Some Tips to Improve Your Digestive System
Healthy digestion is more secure

THIS ARTICLE will show you some foods that are harmful to the digestive system to avoid and are beneficial for your digestive system and should be used regularly.

Through the readers' feedback, I found that digestive problems are one of the many issues of concern. Besides, digestive problems have become topics of great interest.

So, Please pay a little attention to this article if you are having intestinal problems or digestive problems . These can be constipation, diarrhea, dyspepsia, flatulence, or occasional defecation.

In the past few years, I have set up a course to help improve the digestive system for myself and my dear customers. In fact, I also have some friends with chronic "loose stool" or constipation. And this process also helped them completely overcome this problem.

Another effect when implementing this diet can help people lose weight faster. But you know, I'm not "diagnosed", and I'm not a doctor. What I pointed out is due to the observation process and the results drawn from some friends who have experienced this procedure. And of course, this course is completely science-based.

Step 1: Fix Your Digestive Problems

Some Tips to Improve Your Digestive System
You need to overcome your digestive problems

Firstly, You need to determine if you are allergic to any type of food, and if so, try to minimize or completely avoid these foods. For many people, wheat flour, soybeans and everyday products are often the ones that appear regularly on menus.

Therefore, pay a little more attention to daily preparations such as Kefir yogurt, which is a kind of food that helps you solve your digestive problems extremely effectively. This yogurt contains many beneficial bacteria that limit the growth of harmful bacteria in your intestinal tract. Kefir yogurt also has almost no lactose content. So this yogurt is a good product for your digestive system. It should also be noted that lactose and milk proteins cause some people to be allergic. But they were completely unaware that they could still eat yogurt-free lactose or milk protein to provide CLA, vitamin K2 and omega 3 for the body.

Present, You don't know if your body is too sensitive to gluten, try staying away from wheat-based foods (don't eat bread, muffins, pasta, cereals or cookies ...) for 2-3 weeks to monitor whether your digestive system improves.

Some people were very pleased to realize that after two weeks away from wheat flour, the symptoms of gastric ulcers have improved markedly and it is clear that the main reason is due to the amount of gluten present. wheat flour (and some other harmful substances).

So obviously you need to avoid sugary snacks, unhealthy fats, artificial sugars and other additive chemicals. Because all these chemicals cause serious digestive problems as well as other health problems.

So if you completely eliminate foods that cause inflammation from your menu, you are overcoming digestive problems.

Step 2: Use Beneficial Foods For Your Digestion

These fresh foods are good for your digestion

I am trying to visualize the power of fermented foods (containing probiotics) with improving our digestive system. We know that gastrointestinal and gastrointestinal problems are primarily caused by the presence of harmful bacteria in the intestinal tract or through eating and drinking.

I had at least 6-8 friends to experience the same diet I had outlined and the results were quite positive when chronic diseases such as "loose stools" and chronic bloating were completely terminated after only 1 week. treatment.

You should also note that many types of beneficial bacteria that I think are important in different foods are good for your body's digestive and immune systems.

Although I have always maintained a healthy diet for 15 years, I am not too focused on the amount of beneficial bacteria brought into my body until last year I realized this. During the last 8-12 months, I often focused on high-yielding products that supplemented my meals instead of just occasionally, and resulted in my digestive system. worked very well.

In previous years I only occasionally ate fermented foods like kimchi, and sometimes I ate yogurt. But I changed, and my body was very happy with this change.

Meal Plan for Healthy Digestion

Some Tips to Improve Your Digestive System
Prepare meals for healthy digestive system

Morning (greasy foods):

• 1 cocktail and a glass of sugar-free iced tea.

• Organic coffee combined with a few spoons of ice cream.

Suggestions: Organic Valley is a very good brand of milk ice cream that I often use.

Snack in the morning:

1 box of unsweetened full-fat yogurt along with a scoop of Chia seeds, 1-2 tablespoons of maple syrup, ½ spoon of vanilla (if you don't like the natural smell of yogurt). Blending with such a recipe, I am confident that you will have a very rewarding drink.

Yogurt is a very good food to help with digestive problems. Did you know that indigenous people in the Eastern European Caucasus region have a lifespan of up to 100 years using yogurt from Kefir mushrooms ... Kefier mushrooms have higher levels of probiotics than yogurt. Most in a box of milk, Kefir contains 7 to 50 billion bacteria.


• 3 eggs.

• Sausage of beef, chicken and turkey.

• Salted vegetables and tubers.

• Tea combined with a little honey.

Salted vegetables provide a large amount of beneficial bacteria unlike the bacteria found in yogurt and are good for your body, especially the digestive system and the immune system. I often change the salt and vegetables every day and actually find some very delicious fruits different from their natural flavors. I usually eat Kimchi (from Korea), salt carrots (German carrots), pickled radish ...

I noticed that some people don't like salt cabbage, so you can try salt and salt carrots. Some of my friends said that their digestive problems had completely ended after only 1 week of using vegetables, salted fruits in meals, and using yogurt.

Snack in the afternoon:

• A handful of nuts such as walnuts, almonds, pecans, 1 piece of black chocolate.

• 1 cup of non-caffeine tea such as chrysanthemum tea, mint tea ... (each tea contains different antioxidants)


• Eat meats like beef, chicken or natural fish

• Types of boiled vegetables

• Vegetable salads made with homemade sauces.

One of the ways to help your body stay healthy is to always eat organic meats, boiled vegetables for dinner or salads. This makes the amount of carb in the dinner very little, from which the amount of insulin secretes less and balances hormones. This also means that the meal will not be gluten-free and easily digested.

Each week 1-2 times using ginseng tea (a fermented tea), this is also a good supply of bacteria although not as strong as the above.

Again you should keep in mind that this is not a treatment regimen for any disease, this is just a better way to help your digestive system, and I have successfully applied it with My friends and many customers.

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