria on a box of yogurt. This number seems to be large but still lower than some other yogurt types.

So, TIP when looking to buy yogurt is You should choose to buy brands that include ingredients that are not yet killed.

2. Too Much Yogurt And Dangerous Artificial Sweetener

The Trouble From Yogurt
Sweeteners in yogurt can affect human health

Most types of yogurt are too much sugar is mixed, mainly corn sugar syrup or dangerous artificial sweeteners.

You should also note that sucralose is the culprit that kills a wide range of bacteria, so yogurt containing artificial sweeteners like sucralose will kill a wide range of bacteria.

Most types of yogurt from the US are produced with the criteria to satisfy people's appetites, so they have added too much sugar without caring about health issues.

I often recommend that people choose pure sugarless yogurt or stevia natural sweetener or other natural sweeteners if you like sweet food.

Personally, I often choose non-fat yogurt but fat-free yogurt is sold in supermarkets today. You should know that, main Non-fat yogurts will satisfy your taste, so you will eat less. Conversely, if you often use yogurt, you will feel very hungry after about 1-2 hours. Besides that, Yogurt products made from cow's milk will be very good for your health, At the same time, a lot of vitamin K2 (which reduces cardiovascular risk) also has CLA (which works to prevent cancer and helps reduce fat) as well as body-healthy omega-3 fatty acids.

3. Not Only New Yogurt Is The Best Benefit Supply

The Trouble From Yogurt
Only choose yogurt of natural origin

The last problem of yogurt that I want to share today is, not only yogurt is the source of the best bacteria in the body in terms of both quantity and beneficial bacteria.

Yogurt contains many beneficial bacteria that cause your digestive system and immunity better.

Most types of yogurt include 3-4 probiotic strains. however, Kefir yogurt yogurt is a fermented drink containing 10-20 probiotics depending on the brand and each type of yogurt. Besides, Lassi is also an Indian-style fermented yogurt that contains more microorganisms than regular yogurt.

In terms of quantity, usually a box of yogurt contains about 1 billion to 5 billion bacteria, while Kefir or Lassi yogurt is about 7 to 50 billion bacteria depending on the manufacturer and the type of milk sour. Regular yogurts are fermented within 2-3 hours while Kefir yogurt is fermented within 12-16 hours so the amount of bacteria will be significantly increased and the digestive system will work better.

Besides, most Kefir yogurt yogurt usually does not contain lactose sugar because it is completely digested by live yeast, so this yogurt is good for your digestive system.

Kefir is a VERY GOOD yogurt added to vitamins instead of using water or almond milk, so it's good for your digestive system.

Again, I personally often Choose non-fat yogurt and often choose yogurt made from cow's milk. If I don't like to use Kefir yogurt in smoothies, you can also add a little vanilla, Split seeds into the Kefir yogurt cup to feel the great taste it brings.

Along with the above, I also want to disclose more often AVOID the past types of pasteurized milk or commercially homogenized milk . This is a very dangerous way to cause the bacteria to be lost during the sterilization process as well as to the homogeneity. Moreover, yogurt and Kefir yogurt are often made from pasteurized milk (which has not undergone a homogenous process) so our bodies will be more easily digested due to undergoing fermentation.

Therefore, never use commercial milk, I only use regular yogurt for a number of times a week and I mostly use Kefir yogurt for the health benefits that it brings as well as delicious flavor.

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