8 Health Secrets You Need to Know
Health secrets to make life happier

Health issues are always a matter of great human interest. Sometimes a mistake in choosing food, or health products, can make your health situation very big. Today's article I will share with you about eight health secrets that you need to take care of to ensure you the best health. And these secrets help you see the true nature of the "assertions" that you often hear on ads, newspapers, or media.

1. Inject Many Types of Vaccines Help Prevent Effective Disease?

Vaccines have always been thought to be an extremely valuable gift that humans have created to prevent certain types of illnesses, and even prevent dangerous diseases.

If you believe that, try to read and understand some of the reputable scientists and physicians' views:

8 Health Secrets You Need to Know
Do not give too much Vac to children

When you want to inject any vaccine, there are three issues you need to consider:

• First, find out if this vaccine is really safe.

• Second, whether the vaccine can prevent disease effectively.

• Third, can vaccines be combined?

However, most people who come to vaccination often do not scrutinize these questions. Vaccination doctors say that some vaccines have the ability to boost a child's immune system, but sometimes have the opposite effect, causing the very same diseases that are thought to be preventable. Some other vaccines cannot be combined or produce side effects if the vaccination time is close to each other, leading to a decline in the immune system of children.

And these are just a few of the basics for vaccines, making those vaccines that can affect the body's natural antibody capacity.

Have you ever thought about if your child was vaccinated fully according to the medical center's schedule, then up to five children in kindergarten, our dear children were given 48 shots of 14 different vaccines. . In these injections, There are 36 shots given in the first 18 months, this is the time when the baby's brain is still very immature and growing a lot.

World health organizations have not found any evidence to prove that It is safe to inject too many vaccines into children and does not affect the development of children. However, they have not been able to give an answer to the question of whether or not children tolerate too much vaccine in the first years of life, so does any abnormalities in the immune system as well as the Your child's experience.

This problem involves a lot of things, it is difficult to fully and accurately statistics the potential hazards of vaccines and the missing information about vaccination.

8 Health Secrets You Need to Know
Fluorine water is unlikely to prevent tooth decay

2. Does Fluorine In Water Help Reduce The Risk Of Tooth Decay?

The reason why fluorine is added to the water treatment system is to reduce children's caries. However The harm caused by fluorine is more worrying than the benefits of fluorine to reduce the possibility of tooth decay . Using fluoridated water for a long time can cause many health hazards.

Not to deny the effects of fluorine on our oral health, however, fluorine is only effective from the effect on the enamel, and if we swallow fluoride, many potential hazards can occur. Studies have shown that, Using water containing fluoride cannot help us reduce dental health problems. Studies have also shown that there is no difference in tooth decay rates between countries using fluorine water and countries that use fluorine supplements.

Meanwhile, fluorine also causes a lot of other health hazards from fluorine infection which in turn decreases the function of the gland, reduces IQ and more dangerous diseases.

3. Sunlight Causes Skin Cancer?

Sunlight provides an abundant source of Vitamin D

Melanoma is a common disease, ranked third among skin cancers, but is the most dangerous disease because metastases (spread ability) are very fast, accounting for 75% of all cases. death from skin cancer. However, there is some evidence that shows the opposite result.

Some studies in recent years show that t Proper sunbathing can help prevent cancer. In fact for people with Melanoma, it is best to limit exposure to the sun, otherwise the condition will be more serious.

In an interview with Vitamin D research expert Robert Heaney, he explained why common advice to avoid the sun causes serious health problems.

So, how can sunlight help us prevent cancer?

Vitamin D will go directly into the skin to limit the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays on the skin. However, if you limit your exposure to the sun or regularly apply sunscreen, your skin will be deficient in vitamin D so your skin will be very weak and not able to fight cancer.

The data also indicate that the incidence of melanoma is higher with abuse of sunscreen and sun exposure.

However, limiting excessive sun exposure and abuse of sunscreen is the underlying cause of melanoma.

4. Saturated Fat Is The Cause Of Cardiovascular Disease?

8 Health Secrets You Need to Know
Butter provides a good source of fat for the body

In 2002, an expert on food and diets made a comment and left the following serious consequences:

"Saturated fats and cholesterol are not effective in preventing chronic diseases and should not be used at meals."

This recommendation has caused significant health effects for many people in that period and lasted until now.

But the truth is completely different, Saturated fats from animals and plants help build healthy cells and stimulate hormones. Our bodies will not be healthy without these fats.

They are also a medium for dissolving vitamins like A, D, E and K. Saturated fats are also essential for the conversion of carotene into vitamin A as well as the absorption of minerals and minerals. other biotransformation.

In fact, saturated fat is an essential source of energy for you to have a healthy heart.

5. Artificial Sweetener Has Weight Loss Effect?

8 Health Secrets You Need to Know
Artificial sweeteners both cause weight gain and health effects

Many people still believe in artificial sweeteners and think that this is a product to help with weight loss. However, the research results show that People who regularly use artificial sweeteners are more likely to be obese than those who use regular white sugar.

In 2005, according to information from the San Antonio cardiovascular study, which lasted for 25 years, people who regularly use carbonated drinks are at higher risk of weight gain than those who regularly use soda water. usually, common, normal. On average, for each carbonated beverage containing artificial sweeteners, 65% of users are at risk of facing weight gain problems if used during 7-8 years and 41% are easily obese.

Here are some reasons why you should limit sugar use to ensure health:

If taste tastes sweet, our bodies will become hungry even if the sweetener has no calories.

Artificial sweeteners always makes you feel hungry and therefore the amount of sugar you need to get into your body needs a lot to cause overweight problems.

Artificial sweeteners also affect the body's ability to calculate calories. A study at Purdue University in 2004 showed that mice fed artificial sweetener had much higher calories than mice fed the natural sugar solution.

In general, I advise you not to use artificial sweeteners despite the aggressive advertising campaigns of manufacturers that these sugars contain little or even no calories.

Artificial sweeteners also entail a variety of potential health risks. So you should be careful with these artificial sweeteners.

6. Soybeans Are Healthy Foods?

Soybean oil is always thought to be a healthy product in many people's subconscious mind. This is one of the successes of advertising campaigns of manufacturers. But you need to be alert to know that unfermented soy products are really harmful to your health.

7. Good Whole Grains For Everyone?

8 Health Secrets You Need to Know
Whole grains are not necessarily good for everyone

Using whole grains is an issue that is quite controversial with nutritionists. We have been recommended since ancient times that fiber in whole grains is really good for health. However, with whole grains including organic cereals, it is still possible to cause dangerous diseases .

About 85% of Americans have problems controlling insulin levels, especially those with the following problems:

• Overweight

• Diabetes

• High Blood Pressure

• High cholesterol

• People in the Protein metabolism group

In addition to those who are unable to tolerate gluten, cereals also seriously affect their health.

So limit the use of sugar and cereals in your diet, especially when you have these problems.

8. Milk Is Good For Your Health?

Milk is really good for your health?

Milk will be great for you if it's pure fresh milk.

However, some views suggest that only drinking pasteurized milk is really good for health. I personally do not recommend or recommend which type of milk you should use, but want to note that when the milk goes through a pasteurization process, the milk structure will be altered and sometimes cause allergies to the digestive system and risks. Dangerous for the immune system.

Please read carefully the above-mentioned secrets to have a better look at protecting your own health.

If you find this article to provide you with useful information about your health, share it with your loved ones to help them get a better, healthier life!

Good luck.