Top 4 Foods That Make You Aging Soon
Removing harmful food will no longer worry about aging

If You Restrict Harmful Foods, You Will Be Younger From 5 - 10 Years Old

In fact, do you know which foods will make you age faster? One of these foods is even healthier by some "advertising" producers. However, the truth is exactly the opposite, If you limit these products, your aging process will slow down, even if you look 5-10 years old.

For each type of food you consume, your body will have different biochemical reactions, some foods will make your aging process faster, but some foods will help you fight too. aging process. If you regularly consume toxic foods, your body will age faster, you may even be OLDER than 10 years old, but if you know the right food choices, your body can YOUNG is 5-10 years old. Three processes take place in your body and are considered as factors that directly affect your aging speed. glycation (glycation is a bond between a sugar molecule of Glucose and a protein), inflammation and oxidation. When we talk about aging, we don't just talk about melasma, freckles on skin or hair that lose healthy shine, but we also talk about factors that can't be seen like muscle activity. organs, joints are gradually losing flexibility and degeneration.

And of course, these factors are much more important than just how you look outside of yourself (And in this article, I will show you how to improve both, on both sides. outside and inside).

And the following I want to show you how everyday foods directly affect your aging process, and how can you protect your body?

Harmful Food # 1: Wheat Flour (Including Whole Wheat Bread)

Avoid bread as far as possible

Before you know the reasons why wheat flour accelerates your aging process, understand some of the basic reactions in your body:

The first is the process of "glycation" (glycation is an association between a Glucose sugar molecule and a protein in your body), and a compound called AGEs (The product has been chemically refined at high levels). . These compounds do accelerate the aging process in your body, destroy internal organs, joints and, of course, cause freckles and spots on your skin.

So what is the reason why AGEs produce so much in the body? This may surprise you, but it is high blood sugar that makes too many AGEs in your body, making the aging process faster. This is also the reason why people with type II diabetes are often much older than their age. However, it is not only people with diabetes who have this case, but everyone can be affected.

Let's go back to the topic of "whole bread" related to how this problem.

The following are some of the common facts that camouflage after-manufacturers are the aggressive ads that easily fool you into believing that whole grains are really good for your health. However, the truth is quite different, whole grains contain a very special type of carb (not found in other foods) with the name Amylopectin-A . This is a substance capable of doing Increase blood sugar levels many times higher than refined sugar.

In fact, amylopectin-A (from wheat) is more likely to increase blood sugar levels than all other foods based on blood sugar tests.

This also means that wheat-based foods such as bread, cereals or muffins of all kinds often cause an increase in blood sugar much higher than other carb types.

Recently, newspapers also reported potential dangers in gluten (found in wheat), but in terms of blood sugar, this is another reason why you should cut down on food. from wheat in your meals. Your body's aging process will slow down and make you look younger.

In fact, a close client of mine, now about 60 years old, has taken the measure thoroughly remove up to 95% of wheat flour from the diet for 3 months (except for a small amount at a free meal during the week) and he found that chronic arthritis pain completely disappeared! Not only did he stop there, he could walk without using crutches, which was a very good sign. It was all done by reducing the amount of flour in the daily diet.

The link between wheat and aging foods.

When baked at high temperatures, wheat flour is modified and produces a carcinogenic acrid called acrylamides, which are located in the brownish-brown ripe part of bread and muffins. This substance is capable of causing cancer and premature aging. It is also found in roasted brown starches such as potato chips or frying starch-rich products.

Top 4 Foods That Make You Aging Soon
Corn will make you look older

Harmful Food # 2: Products From Wu

Corn involves quite a lot of food we often eat everyday Popcorn, corn cereals, corn oil and corn sugar syrups (artificial sweeteners) are very harmful to health.

In the previous section I explained how high blood sugar affects early aging as well as the formation of AGEs in your body.

In fact, it is true that starchy foods such as corn cereals and popcorn have a great effect on blood sugar levels, thus increasing the amount of AGEs in your body, thereby accelerating the aging process. yours.

But there is one more amazing thing for you, HFCS artificial sweeteners can form HFCS levels 10 times higher than glucose. Yes, this also means that the amount of HFCS you consume every day in drinks and other ready-to-eat foods (water mixed with salad and walls, chili sauce) will make your body age faster. If possible, minimize the use of HFCS.

Another problem with corn and corn oil products is to increase the amount of omega-6 fatty acids, causing an imbalance between omega-3 and omega-6, leading to internal damage and phenomena. oxidize.

And this is another reason why corn-based foods speed up the aging process of your body.

My advice: You need to avoid or minimize corn foods such as popcorn and corn cereal. In corn does not contain the great intestinal influences like gluten found in wheat flour, but they are still not good for your body. In addition, you should minimize the products of corn sugar or corn syrup if you want to own a slender and youthful physique.

Harmful Food # 3: Sugar and Starch Products

Top 4 Foods That Make You Aging Soon
Refined sugar is never good for your health

Again, we go back to understanding the relationship between blood sugar levels and the risk of producing AGEs in your body.

Sugar is a food to avoid, you also know that Sugar affects your health badly for many reasons and makes you more susceptible to diabetes. And now you understand how sugar affects your aging process.

Instead of sugar, use natural sweeteners that don't produce calories like stevia in your daily drinks such as coffee, tea or baking or other drinks.

So consider using sweets like candy, or cake if you don't want your body to age too quickly.

As the previous articles I shared, If you crave sweet, eat 1-2 pieces of dark chocolate, you will feel your sweet cravings soften. And at the same time you only tolerate 2 grams of sugar instead of 40-80 grams if you eat pastries, ice cream.

Note that white rice, oatmeal, white potatoes also greatly affect blood sugar levels in your body and increase the production of AGEs. So eat a small amount to avoid these problems.

Harmful Food # 4: Soybean Oil, Rapeseed Oil And Types of "Vegetable Oil"

Top 4 Foods That Make You Aging Soon
Refined vegetable oils both make you fat and make you "old"

I also know that, for a long time, you have been cheated by oil companies by attractive ads, saying that vegetable oil is good for your body. But if you have a little knowledge of biochemical reactions in your body, you will quickly understand why what I say is true.

The first thing I want to tell you is that rapeseed oil, soybean oil, corn oil or cotton oil (which is a lot of prepared foods) must undergoes many processes of refining and pressing under high heat effects as well as using many toxic chemical solvents such as hexane.

When these oils are used in the body, polyunsaturated fats undergo oxidation, causing damage in your body, creating free radicals, destroying cell membranes as well. such as accelerating the aging process, cardiovascular diseases and some other diseases.

So if you're really worried about your health, limit the use of oils such as soybean oil, canola oil or corn oil. Instead, you can use pure olive oil, avocado oil, pure coconut oil or cow's milk.

Stay away from these foods to keep your spring life long.

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Good luck!